Natural History Museum Jellyfish Lampquarium, £20.93 was £34.89,@ Argos

Natural History Museum Jellyfish Lampquarium, £20.93 was £34.89,@ Argos

Found 6th Jul 2010
Reserve + Collect.

3 incredible life-like jellyfish appear to swim at random in this black illuminated tank.
Includes mains adapter.
Size (H)22, (W)23, (D)8cm.
For ages 14 years and over.


Natural History Museum Jellyfish 270/6412
Looks nice

Looks cool

Once you've seen one of these in action, you'll be digging out the receipt and returning it that very same day.

Don't believe the "incredible life-like jellyfish" spin, they spend most of the time stuck in the top corner out of sight, complete waste of money, but hey its not my deal, just a heads up.

Ah i have one and if set up correctly is great. Its says over 14 due to it taking a while to get the water level correct, but when set up is beautiful to watch!!

I have one of these.Bought it brand new off that auction site for £1.99.Nice little thing but NOT worth 20-odd quid imo.

If you put an England flag in a box in this, and all the jellyfish go "Woah **** off" and swim away, would that mean that i should bet against England winning in Euro 2012?
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