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Nationwide Simply Rewards Visa cashback offer. 10% Halfords online spends
03/10/2018Expires on 03/10/2018Found 6 h, 17 m agoFound 6 h, 17 m ago

Usual Nationwide crap offer ..I don't even check my account for this rubbish.


Delivery to store is free on click and collect. Home delivery is free on orders over £40


Not instore.Cost more for postage than discount.


This will be account specific. I always seem to get completely irrelevant offers for companies I've never shopped with so no idea what algorithm Nationwide use for their customer offers

Nationwide Simply Rewards Visa offers. 10% cashback on online orders.
TODAYTODAYFound 15th SepFound 15th Sep

I also have an Advantage Card offer of 150 bonus pts wys £15, unfortunately that's in-store only and this offer (which I have) is online only. :(


Account specific! I've got Co-op and Lululemon (whoever they are!).


not on my rewards .pity as was looking to buy pressure washer and 10% would have been help full


I wonder if this will work if you take something on finance on the website.


Yeah same here, Nikes, Wickes, but sadly no Halfords which I would have preferred.


These deals vary by account, My current deals are for Nike, aol, Wickes, etc....I don't have Halfords. The Mrs has different deals for her account. Look at your email.....'Tailored deals with Simply Rewards by Nationwide'. The key word being tailored.


Just a hunch.. .. but I'd say many people just vote surf and don't, or very rarely comment. Some vote and comment if it's something that interests them or maybe something they want to warn people of.. or comment on their experience with product or retailer. Some look at trustpilot and vote based on some online reviews, good or bad. Some have had a bad experience and automatically vote cold. Some just don't like a product so vote cold, some like it and vote hot. Some have a friend who's uncle's cousins roommate had a bad experience so vote cold. Some vote cold if they don't like something the op has said in the past. Some vote hot because they like the op. What I'm trying to say is.. there is often likely to be no correlation between deal temperature and the comments due to the randomness of human nature. Take each deal on its own merit, do some independent research yourself and if it's a deal for you then feel free to click through and buy it. Have fun (y)

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For how many months does the 2x direct debits have to be paid out for? Can I open a donor account, have 2 DD, then switch and wait until I get the money? How long does it take to be credited? Thanks in aadvanc


You continue to behave as cheap_as_chimps.


You're begging for another cold vote :p


I had a similar experience - a friend recommended Nationwide. Neither of us got any money. I complained and was told I had quoted the wrong number when I signed up. Complained twice more and was told each time nothing could be done. Raised a formal complaint following their own procedures (the last step before complaining to the ombudsman) and was told it could be fixed - was told we would both be paid the £100 and an extra £75 compensation. Eventually we both got the £100 (it took about 6 months of complaining but their dismissive attitude had annoyed me). Never saw the £75 compensation (I'd lost the will to fight them anymore). What I learnt from it is that if Nationwide make a mistake their default position is "tough - that's our policy". Also they're incompetent. It's left me pretty unimpressed. I'm thinking of leaving again.


@jraf used the preposition "as", not the verb "to be", @jraf is correct, you are wrong, see my grammatical explanation above. He never claimed Nationwide "is" , he wrote "as". That's the difference.

lanc1979 This is the link for MSE refer a friend page with people offering referrals - private message (PM) the latest poster to see if they'll share their part of the referrals bonus with you. It's all done on trust though - you'll get the £100 yourself and they'll get £100 for referring you; but in order to get your referral some will offer to pay you after the bank switch has gone through via PayPal or similar, so see if anyone will make you an offer like 25% via PayPal once switch complete etc. You'd need to be a member of MSE to send PMs though.


HOw do you do this please? Thank you


MSE is a good place for referral swapping, but they've really cracked down on sharing the referral bonus there - try PMing a few people who've posted recently and you can get more than £100 for signing up to Nationwide.


Just a quick reminder (as it looks like some people forgot - or didn't see the massive flipping CAPITAL LETTERS in the deal title ;) ), no referral offers or requests, please. Ta.


Can also recommend Nationwide. Worth highlighting their Visa offers page here which you can gain access to once joined:


Do you look "dodgy"??


Same issue that the verify by visa seems to stop everything when using over internet meaning having to phone in. I think it has something to do with nationwide having no password option available yet other visa cards you have from other suppliets requiring them to be used. Looks like visa profile all your cards against a single profile, so maybe a coding error somewhere causes this. Nationwide have no idea why but it's infuriating.


Also have this card but never knew it was fee free abroad! (embarrassed) Been using my Halifax Clarity card for that. At least i have a choice of the 2 now. Never had a problem with this card either i might add.


i have this card and have had the same problem as many others have reported, i tried to pay for a rental car over the phone and it was declined so ended up having to use another credit card. a couple of minutes later i received a text asking if i had tried making a transaction by which time it was way to late.


They have been hoping I'll swap my Nationwide gold credit card to this one. The gold card product was discontinued in 2012, but still they keep providing the card.

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Similar offer, this time for HSBC customers but worth checking your Visa rewards page if a Nationwide of First Direct customer -


Let me guess... 20% if you never/rarely buy in Starbucks cos you appreciate a good coffee and Starbucks isn't hitting the mark. I'm obviously in this category. 10% if you have bought stuff in Starbucks but according to your 'data profile' you need to buy more terrible coffee. 0% if you're already suckered in to loving their terrible coffee and you don't need a discount cos you're going to buy it anyway. :p


10% on mine


Not showing for me, it's a shame as I just went there today and will probably go again soon!


Can't see it on mine either- not that I would have used it if it was!


You can get capital protected investments in an ISA wrapper that expose you to inflation risk but remove capital risk and opportunity for growth, income or a mix. So not that silly. You may of course ultimately not benefit but that’s where risk appetite comes into play. They are fairly low to medium risk though


If you pick a cautious fund that would not happen classic scaremongering regarding investing!


But your investment could quite easily lose 20-50% or even more?


With inflation at around 3% you are losing money in real terms getting 1.4% in a cash ISA so yours is a silly comment :o


You can have a Cash ISA with one provider and a Stocks and Shares (Investment ISA) with a different provider up to £20K in total each tax year . I split mine so say half in a steady safe Cash ISA and half in a Fund supermarket ISA (Fidelity in my case ) - historically greater growth over a more than 3 year period but also an element of risk .


I got recommended a few months ago, and have even been able to make a couple of referrals myself. It's literally free money :) Nationwide are a great bank too. Only thing is it's not always easy to find people to give referral links to. I still have a couple left but nobody seems to want one.


Cannot fault this bank. Owned by its members, has all the perks and great customer service and mortgages rates


+1! With anything like this, you really have to save a copy of the T&C, read them and understand and comply with them!


Turns out I had a few friends with this account after all. Thanks to all.


I recommended a friend about 5 months ago and it all went through fairly quickly for them. I'm not sure what's changed in the T&Cs butit shouldn't be an issue if you follow them :)


Your welcome buddy. Erm about a week, NW just subcontract it to the valuer. What type of property are you buying? How much deposit/total amount borrowed etc. That's fabulous you got the deal, I have benefitted greatly from this site over the years so it's nice to give something back.


Tim, thanks a lot! Managed to get that deal from NW directly by applying online yesterday. DIP approved, waiting valuation appointment. How long did NW to book a valuation for you from getting a descission?


Any luck with the deal?



I paid £299 for broker to get that deal but i think just ring them there is a good chance it's still active and don't need to go through a broker


Need a friend? Haha


I think so and I don't see why not , are you switching a joint account?


does the recommend a friend work if I want to open a joint account?


I switched my TSB account to this not long ago and me and my friend got £100 each as he was the recommend a friend. Then a month later I have just switched my wife’s account from TSB and we both got £100 each, I recommended her, easy switch and money. If you switch for the £100 recommend you have to have 2 direct debits set up on that account. If you don't know anyone with a nationwide account just shout easy £100 each.


oh, sorry, I got my cons mixed up.


You're right, I've just re-read properly and see that the offer is for any tracker. It's just the lifetime BMR that needs more careful consideration, but even that may be worth it. Though there's something nice about being free for life from periodic remortgaging.


I did this switch about 3 years back. Currently paying 1.37%. Sure it will go up by 0.25% shortly but still less than I was paying before. It's been a great few years for mortgage interest rates.


Switching to a Nationwide fixed may also limit the overpayments you can make to 10% of the amount you borrowed. 1st world problems and all that, but it might stop it being a no-brainer for some people.


it might be at trap for legacy products taken ages ago, forgive my ignorance but i have not heard about BMR rates and products, but not for someone on a tracker deal taken 2 years ago...


It's a trap. They've been itching to get people off their legacy BMR product for years. Rates may edge up another 0.5% in the next 3 years if BoE guidance is correct ... but with Brexit etc there's every chance they'll edge down again as part of a natural economic cycle. 5% - 10% base rates are no longer the "normal" level. Luckily I have a Woolwich lifetime tracker now running at half a percent below the Nationwide BMR, so it's an easier call for me to stay put. I agree NW is less clear cut but would still be inclined to stay on the BMR.


I do not need to claim the moral high ground as that is a given. When people like you think sexual abuse comments can be witty and then try to weasel away from what you have said just proves how truly worthless your comments are.


You know you were being needlessly rude, just leave it at that and don't try to pick a fight by claiming the moral high ground.


Those are the police stats, 48 reported alleged attacks by uber drivers in London between Feb 2016 to Feb 2017. Expect that to be highly increased if you were to get the whole of the uk stats. you seem to be taking this kinda personal, would you care to explain your reaction to my flippant comment?


Your version and most peoples vary massively as to what witty is. I do not find comments about sex offenders witty in any way shape or form!


£8 off apparently cold, maybe £8 on top of the fare would suit you


The problem with the regular saver £500/£250 month is that you actually only get 5% interest on the first month's installment. Every month after that the next installments are there for 1/12 of the year less, so you'll only make 11/12 of 5% on the second £500, 10/12 of 5% on the 3rd £500 and so on. So eventually it actually works out around 2.5% which isn't that great. Although, not bad if having the initial capital is a struggle and you prefer to work with cashflow. The real benefit of flex direct, and the reason why it is so much better than any current regular savings account is that you do receive a full 5% on a full £2500. It's not watered down in any way, and it's better than most other savings accounts right now.


Still one of the better bank account offers and the refer bonus to switch is just a nice £100 bonus.


Cool. Could you transfer from PayPal the £1000 each month? And what happens if you forget to transfer £1000?


Can recommend for £100 incentive


folks, if this deal is news to you please go check out moneysavingexpert. This has been around for years, and is their standard product. It's like posting a deal for RRP of something.


BTL is the reason first time buyers can't afford anything! Money goes to money...


i didn't think they did 85% BTL


These are buy to let mortgages, completely different to residential.


Just completed a 10 year fixed at 2.49% with First direct with no fees whatsoever


was that for BTL or residential ?


thanks op


Just logged on and was able to get the offer, so thanks for that.


@CaroFielding it's not on your card .. you have to register using the link provided and than make your purchase using your qualifying card ... The cashback will be added to your bank account automatically within couple of weeks or so.


The word "afraid" has three very different common meanings and usages.


what are you afraid of?


A week and 2 days and i am down to 4,000 places. I started on 26,000 on the list.


Unbelievable. Nope Labour is the students vote by default.


Didn't you read today that a student was complaining about being £69k in debt? It was laughable. This moron actually made the national news. She's clearly very stupid with bad grades because she only got into Westminster University (terrible, one of the worst). Started off doing fecking TV production and then moved to PR, it's beggars belief. These imbeciles are going to university, taking on debt and then somehow get picked up by the national news. Judging by her size she has clearly drank and eaten every penny of the maintenance loan. This is why normal hardworking people shouldn't vote for labour. They support this.


Or you can use a Halifax clarity card, cash withdrawals are free. Just make sure you pay some money into your account first, or you will pay an interest charge until you pay it off


Or just open a Starling account. Similar to Monzo but with a proper current account, and no minimum deposit requirement