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Hyundai Ix35 Diesel Estate 1.7 Crdi Se 5dr 2wd £16348 @ Nationwidecars
Found 17th May 2014Found 17th May 2014
Hyundai Ix35 Diesel Estate 1.7 Crdi Se 5dr 2wd £16348 @ Nationwidecars
Again another very good price check it out !

OK I didnt see it had been removed, voted hot and the IX35 is a great car, i run one myself as a company car.


Thank you very much for that if you really want to make your money go further you need to save on the big purchase like cars holidays and houses , you can spend more money chasing £1 off the weeks shopping than it's worth!


I like the ix35 but the sportage won it slightly for me on looks and the 7 year guarantee as opposed to 5 with hyundai.


This is the Hyundai equivalent of the Kia Sportage and it's a great car once you get used to the electrically assisted steering. We are looking to replace ours next year and despite looking at half a dozen equivalents, we can find nothing to touch the ix35 for value or comfort. Voted hot.


We have an ix35 love it would recommend

Kia Sportage Diesel Estate 1.7 Crdi 1 £16165 @ Nationwidecars
Found 17th May 2014Found 17th May 2014
Kia Sportage Diesel Estate 1.7 Crdi 1 £16165 @ Nationwidecars
This is a very good deal with very good warranty

Ignore the armchair opinionated "experts" on here, just go and look at JD Power's real customer opinion survey ( The Sportage is second in class, beaten only by the Skoda Yeti - another brand that these numpties would also want to rubbish. Remember, everyone can have an opinion but some (the real owners) have an opinion worth listening to!


You have lots of opinion and little knowledge.


I agree, kias original selling point was selling cheap no frills forms of transport.Currently Kia are stuck in no-mans land, after going upmarket their cars are not super cheap anymore yet still are inferior to other competing brands cars... Also why is this an hot deal? If you are looking for a crossover for the this price I would go for the UK BUILT £16,355 £16,355 Nissan Qashqai Smart Vision Pack, (adds lane-departure and collision-warning systems, automatic switching between high and low headlight beams, and traffic sign recognition) and It beats the kia in all departments. Also regarding the sportages 60 mpg figure. Do not trust kias mpg claims especially after admitting over lying and overstating fuel economy figures in the US


If you go for the Kia direct servicing pack its around £380 for 3 years (30k miles) of servicing, mine is direct with dealership and 5 years (100k miles) all in inc courtesy car (Something you may not get direct with Kia) cost me £500, however the actual price on my paperwork was £849, I just got a discounted price. As servicing is required every 12 months or 20k miles whichever comes first, it pretty much covers servicing until the warranty expires and some of the services after 60k miles cost £300 plus.


I think what your forgetting is this vehicle is around £23k new in the '3' model, as I already stated I played off a few dealerships against each other and used examples of online brokers such as nationwide cars and bought at the right time when dealers need to move sales of vehicles (Timing is key) and I got mine for just under £20.5k. (£2.5K) saving against new. When I went back recently to look at the face lift model and starting talking to the young salesman he went and had a chat to his manager and came back with £17.5k after a 10min chat and another visit to his manager I got offered £18k, £2.5k less than I paid new or approx 12%, but against the official on the road price it was £5k less or 22%. Bearing in mind the vehicle also had a 5 year service pack that they would be buying me out of as well....

Nissan Qashqai Visia Hatchback 1.2 Dig-t 5dr £15929 @ Nationwidecars
Found 17th May 2014Found 17th May 2014
Nissan Qashqai Visia Hatchback 1.2 Dig-t 5dr £15929 @ Nationwidecars
Seems pretty cheap for the new shape

This is a great deal.


I've been driving the new 1.2 QQ for a month now and I can assure you that the engine is surprisingly powerful. Overall, a great car.


Thank you dealmaker

u664541 boom


on the point of small engines AFAIK Ford are putting a 3 cylinder, 1 litre engine in the Focus & Mondeo which has the same power output of current 1.6 ones

Ford Fiesta Titanium Econetic Diesel Hatchback 1.6 Tdci 5dr, £13505 OTR @ Nationwidecars
Found 6th Sep 2013Found 6th Sep 2013
Ford Fiesta Titanium Econetic Diesel Hatchback 1.6 Tdci 5dr, £13505 OTR @ Nationwidecars
Looks like some great deals on new cars not just Fiesta, truer MPG is over 60 still very good by today's standards. Picked up this deal off the Which web site. For those looking … Read more
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Saw the new i10 while I was in India last week. Looks v nice and stylish.


Yes, and tomatoes are better green and Bush was the best president USA ever had... Don't take me wrong, I have nothing against Hyundai, but comparing it to Fiesta and thinking it will come victorious is a bit bonkers...


Beter than a fiesta... next you'll say its better than a merc. I bet you have never driven a fiesta before hence your statement otherwise you wouldn't be buying a hyundai. Why don't you read the reviews. best car in its class. ncap safety rating 5 star for the fiesta what about the tinny hyundai...


The engine is neither noisy not clunky, mine is very quiet!


Going to get the new Hyundai i10 when it's launched in a few months. In all likely hood it will be cheaper and better than a Fiesta...

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BMW 5 Series 520d Efficient Dynamics 4dr £26613 @ nationwide-cars
Found 1st Jun 2013Found 1st Jun 2013
BMW 5 Series 520d Efficient Dynamics 4dr £26613 @ nationwide-cars
Not my cup of tea but Beemers have their admirers out there and this seems to be quite a discount. Reduced from £30,525 (according to Nationwide website!)

You're completely correct about the beans comment....


type into google the following " google is making us "



If you fancy a laugh type "bmw drivers are" into Google and let autocomplete show you the most searched for phrases.


this is a good deal as far as i can tell ,but possibly a big price reduction because new "facelift" version with a few adjustments and even better mpg due in september.