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National Rail is the trading name used by the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC). It's an unincorporated association that covers the various operating train companies in Great Britain that run services previously provided by British Rail. There is a wide range of online promotions and deals for National Rail and, at HotUKDeals, we collect them all on one dedicated page. Read more

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15% off National Railcard @ Arriva XCountry
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Expires end of August

BTW you can by national railcard and disabled card with Tesco club points at a better reduction than this.


Was just abut to post this - Good deal!


HUKD changed (y)


Link doesn’t work for me - doesn’t go to the offer

Mums-to-be First Class Upgrade - South Western Railway - for Customers who hold a South Western Railway Standard Class Season Ticket
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
Looks to be a long running promotion. It may help to ease commute from mums to be. Customers who hold a South Western Railway Standard Class Season Ticket and MAT B1 form can appl… Read more

Totally this. They want equality, yet expect to be treated in a preferential method at the expense of other passengers. What about elderly people who probably struggle to stand far more than a fit healthy woman?


Are you for real? Seriously?


It's something good for pregnant women and I suppose this might allow a few non-pregnant people to remain in their seats in the standard class carriage. A potential issue is when first class is full though.


Cold due to lack of equality


Sexist. What about dads to be? Why does a women need an upgrade. As long as she has a seat, this is enough. Why are the women not up in arms complaining for equality?

Free extra help travelling by train with Passenger Assist @ National Rail
Found 7th Oct 2017Found 7th Oct 2017
Not new but was reminded the other day what a useful service train passenger assist is, so worth a share in case it may benefit someone. You dont have to be disabled to use the ser… Read more
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When Lif... Lidl gives you lemons, make lemonade, but first use passenger assist to get all those lemons to the train.


If you don't like the look of a "deal" - then don't waste your time opening it up and commenting. Simple! Comments like yours are boring (annoyed)


Op this is a nice piece of information i never knew you could book for help sometimes when you get off of a train you need a bit of help if you are disabled. Have some Heat 8)


Thanks for posting. If it doesn't help you, most people know an older or disabled person and can pass on the info. Everyone is one accident or illness away from needing this kind of assistance.


The lift never seems to be working at my local station and its stairs only, not a ramp in sight. Perhaps when my mother in law visits we'll get some help getting her up the stairs. (Just not telling her there's a more accessible station 3.5 miles down the track or she might come too often) (flirt)

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Free toilets at London St. Pancras railway station
LocalLocalFound 29th Jun 2017Found 29th Jun 2017
All toilets here are free, so if you're using King's Cross next door, pop in here and marvel at the architecture too. One lot is near the Eurostar terminal and the other lot are i… Read more

....always were if you just popped up to Wetherspoons when you needed to go (_;)


​The problem is people like to damage them when unattended. Sheffield station is a prime example. Was free for years, some vagabond goes inside and smashed up the place and now everyone has to pay for the privilege.


this deal is not to be sniffed at


So much easier for you blokes, just one more way we can never quite be equal


Seems like a bum deal to me. I really miss the little red urinals that used to be scattered around every town, all were free and some even had a telephone decorating the inside!

Free toilet use at Manchester Piccadilly station, satellite lounge near platform 13+14
LocalLocalFound 29th Jun 2017Found 29th Jun 2017
Have a free bowel or kidney release at the station. Barriers are permanently wide open, I think the reason is the change machine is out of order.

It does have an army of 24/7 cleaners tho, whatever u leave will be removed very quickly. Littering is actually permitted because of this


Why on earth are there no bins at Piccadilly Station anymore? First they removed loads and put a few select recycling bins in, now there are no bins at all.. Disgraceful


Movement/release, kidneys/bladder, it's all good!


Should be free anyway, toilet use should be a human right in the same way that a food or drink establishment cannot legally refuse to serve anyone tap water. If you get caught relieving yourself in public you can get charged, doesn't really make sense. Or a slightly better model of charged entry is found in French train stations. You pay a Euro or 50 Cents to a lady at a booth, she gives you a token that lets you into the toilet, she also maintains the toilet area and a job is created and criminal activity in the toilet area is discouraged. I imagine some of them make a fairly good living from it. Not sure how much of the money they can keep or if it is a purely wage based job, either way I imagine a bit of fudging the figures is done, which is fair enough for someone that is prepared to clean toilet areas. (btw could be a he, but was always a she in my experience, which I guess makes sense as it would be culturally unacceptable for a male to be cleaning toilets when women are using them, but the other way round is largely tolerated in western society)


I think the term is bowel movement.

Free Public Toilets in satellite lounge at Manchester Piccadilly station (near platform 13+14)
LocalLocalFound 15th May 2017Found 15th May 2017
These toilets are still permanently free, used them many times lately and the gate has always been left fixed, wide open.

or you can use the pub toilets to the left as you go in the main entrance up the stairs by the first class lounge they're always free when the pubs open




This I because the machine that dispensers 10p & 20p is broken


Heat for pooping for free.


No sh1t

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Manchester Piccadilly station satellite lounge toilets currently free (near platform 13&14, up travelator)
Found 8th Mar 2017Found 8th Mar 2017
Today a big gate is open In between the 30p barriers, so can just walk in and out. Don't know if the barriers are faulty at the moment?

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm are you sure?


Not cottaging, thats for sure.


Where have you been for the last 20+ years?


They are always free at Piccadilly (and most other stations), just pull the turnstyle towards you....


Thanks OP! Just been in and s**t all over the walls! Supporting their argument that the charge is to prevent abuse :)

Passenger Assist: Free help when using trains but like the disabled railcard, not known by many people
Found 12th Jan 2017Found 12th Jan 2017
Goodness me I could be on a roll here, with my deal about Disabled Railcards nearly at 2000 degrees! So, having helped my mum get her disabled railcard, I booked tickets for her an… Read more
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Okay unless you get some anti-social mother who refuses to move her buggy!


The operation of the assistance is patchy. My 89-year-old mother gets very stressed when travelling to visit family so she booked this service. At the start of her journey she arrived early (Newcastle Central Station) and a helpful Passenger Assist guard was assigned to look after her. He did this by telling her to take a seat in a waiting area and he would come and help her on to the train when it arrived, only to forget about her completely. Fortunately as the departure time approached and decided to drag her case to the train where a fellow-traveller helped her on. Not a good start to a 300-mile journey.


Well I for one didn't know!!!! oO HEAT


the staff at Glasgow Central station are lovely


I've not seen those food trolleys on the London trains in years. Used to see them on the Thameslink trains and the trains to Brighton. I kinda miss them.Makes you feel like you're on a plane,even though you're on a train.:)

Manchester to London £13 by train - split AND change trains - works on other routes aswell
Found 2nd Aug 2016Found 2nd Aug 2016
You've all heard of ticketysplit which splits a train ticket and you stay on the same train but a lot of times it's cheaper to change trains. For example Manchester to London in tw… Read more

I think I should be ok when going down as I don't have to come out at Stevenage, only change train. However I'm going to buy another ticket for the way back because I've been reading that I can't get on the train from Stevenage if my Advance ticket is from London. Lesson learnt


Does Stevenage station have barriers, or have you a friend in Stevenage to check it out? You must have an Advance open return to use any train. If there's no barriers it's worth the risk, or use a smaller station N or S of Stevenage. Otherwise, I'd give Stevenage a miss.


good spot


I found that one of the above ideas works with National Express Coaches. Manchester City Centre To Manchester Airport is £4.20, Salford Quays to Manchester Airport which automatically means you change at Manchester City Centre comes to just £1.30. Can't see any problems here as there's no way the driver should suspect that you never took the first coach.


After reading the last comments I got a bit worried as I didn't realise that you couldn't get off a train earlier if you wanted to. I booked an advanced ticket from Edinburgh to London for September and I was planning to get off at Stevenage and get another train from there to my destination. Then for the return I was going to take a train into Stevenage and there board the one from London to Edinburgh (the return journey of the advance ticket I mentioned above). Would I get in trouble if I don't need to use the barriers in Stevenage? Any one have any experience with this. Cancelling the tickets is not an option now, so I'm a bit concerned.

Network Railcard 1 Adult 4 Children off peak travel all day in London From Brighton £22.05
Found 31st Mar 2015Found 31st Mar 2015
1 Adult with Network railcard plus up to 4 Children unlimited travel all over London for the day Works with Friends and Family and HM Forces Card too!! Great for the school holi… Read more
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Fair comment


OP, I think that you are being a bit too sensitive about your deal. Spicerboy wasn't attacking you, but the money grubbing rail industry, a sentiment I agree with. You have both posted information that I found valuable. Thank you both, and heat for the deal. ;)


So now you are defending what I set up as a deal. Its such a shame that people make irrational comments without thoughtful knowledge I think this is a top deal but by your original simplistic comments people may be put off this deal which you now appreciate is pretty good


Kids don't get free travel on national rail only transport for London tube trains


Mine are 12 and over unfortunately!! Sounds like an interesting proposition though have you got a link to it?

Save up to 30% off at IHG group hotels
Found 15th Oct 2014Found 15th Oct 2014
Save up to 30% off at IHG GROUP HOTELS links do not seem to ask for any proof of railcard.So what's it to be? A visit to see friends and family, a trip to a historic city, a speci… Read more

no as it is not limited to blue badge holders but is aimed at disabled persons railcard holders of which I am one. Have stayed at many ihg property's and never been asked to see a railcard.


surely youd need to show your disabled badge at the desk?


There is something not right about this post. If u are disabled, fair enough. If you aren't it's morally wrong.

Devon/Cornwall Rail Card £10 @ National Rail
Found 8th Oct 2014Found 8th Oct 2014
Only found out about this last week but seems like a really good deal. Did a search on HUKD but couldn't see it posted anywhere so thought I'd let you all know. This is only for r… Read more

No but it's still well racialist against Bristolians.


Racist ? wrong terminology used there, it's residential compliant and nothing to do with race


Also for those moaning about it being Devon /Cornwall only here's a page with other regions available


Thanks for this ,do Plymouth to Exeter a fair bit ..never knew this was available .


The camera isn't only available to people living in Manchester though is it? nor do you have to support the football team to get the cheap tickets though do you? Nor do the government subsidise any of the camera's or football tickets!

Beat the train price rises in 2015 which are due to be announced (Approx 4%) (or just cheaper ways to travel) Feel free to share your discounts / Tips!
Found 19th Aug 2014Found 19th Aug 2014
Rail companies are expected to rises their train ticket prices around 4% today so i have had a look around and tried to find the best way of getting tickets cheaper. If i have mis… Read more
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One extra tip. Use Tesco Clubcard to double points and halve your ticket price at RedSpottedHankey Eg £5 voucher translates to £10 credit on RedSpotted. Do it through the Clubcard website and open a Redspotted acct with same email and it is automatically credited to use to buy your ticket.


Lol heat for the 'fat cat' picture


Does anyone know if you can buy monthly pass / season train ticket on redspottedhanky? I can't see an option ?


I live in an area where there are carshare cooperatives which mean I can ignore insurance, depreciation etc costs and genuinely compare journey for journey.


What a pointlessly myopic view. I'm miles from London yet a10 minute walk and 22 minute train journey covers my commute on average15 mins quicker than people driving the same, and it's cheaper. I lose a tiny bit of flexibility not having a car available for chores before and after work but I get 45 minutes to do nothing but read or relax compared to a driver. For the OP - South West Trains annual season tickets include 6 day tickets (Fri/Sat/Sun) for free travel on the SWT network, could work out at £200+ Depending where on the network you are, also no minimum season ticket cost to get the benefit (is about 20% of my annual cost and I use it for trips to London to get most value)

Mums-to-be First Class Upgrade, Abellio Greater Anglia - From National Rail Enquires
Found 9th Jun 2014Found 9th Jun 2014
Was checking a train time for a friend ans saw this link. Will only be of use to a few people but I hope this gets the info out there. To make life a little easier towards the end… Read more
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Same could be said for pregnant women.


Lovely. Also a little known fact that most train services have a policy to upgrade you at peak times when seats are short if you are pregnant. My sister and I, who were both pregnant, got upgraded to first class by south west trains on a london to bournemouth route at rush hour. :-)


Tbf you could have just asked someone to give up their seat for you and explain your situation to them. A lot of people travelling go into a trance so they wouldn't stand up on their own for anyone, most of the time it's not because they're rude, it's mostly because they're in their own little world and will only notice others in need if they're prompted.


Might stick a pillow up my jumper and give it a try.


Nice and quiet in First Class......not like the wailing, squealing little brats in standard class once you move back to there again in 9 months. (_;)

New Stoke-on-Trent to London Euston Virgin Trains Super Off-Peak open return, £32, railcard discounts apply, no need to book in advance, can combine with tickets from other destinations e.g. Manchester
Found 4th Apr 2014Found 4th Apr 2014
This starts on Sunday 6 April and is currently only until 26 April for the outbound journey, return journey anytime within a month. Restrictions apply, the first train you can boa… Read more

Thanks for the heads up. Looking to travel for a day at far managed to find one for £37!


If you are a couple planning to do more rail journeys, the £30 per year Two Together railcard will get you 30% off.


great find thanks op or should I say fellow stokie:-)

Cheaper rail tickets for travel during the Olympics - Including peak times @ National Rail
Found 24th Jun 2012Found 24th Jun 2012
If you are lucky enough to have Olympic tickets then National Rail are offering cheaper rail tickets to and from the games. You do need to have tickets to buy these discounted rat… Read more

It's also worth bearing in mind that if your event is running late then your train ticket is still valid for up to 3 hours later... most normal tickets are time specific trains.


For me and my mum travelling (with her Senior railcard) from Peterborough to the games works out far cheaper than any other way... I know the deal is not for everyone but worked for us.


Not as cheap as the group discount you can get. If, there's more than 6 people in a group travelling together. Worked out more for me from Margate to Victoria.


just tried to book tickets to Manchester for Manchester games...and the price is coming out £10 more expensive that through the trainline!


Railcards can also be used with this deal so another 1/3 off is possible.

Highland Railcard @ Scotrail - 50% off Local Train Journeys - £8 for 12 Months
Found 25th Jan 2012Found 25th Jan 2012
Been around for a while but Scotrail don't really advertise it. If you live within the right area of the Scottish Highlands you can get 50% off rail travel. Makes a big differenc… Read more

nice one, thanks!


Nice one did not know this existed. Helmsdale Inverness...sorted!:)


Am I an Emit or Emmet? Dunno let the carrot crunchers sort me out!!!!!


just realised im eligible, brilliant!


Is ignorance really bliss? I only ask as you probably know.. Its emit.. derived from ancient Cornish, which has been bastardised, much like most of the ancient languages in this country One of many sources

Two Together Railcard - 33% off When You and Partner Travel - £28 @ National Rail
Found 20th Sep 2011Found 20th Sep 2011
Long time reader, new poster! A Two Together Railcard costs just £28 a year, and could save you and another named cardholder up to £100 each on annual rail travel. And while this… Read more

Silly offer, East Midlands get zilch


Postcode discrimination! Who can i complain to?


Only for the Midlands area ... Hmm I wonder if it will give you 1/3 off on saver ticket's and the like? T&Cs a bit vague and fluffy


Looks like a trial in limited areas only. If it's successful (which I hope it is) I imagine it will go nationwide.


Only a good saving due to the insane prices on the rail networks these days. How's this subsidised? Unless its by local councils etc I'm not sure how that post code lottery offer would stand up in court for a national rail system.

Haddenham & Thame Parkway [HDM] to Wendover [WND] - 10p @ National Rail
Found 4th Sep 2011Found 4th Sep 2011
Extremely cheap price for a 2 hour journey. Also children go for £0.05. Seems to work on any day of the week.
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But it's 10p! Teeeeeeeen peeeeeeeence. I don't even live in Buckinghamshire and I'm buying a ticket.


You can do this the other way round, starting in Wendover, and the roundtrip based on two single fares is 20p.


You can do this the other way round, starting in Wendover, and the roundtrip based on two single fares is 20p.


Can you buy this to get 2 for one offers in London???


But is a journey on a road of 10 miles, meaning you could almost walk as quick and certainly could cycle faster