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Same sort of price I'm looking to pay for my next can get a 2016 swift sport for that :D :D :D :D


no DSG


Before this thread like so many others before it turns into a lease or no lease argument, let's just be clear. Leasing is not for everyone but many people prefer and benefit from it, so those who want to lease and think it's a good leave them alone. Those who are happy to drive around in a 10 year old vehicle that they bought for less than a packet of fags than good on you too, it works for you and your budgets and maybe you prefer spending your well earned elsewhere like nice holidays, holiday homes etc. So each to their own, let's keep this thread about the actual deal v other leasing deals and vehicle itself. Personally I have driven the Arona and it's actually a good fun vehicle, it lacks quality in some areas and the boot I thought should be bigger for the type of person.likely to buy this, but it does alot of things right. This is a decent price and works out £5k over 2 years, about 25% of rrp which ain't bad.


But you could buy a second hand car..... You don't actually own it...... But you could get a ( insert car model here).. Wanted to get these comments in before anyone else as these are the common things said on lease and PCP deals.....


Lease company normally pay the tax, new cars don’t need MOT’s for 3 years and you will be responsible for insurance

Octavia 2.0 TSI 245 vRS Challenge - 36 Month lease, 12,500 miles P/A, 3 months upfront - £293.53 per month - total £11,352.14
Posted 11th JunPosted 11th Jun
I think this is a great deal, with a generous mileage allowance - The vRS challenge has lots of extra goodies over the standard vRS. £293.53 PERSONAL PRICE PER MONTH INCL VAT Proc… Read more

I do! (lol)


Why is it so many people feel the need to commentate on what others are thinking or try to stereotype them? I don't get it. It's like the obsession they have with believing that people with nice things are doing so purely to try and impress their neighbours. I guess feelings of inadequacy must manifest in many ways. Still, at least that account is being deleted.


Hmm.. It appears to have gone up in price - I'll expire the deal...


Sorry thought you owned your 230 vrs lol. The LSD handles 300hp well


<3 but it’s a lease! And still just FWD ;(

SEAT Leon 2.0 TSI 290 Cupra 5Dr DSG - 24m lease - 8k miles- £773.82 + £257.94pm + £198 admin (£6904.44 total) @ Nationwide vehicle contracts
Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
3+23 lease term with £198 admin fee The monthly price remains the same if you take this deal out over a 3 year term. 10k miles works out at £7320.44 Choice of grey, black or bl… Read more

How is them wanting to give you new tyres a bad thing? (confused)


Running down to the legal limit seems risky to me, it would only take a grumpy plod to say his device shows 1.5mm and you could end up with points and a fine. I check mine regularly and tend to change at about 2mm, that way it’s not close enough to risk being less than the limit and I also haven’t lost 1mm of tread unnecessarily.


I misunderstood. I thought you said that you didn't want to change tyres at 1.6mm but they did. Makes sense now.


It is but you could never time it to replace tyres at exactly 1.6mm plus aa recommended 3mm. Seems to me they want the monthly payment but try to get out of paying. I could have swapped tyres front to back and made them last so save all the hassle.


The UK legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm

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Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 1.5 3 - £202.36 / month, 6 initial rental (£1214.16) 3 years 8kmpa £198 processing fee £8494.76 NVC
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
Decent small SUV with a fair bit of tech - heated seats are tempting for winter! Parking sensors and camera handy too! When I was looking at the spec on this site apparently it al… Read more
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Thanks mate


from a quick search it looks like leasing options is the best (from Select Car Leasing, Nationwide Vehicle Contracts, Leasing Options and Leasecar), but take a look at as sometimes you can find really good deals there


Can anybody tell me who's best deal for Renault Mégane RS


Anyone who is interested in this car i suggest you go and test drive one first before you commit to a deal. The clutch on this is awful. There are two options when setting off....Grand Prix start or stall. Inhad one as a courtesy car for a day and was warned about the clutch by the mitsubishi dealer. It's a common trait and not just on the particular car I drove. For people who like to race off from a start you won't have a problem. Remember sometimes you need to set off slow like traffic, parking. It's a really poor design by Mitsubishi and needs an anti stall feature. What is quite a nice car to drive is seriously let down by the clutch and body roll is quite bad compared to my Kuga. Wouldn't buy one unless it was automatic.


Had this as a rental car through work, not bad pickup for a 1.5 and a good ride. Handling is average at best, the speedo you refer to is actually the heads up display, there is one in the binnacle. The HUD is actually laughable it should appear on the front screen. Rear window is a pain but the design looks neat.

Lease - Seat Arona 1.0 TSI SE Tech, 3 years, 8000 miles PCH, Total Cost £6488.63 @ NVC
Posted 12th JanPosted 12th Jan
Lease - Seat Arona 1.0 TSI SE Tech, 3 years, 8000 miles PCH, Total Cost £6488.63 @ NVC
Got to credit the Seat Leon deal posted earlier this week for finding this at Nationwide Vehicle Contracts. 6+35 Car Lease Deal Initial Rental £920.58 Fee £198.00 35 monthly payme… Read more
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We bought a 2014 Ford Focus from main Ford dealer thinking that and less than two years later it needs a new engine. Serviced regularly by Ford with average mileage and the warranty company are still arguing about paying out. When it’s fixed it will be sold and we will be leasing. You can’t get a brand new, decent spec car for this sort of monthly payment unless you lease and you have peace of mind that it goes straight back if anything goes wrong.


Doubt it - would say about break even, but longer term ownership you'd be worse off.


Ok so if that’s the case my full outlay for the 2 years was £4900 so I’m still quids in leasing! (y)


Nobody pays book price - especially for a kia! Would be surprised if you'd have had to pay more than 20k new for that.


I second this comment - I actually got a refund from Alphabet on my first lease car - not a single charge there was a small dint on pass door where some tool had opened car door onto mine. the inside of the boot had been well used with bikes frequently going in and out. Like the dude says look after it as if it is your own and keep clean, also before they come to inspect pay £20 for a full valet in and out make sure it is spotless. all the guys do is come out check it over and drive it direct to an auction house or you could negotiate buying it at the end they will offer a massive reduction....

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Seat Leon Hatchback 1.5 TSI EVO FR EZ Car Lease Non Maintenance total = £5,313.24  Maintenance total = £5,593.64  @ NVC
Posted 10th JanPosted 10th Jan
Seat Leon Hatchback 1.5 TSI EVO FR EZ Car Lease Non Maintenance total = £5,313.24 Maintenance total = £5,593.64 @ NVC
Non maintained Initial Rental:£590.22 (incl. VAT) Processing Fee:£198.00 (incl. VAT) Monthly cost:£196.74 Contract Length:24 Months Maintained inc tyres (this looks excellent valu… Read more

Can anyone help me - is this a good deal too?[ez]_5dr/24/5000/9/87981-2511-2019.html Considering a lease for the first time but a bit overwhelmed! Thanks for any help.


Probably depends on the lease provider


I was told by VVFS the light on my yeti lease will come on one month before the service is actually due .....then it’s my responsibility to hand it back serviced no matter how I argue it’s not really due the service till after it’s due back!


On the tyre subject, I needed new tyres, brake discs and pads all round after 12k on my Insignia I used to have on lease. Had maintenance plan and got them done under that But I was 19 at the time and drove around like an absolute tw*t until you realise it's not big and clever and gets you nowhere.


I got over 20k miles out of my front tyres on my Leon FR 1.4 150. I’ve had ContiSport Contacts come with both my Leon & Corsa, the Corsa wore them down quicker but that was partly due to it being a 1.7cdti with no traction control. Personally I didn’t opt for maintenance when I ordered my extra Leon from NVC as the tyres will last & will aim to just do a cheap service (garage doesn’t have to be a main dealer, just use OEM parts). Also 12ppm isn’t the actual figure in your contract. First 15% over are 7ppm & the rest are 14 from memory. So as long as you don’t do more then 10,000 it’s cheaper to pay the extra ppm rather than opting for 10k miles.

Seat Leon Sport Tourer 1.5 TSI EVO FR EZ Lease Total Term - £5469.36 @ nationwidevehiclecontracts
Posted 3rd JanPosted 3rd Jan
Seat Leon Sport Tourer 1.5 TSI EVO FR EZ Lease Total Term - £5469.36 @ nationwidevehiclecontracts
24 month 8k mileage (9 + 23) Works out at £226.50 In blue and grey atm. Thought this was decent - good trim level and in stock apparently Just a shame its a manual so not for me… Read more

Follow up. So I do a 20mile commute daily in it & I have to say it’s a tad disappointing compared to my other Leon. The new tech is awesome, a massive step up. CarPlay/safety features & the interior trim are a step up. However the engine/tyres are not. Understeer/oversteer on roundabouts/tight bends mean you have to put the power down gently. It’s skittish over broken roads. My other Leon came with the Continental ContiSport Contact 5’s whereas the new Leon comes with Hankook’s. As for the engine it appears dieslegate/WLTP has transformed it from a potent warm hatch to a asthmatic teenager. You no longer can pull away in 2nd when rolling at a junction & instead have to use 1st, which is like a kangarooo. I’ve had a few brown trouser moments pulling out at junctions. Overall it’s still a great car but if you have driver the pre facelift Leon you will feel a bit let down.


Just as Gambler mentioned I would’ve preferred the 150 version, which is very similar to my 1.4 150. However I assume it’s the same engine, just in a lower state of tune, so it won’t make a massive difference. I switched back from diesel after getting too many DPF issues due to my wife doing lots of town driving. Personally I love the blend of performance & economy.


Mine arrived in December. This model is only 130bhp and I am missing the power on tap I had with Golf GTD estate. I would have preferred the 150 engine but not the increase in monthlies. Economic is the same, low forties., Nice motor though. Just be careful with the hefty additional mileage charges if you plan on covering more than 8k.


Have you test driven it? What's the 1.5 like in the bigger size?


Ironically I signed up for this exact car with them on Monday. Due to be delivered to the dealer on the 14th. I bought a Leon FR 1.4 150 in 2015 so this will complement that nicely.

Peugeot 2008 Crossover £160 per month, 20,000 m/yr, 12 + 48 months - £8729.40 @ National vehicle contracts - more in op
Posted 25th Nov 2018Posted 25th Nov 2018
Peugeot 2008 Crossover £160 per month, 20,000 m/yr, 12 + 48 months - £8729.40 @ National vehicle contracts - more in op
Peugeot 2008 Crossover or Citroen C3 Hatchback or Renault Clio for approx £160 per month, 20,000 Miles per year, 12 months initial rental + 48 months personal contract Read more

The maths doesn't seem to add up. What is the total over for years?


Rancid looking vehicle.


12 plus 48 means 12 is deposit.


£2k deposit as well, not mentioned in the title. Cold from me

Seat Leon 2.0 TSI 290 Cupra EZ DSG 24 months 8k miles per year lease - £6885.46 @ Nationwide vehicle contracts
Posted 25th Nov 2018Posted 25th Nov 2018
£30k list price and a 4.4 seconds 0 to 62 :D so if you’re into hot hatches this looks like a great deal. January delivery and choice of colours. On a personal lease of 24 months… Read more
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If you'd of bothered to look just a couple of posts down, you'd of seen I didn't see it was a Curpa. Maybe it hadn't been edited at the time it was posted, but I'm well aware of the difference thank you.


Don't be ridiculous cant really make a comparison to this with a mini cooper S?!


I agree Ross - I had one. I think he is getting mixed up with torque steer and driven correctly this wouldn't be an issue...


I Had one for 2 years - definitely not 4.4 - I think officially it is 5.7 however good luck getting the power down to the FW to achieve this. - very fun car though!


If youuuu find any let me know 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

BMW 2 Series Active Tourer 218i M Sport 3 Years 35 + 3 Month Lease 8k miles - £2786.04 / Year
Posted 6th Jul 2018Posted 6th Jul 2018
BMW 2 Series Active Tourer 218i M Sport 3 Years 35 + 3 Month Lease 8k miles - £2786.04 / Year
Aware that lease deals are always going to divide but I've been on the lookout for a solid car with good spec for a while and this seems a decent deal compared to what's out there … Read more

Thank you!


Try British Car auctions


This is a new vehicle for BMW. Wait a bit.


Where can I find cars that are for sale after a period of leasing..3-5 years..? Thank you!


One of the ugliest BMWs.

Mazda 3 Hatchback 2.0 Sport Nav Car - 24 months - 8000 miles per annum - £150.21 a  month - and £1807 upfront @ Nationwide vehicle contracts
Posted 28th Jun 2018Posted 28th Jun 2018
Mazda 3 Hatchback 2.0 Sport Nav Car - 24 months - 8000 miles per annum - £150.21 a month - and £1807 upfront @ Nationwide vehicle contracts
24 months 8000 miles per year £150.21 a month with 1,807.32 a month upfront + £198 processing fee = £5621 or £234 a month I know its quite a lot up front, but it works out cheaper… Read more
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The cost difference isn't huge between this & leasing the new car if you take several factors into account, e.g.: 2 year old Focus: - depreciation over next 2 years: £2200 - Warranty for second year: £450 - set of tyres: £250 - passing MOT: £80 - road tax: £80 or so - opportunity cost of £9k capital @ 5% per year: £922 - costs of reselling after 2 years: £100 total cost: £4,082 / £170. 08 per month Of course costs could be more or less if you're lucky or not, or changing assumptions, but for an extra £60 or so per month you could have a brand new car, with less hassle if anything goes wrong. For some that £60 is worth it, and with better lease deals it can end up as cheap or cheaper to lease than own a fairly new used car, especially if you have a good place to invest saved cash.




is anyone ordered one? if yes how long you have to wait for delivery?


Well you are using twice as much. So for every £10 you used to use you now use approx £20. If you have not noticed then you clearly don't do many miles. For me my trip to work is a 66 mile round trip. At 55mpg I get out the Mazda it costs me £6.70 a day. At 23mpg that's over £16. So that is £2200 a year just traveling to work. That is pretty noticeable to me. :) But I'm with you on smiles per gallon. I used to have a Boxster but sold it as didn't get used enough. My smiles now come from a 370z (part owned with brother). Don't notice fuel use so much but am on first name terms with the local tyre shop! XD


Smiles to the gallon over miles to the gallon for me these days. Last car was a 1.6 diesel getting 45mpg, now getting 23mpg on average from the petrol engine but I can honestly say I haven't noticed a huge increase in fuel costs.

VW Tiguan 2.0 TDi BMT 150 R-Line DSG 48months 8,000 miles £2,574.18 deposit £286.02 per month @ NVC - total cost = £16,215.12
Posted 3rd Jun 2018Posted 3rd Jun 2018
VW Tiguan 2.0 TDi BMT 150 R-Line DSG 48months 8,000 miles £2,574.18 deposit £286.02 per month @ NVC - total cost = £16,215.12
Seems like the best available price at the moment. 48 month term. 9 + 47 @ £286.02 per month £198 processing fee 8,000 miles Includes metallic paint. £337.82 net £286.02 cos… Read more
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These threads are funny. 1. You have to be stupid to pay list price on cars - List on this is £34845 - It can be bought through DriveTheDeal for £28682 so quite why you are quoting the list price when making a comparison is beyond me 2. If you want a "£34k" car for something affordable then you can't afford it in the first place 3. Why would everyone have to have a "£34k" car on finance? Savings aren't worth jack at the minute so why waste money on finance when you could just pay for it instead of having money sat in a bank doing nothing? 4. If you did need finance for your "£34k" car are you implying you have zero to put down as a deposit? What are you driving now? You have zero savings whatsoever? If so refer to point 2 where you can't actually afford a "£34k" car 5. If you have to finance your car and didn't want a 4 year lease have you heard of PCP? 6. If you bought this outright instead of paying £16k lease fees (plus any over mileage and damage costs at the end) I think the Tig R Line spec with 32k on the clock at 4 years old would be worth more than £12k to sell making this lease deal not worth it.


I'm currently lease-less if there is such a word mine went back 5 weeks ago and I've managed by hiring a cheap car for a couple of weekends . I think the cheap leases are gone for now what with all the car factories shutting down for a couple of months it isn't going to get better anytime soon. I have seen an insignia sri vx-line nav 1.6d for £216 a month over 3 years with £1300 down works out at £8800 over 3 years so not too bad but not in stock so probably going to be too long a wait for me. I've also been looking at the second hand route and I'm shocked at the amount of interest you pay on these pcp deals


You seem to be a little bitter towards people who appropriate their money differently to you. When we took our last lease out, it was a great offer, and I estimated that what I was going to pay for the lease was going to be less than the depreciation. Not really sure why folk don't understand this. As for having a new one every 3 years, it's nothing to do with being a car snob or impressing people, it's to do with having pretty much hassle free motoring for 3 years, then sending the car back and letting someone else have the problems that start to crop up after this time. People seem to be hung up on 'owning' a car. Ultimately, having a car, whichever method you go about it is going to be a regular outgoing. It's down to the individual to decide what they want, and the cheapest way to achieve this.


Lol, these threads are unreal. Absolutely love the comments though. The thing about driving a ford to be able to shop at Waitrose is probably the best so far but I feel better are to come (lol)


We bought a seat ibiza tourer DSG a few years back. £13,500 it cost, paid £4000 upfront, £4000 at end and £219 per month over 42 months. It had a turbo go and a gearbox issue, both around 38 months. Those were fixed under goodwill warranty but then the engine light kept coming on around 46 months, same issue again. Estimate to fix was around £2000 to £3000. Value of car at the end of that was £3700. Im now leasing a Tiguan, £30000 model amortised cost £250 per month. No worries about warranty, no worry about losing £10,000 after 4 years and a significantly better car in all respects. £40 per month more. I couls of bought a new car after the ibiza, but then another 4 years of £220 per month and finding £4,000 at the end and try the pot look warranty gamble. No thanks. I need somthing reliable cos of our commute so second hand would be a gamble. For me leasing is risk free for the same amount of monthyl aas it would to buy a car. I also had a focus, had it for 12 years, cost £10,000 at the end of the line 1st gen, bargain. was great for 8 years, but then annual repairs were around £800 - £900 every year. So the other extreme but I would estimate annual cost of that car was still around £150 - £175 per month. So maybe £75 per month saving on the focus over a constant £250 per month. But who's to say I wont get a ibiza experience rather than a focus experience?

Vauxhall Astra - 1.4T 16V 150 Elite Nav Car Leasing - 8000 miles a year - 6 months upfront - 24 month contract - £182.84 a month £1097 upfront @ NVC
Posted 21st May 2018Posted 21st May 2018
Vauxhall Astra - 1.4T 16V 150 Elite Nav Car Leasing - 8000 miles a year - 6 months upfront - 24 month contract - £182.84 a month £1097 upfront @ NVC
Been keeping my eye on this for a while and its come down slightly. You can opt for a 36 month contract which brings the monthly cost down to £177. £1097 upfront Seems like a go… Read more
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My elite nav just went back. 2 year's of faultless motoring. Averaged 41 mpg. And it pretty fast. Gadgets galore. Heated steering wheel, heated seats all round, front/rear sensors, video playback. £129 a month Inc maintenance. Was my first lease deal. Never going back to knackered 10 year old cars now :D


I had one for 2 years and was very happy with fuel consumption wheels are a pain to clean but apart from that all good mines up for sale at the car shop for top money but it did get a top grade from the vehicle collection guy


i think the SRi VX Line was overall about this price. Have a search


Coming to the end of my two year lease with the 1.4T SRi Nav variant and have to be honest and say that i am delighted with the performance and economy of the car (circa 40mpg combined). I had an old version of the astra around 6 years ago and hated it. Went with the new model after the facelift and improved engine and it was like night and day to the old one. In my opinion the only thing letting the Elite Nav down was the horrible looking alloy wheels when compared to the SRi Nav. Certainly is not a bad car to drive whichever version you decide on going with.


on my 2nd year through Jet leasing, 8,000pa only done 7, had issues at first if I was parked facing down car wouldn't go in reverse, soon sorted, the extra's are great, especially the heated steering wheel, I pay £127 per month and put £700 odd pound down, be interesting to see what they offer me come February, been well satisfied, tax and AA thrown in too!

Peugeot 308 1.2 PureTech 130 GT Line 2yr Lease/PCH 10kpa net £232/pm @ natiowidevehiclecontracts
Posted 2nd May 2018Posted 2nd May 2018
Peugeot 308 1.2 PureTech 130 GT Line 2yr Lease/PCH 10kpa net £232/pm @ natiowidevehiclecontracts
I'm hunting for a lease that is about the £225/month net mark. Came across this. Spec looks decent. Not sure how well Peugeots fare in reliability but I would expect (hope) 2 year… Read more

I would imagine deals on them will be coming and going on a monthly basis right up until August or so, maybe a touch longer. You might wish to add it to your "keep an eye on it" list and see who is offering what, and where. There's also some deals around the £200 pcm mark on the Astra SRI 150 NAV which may persist for a while.


thanks for sending deal. Looks really good deal. Shame about the delivery timescale as it doesn't suit me. I need one from October.


You might want to try the Focus deal I posted. It's 1+35 and under £200 after your amortise the admin fee even.


Ah, I kind of miss the old '500 miles at no more than 40mph' that my dad always used to maintain you had to do when running in new pistons/rings etc.


They don't, also you can bounce them on the rev limiter from stone cold and they'll still be fine, thermodynamics and physics are a thing of the past with new cars :)

Vauxhall Astra 1.4T 16V 150 SRi Nav 8000 miles pa £172.08 per month £1032.08 initial (23+6) dep £198 fee @ Nationwide vehicle contracts
Posted 11th Mar 2018Posted 11th Mar 2018
Vauxhall Astra 1.4T 16V 150 SRi Nav 8000 miles pa £172.08 per month £1032.08 initial (23+6) dep £198 fee @ Nationwide vehicle contracts
Free metallic, 8" touch screen Sat nav, Alloys, onstar, 0-62 7.8 secs, in stock 7-14 days

has anyone on here tried to extend their lease for another 12 months ? my 2 year deal on the astra elite comes to an end in 3 weeks but I have enquired to extend it just as another option . will I have to mot it or can I send it back early after the 3 years ? I got the cheap deal by the way(£119 inc sat nav})and I have to say I've been really pleased with the car its averaged over 40mpg for the 11k I've done in it


Thanks mate will look into it


There is a leasing comparison website if you Google it...


Hi folks I'm new to leasing never done it before. I'm looking for any good deals to mull over! I bought a zafira brand new about 3 years ago and I've lost over £8000 so for me this is the best way to go now. Any advice or tips would be great.


Love the usual cold 'Vauxhall' comments with nothing really to back it up! I've owned 3 Vauxhalls and they've never missed a beat, luck of the draw probably as no manufacturer is perfect! But I do love all the Jeremy Clarksons in here slating them simply cause is not a BMW, Audi etc

Ford Focus 1.0 EcoBoost 140 ST-Line Navigation Car Lease (6+23 8,000mpa) £4564.53 total @ Nationwide vehicle contracts
Posted 13th Feb 2018Posted 13th Feb 2018
Ford Focus 1.0 EcoBoost 140 ST-Line Navigation Car Lease (6+23 8,000mpa) £4564.53 total @ Nationwide vehicle contracts
Came across this deal on Nationwide, pretty good - £150.57/m on a 23 + 6 meaning: £150.57 x 23 = £3463.11 £150.57 x 6 = £903.42 Processing Fee = £198.00 Total = £4564.53 or £190… Read more
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You will care if you have to waste time taking it to a garage because the lease firm mandates you to do so.


It's on lease, so who cares? :/


What goes around comes around.


Now up to £165 a month


^??? Not sure what your post is in response to, the quote of my last post bears no relation to what you have just written.

Lease Car - 1.0 EcoBoost 140 ST-Line Navigation (£916.32 intial, + 198 fee + £152.72pcm = £4,626.88 total) @ Nationwide Vehicle Contracts
Posted 17th Dec 2017Posted 17th Dec 2017
Lease Car - 1.0 EcoBoost 140 ST-Line Navigation (£916.32 intial, + 198 fee + £152.72pcm = £4,626.88 total) @ Nationwide Vehicle Contracts
Seems a reasonable deal to me, though i'm sure there are experts out there who will know better. 1.0 EcoBoost 140 ST-Line Navigation Car £916 inital payment £198 processing fee £… Read more
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I assume that's why the VAG group have released the 1.5tsi but I can't get an answer out of them for when we'll see it in the Tiguan (the one I'm after).... I guess they are keeping it hush so they can flog the diesels and old 1.4 tsi stock ;)


Shock horror


That probably explains why the auto gave 22mpg from in town driving from cold as it seemed to spend its time shifting down to an unsuitable gear every time you pull away (we averaged about 8mph). I didn't like the interior either, the insturment panel was too fussy and the one we got didn't have a reversing camera and had carp rear visibility.


Common misconception. Talking about bhp when I asked if it had a massive turbo. You can get 1500bhp+ out of 2 litre engine, doesn't mean you can get 750bhp out of a 1 litre. My question related to the size of the turbo and real world fuel economy. After having a quick look online I see the answer is yes it has a big turbo, yes it has a fair bit of turbo lag and unless you act like the accelerator pedal is made fine China you will get very poor mpg. Side note, it's really slow, 90% of owners will rev it too hard and go into positive pressure thus making it really quite poo on fuel economy too. Has a nice interior tho!



Suzuki Vitara 1.6 SZ-T 36 month lease Nationwide Vehicle Leasing £7,674
Posted 19th Oct 2017Posted 19th Oct 2017
Suzuki Vitara 1.6 SZ-T 36 month lease Nationwide Vehicle Leasing £7,674
I have been looking for our next lease, ideally one of the mid sized 2wd 4x4 types which seem to carry a bit of a premium. This one popped up both at Nationwide and First Vehicle … Read more
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This is fun.


It's You're. I'm saving you whole pounds: 241 of them in fact!


Your on the wrong site. We save pennies here


To earn peanuts. Excellent.


Me too. Keep the cash in the bank

KIA SPORTAGE GT-LINE.    3+47m lease/PCH for £246.45 per month + £198 broker fee. Includes  VAT and Metallic Paint
Posted 9th Oct 2017Posted 9th Oct 2017
KIA SPORTAGE GT-LINE. 3+47m lease/PCH for £246.45 per month + £198 broker fee. Includes VAT and Metallic Paint
Obviously no good if you want to own the car. 1.7 diesel also available for a few quid more. I cant find cheaper - can you?

Ive been leasing one for the past 11 months. The 1.7 diesel '2' version. Nice and spacious and good sized boot. Not bad to drive nice and comfy and not too bad on the corners. Fine for a family car. The mpg seems to be getting better over time too although initially wasn't as much as id have hoped.. I leased a Honda Civic before this and the Kia isn't quiet as refined but the '2' model has plenty of technology and was cheaper to insure and service but I guess that depends on model. 4 years seems long to lease. I always go for 24 months while I decide what car to buy then always just end up leasing again!! Never had any charges when giving back but always looked after. The Honda's front wheels were scuffed but wasn't charged.


Better deals out there than a kia sportage for this money and certainly wouldn't lease over 4 years. Kind of defeats the point.


Has anyone driven/own a new sportage. If so any comments




36 months 8k miles inc vat £229 per month no admin not metallic, but you could haggle!

Fiat Abarth 124 Spider 3 year lease £309 per month 8000 miles per annum. Nationwide Vehicle Contracts
Posted 26th Sep 2017Posted 26th Sep 2017
Fiat Abarth 124 Spider 3 year lease £309 per month 8000 miles per annum. Nationwide Vehicle Contracts
Initial Rental £1601.22 Admin Fee £198 35 monthly payments of £267 0-62 mph 6.8 Seconds Transmission Manual Fuel Type Petrol Fuel Economy 44.1 MPG CO2 148 g/km Bluetoot… Read more
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What a lovely miata


But you can roll it in glitter.


Used pcps don’t have the pcp finance rate


I'm glad someone made a reference to fashion.... Name off the top of your head five German fashion houses (well just four more as Hugh Boss is already mentioned)! Now off the top of your head, try the same for Italian fashion houses Think when it comes to style, the Italians might just have that one - and no cheating using Google!


Oh, I can't afford those! I'm wasting money on a poxy, girls car I can't drive anywhere!

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