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Trek / Nakd Bars save 1/3 with free delivery eg 18 bars £9.32 delivered @ NATURAL BALANCE FOODS
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Posted 25th Nov 2018Posted 25th Nov 2018
Trek / Nakd Bars save 1/3 with free delivery eg 18 bars £9.32 delivered @ NATURAL BALANCE FOODS£9.99
Natural balance foods have 1/3 off site wide at the moment including free delivery and free samples with every order (this has always been the case). Examples: 16 x Trek Cocoa Ch… Read more
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These tend to be cheaper on Amazon and Superfood Market...

PROTEIN POWER MIXED CASE only £10 delivered at natural balanced foods
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Posted 20th Apr 2016Posted 20th Apr 2016
PROTEIN POWER MIXED CASE only £10 delivered at natural balanced foods£10
A true dietary megastar, protein helps our bodies repair, grow and maintain itself for our overall health and wellbeing. At Natural Balance Foods we’re all about being healthy and … Read more

They do but they are totally natural food bars.


Pretty sure these actually have a low protein content compared to many other branded bars


considering you can the these in home bargains, granted not the whole range, so won't vote hot or cold.


great stuff and very tasty. very good price, ordered. thanks!

25% off nakd chocolovers case £11.24 @ NBF
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Posted 18th Feb 2016Posted 18th Feb 2016
25% off nakd chocolovers case £11.24 @ NBF£11.24
25% off nakd chocolovers case.
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Yuk absolutely disgusting no way is this cheap I would buy this


can get 18 Nakd bars on Amazon for £9.99 (prime) - choc orange for instance, which is nice

Free NAKD bar - available again.
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Posted 6th Jan 2015Posted 6th Jan 2015
Free NAKD bar - available again.
Could not find this posted recently, so hopefully a new batch of 30,000 free bars. Simply goto fill in your details and claim your free bar



Awesome deal, delicious bars!


Woman I meant!


I need a naked girl!


Bakewell tart is by far my favourite, hard to find by me though. Followed by cocoa delight. Strawberry crunch and Christmas pudding are vile ;/

Nākd Mixed Case 18 Bars -  £10 (usually £14.99) @ Natural Balance foods
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Posted 8th Dec 2014Posted 8th Dec 2014
Nākd Mixed Case 18 Bars - £10 (usually £14.99) @ Natural Balance foods£10
Very few ingredients, healthy, delicious bars. Made mostly from dates. Price includes free delivery on the standard service. I've purchased from here before and I was more than hap… Read more
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If you find you're having to eat so many to feel satiated then I would analyse your diet and make sure that you have a diet based around whole natural foods. Eating out of a bucket of deep fried chicken with your bare hands doesn't qualify as whole foods unfortunately, which is why you may be having trouble with being able to control your eating habits. These aren't meant to be consumed as a main meal, but rather a snack between meals or a dessert for those trying to curb their cravings.


Cold. These bars are 35g which is about the size of my little finger and speaking from experience you'd have to eat five or six to be satiated. They don't taste that great either.


Love these, ordered cheers!


Condescending punk. These taste ok but give you a bad tummy after 3 days as youre going through tons of dates


The crackers work out better value per bar, I ran out last week, very tempted but meant to be spending my money on presents not myself lol!

Nakd Bars x 48 rhubarb and custard (Short dated 10.11.14). 25p each. £12.00 with code @ Natural Balance Foods
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Posted 15th Oct 2014Posted 15th Oct 2014
Nakd Bars x 48 rhubarb and custard (Short dated 10.11.14). 25p each. £12.00 with code @ Natural Balance Foods£12
Definitely one of the nicest flavours. Great for lunch boxes. Healthy treat. Have used this website before delivery is quick and they usually throw in a few samples. Yummy! Use… Read more

they arrived today and taste nothing like rhubarb and custard borderline awful


Great service from nakd, tasty bars too


Thanks gemsta83 and hunter82, ordered. Love these (but only on special) and this is great price esp with voucher.


ordered just to try, take the taste away from amazon lion bars


Didn't show on my ipad search, sorry. Updated thank you.

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FREE nakd bar
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Posted 9th Sep 2014Posted 9th Sep 2014
FREE nakd bar
Found in todays Metro... claim free nakd bar via FREENAKDBAR.COM Claim until 21/09/14 or limit of 20,000 is reached. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

It's out of stock now. Sad times.


Yep Tesco being awkward again. Refused to accept it today despite their logo on the voucher page. Infuriating.


Thanks Leer. Got coupon but they wouldn't take it in Tesco. Will try Asda at the weekend. Thanks again.


They are quite nice - I never realised they had so many bars in the range though!


coolio 8)

Apple Crunch Nakd 36 Bars for £14.40 (40p each)@ Natural Balance with 20% off code
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Posted 26th Jul 2014Posted 26th Jul 2014
Apple Crunch Nakd 36 Bars for £14.40 (40p each)@ Natural Balance with 20% off code£18
Stock up on these yummy Nakd Apple Crunch bars with this great offer! These bars still have the same great taste as regular Apple Crunch bars, they just have a shorter Best Before … Read more
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30g bars? Seriously. A bar like this should be at least 50g, ideally 75g. Only 108 kcal. Very expensive.


The tesco by me has 3 for £1.20 at the moment and you're not restricted to flavour or expiry dates!


So, 40p each after the code - I'd like to see these down nearer 30p each, I've had them 3 for £1 in TESCO before. Could you have a word?


Thanks OP. Price came to £14.40 with code.

Short Dated NAKD Banana Crunch 36 Bars for £8 (about 22p each) @ Natural Balance foods with code
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Posted 25th May 2014Posted 25th May 2014
Short Dated NAKD Banana Crunch 36 Bars for £8 (about 22p each) @ Natural Balance foods with code£8
I'm pretty sure they would still be edible after the date. Free Delivery. Use code 'SHOW14' to get this price , thanks to - chris2087 ****SPECIAL SHORT DATED STOCK OFFER*** St… Read more

Good stuff that, thanks.


The sugar crash is the other bad thing about high GI, but I didn't mention it because it doesn't affect all people, some people can tolerate it fine. But some people can't tolerate it well at all, Postprandial Reactive Hypoglycemia for example, and can experience what's called Somogyi rebound. This is correct, low GI keeps the energy release gradual and sustained, rather than a sudden spike. Normally if in calories is greater than out, then you would gain weight, but it's a bit complicated. Some people can eat more calories than they burn, but not put on weight. Part of it depends on the state/mode the body is in, such as insulin levels which promotes fat storage. To cover all possible triggers of fat storage, calorie restriction should really be combined with a healthy diet (low GI, or rather low Glycemic Load, which factors in portion size). High GI foods could trigger rushes of energy, fat storage, then a crash and fatigue, and then be harder to burn calories when you're tired.


Must admit I haven't read a whole lot about it, but I thought GI was a problem because it means you're likely to eat more if you've had high GI food? If you have high GI food for breakfast you'll probably be hungry before lunchtime and tempted to snack, whereas low GI food keeps you going longer. But if you eat 2000 calories a day and burn 1800 you'll gain weight, no matter where the calories come from?


Since these are short dated they should be re-branded as "kNAcKereD"


look good to me - thanks OP

50% off all mixed boxes at Natural Balance Foods - 24 hours only
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Posted 27th Mar 2014Posted 27th Mar 2014
50% off all mixed boxes at Natural Balance Foods - 24 hours only£3.99
For 24 hours there is 50% off all mixed boxes of Nakd bars and Trek bars at Natural Balance Foods, free delivery too! Ends at 9am tomorrow. I recommend the Cocoa Orange Nakd bars, … Read more

I received my order earlier on today via DPD


We expect a fresh delivery of Trek Flapjacks w/c 14th April, after which time the pixies will be working double extra hard to ensure that all customers receive their order.


Dispatch email recieved this afternoon with a expected delivery date of tomorrow. Also had this in an email from them:


Dispatch email received, being sent via DPD


:D thanks for posting was just about to post their response as very received a reply ( very quick!) stating the same, just very busy! Wonder why? X)

TREK Protein flapjacks 96 flapjacks for £35 @Naturalbalancefoods
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Posted 8th Feb 2014Posted 8th Feb 2014
TREK Protein flapjacks 96 flapjacks for £35 @Naturalbalancefoods£35
Thought this was a bit of a bargain whilst having a browse on their website after seeing the other deal. They're short dated, but the still have a couple of months on the best befo… Read more

They come in handy when on your travels and if you're really worried about sugar you can always eat clean for other meals of the day.


I just wanted to say that it is very easy to do yourself and it will be more delicious. Google for recipe


As quoted immediately after, "please ignore my last comment"....


To much sugar for my liking, heat added though for the saving!


These are the same folk that make the nakd bars, they effectively make snack bars from cold pressing nuts and dried fruit, i'm not sure why we'd jump to the conclusion they were american's trying to fill us with gm crops. I'm confident in the philosophy of the company, they use quality ingredients. it's a flapjack, essentially oats (carbohydrate) rolled in syrup (sugar), so those surprised by the sugar levels confuse me somewhat. Guess we're getting cold votes from the gym heads that see the word protein and expect the macros of a flapjack to read like a can of tuna :)

Nakd celebration box only £10.40 delivered @ NATURAL BALANCE FOODS
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Posted 8th Feb 2014Posted 8th Feb 2014
Nakd celebration box only £10.40 delivered @ NATURAL BALANCE FOODS£10.40
Just came across this sampler box from Nakd. Price is £13.00 but using the code SMOOSH you get 20% off making it £10.40. Delivery is free also. You get the following :- 2 x Cola R… Read more

Me too ^


Just an update. I got my order today and they threw in 2 extra items which makes the deal even better. £10.40 for 20 items = £0.52 per item


Great, thanks


Love naked, have some heat!


Great, thanks.

Natural Balance :: Free Nakd Bar
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Posted 26th Jan 2014Posted 26th Jan 2014
Natural Balance :: Free Nakd Bar
Free Naked Bar is back again! For those who haven't already claimed a Free bar just fill in your details for your printable voucher! Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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all finished now expired


That was from the previous set they were giving away ... this new set is valid till 08/02 ... try printing one out and you'll see the coupon is in date.


OP T&C's say are you sure it is still valid...


try the banana one, seftonblake if you don't want it print the voucher out and give it someone who does hint hint....


Hot. I got this last time and really liked the "Berry Delight" flavour.

Claim a FREE Nakd bar - 30,000 available with printable coupon
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Posted 7th Jan 2014Posted 7th Jan 2014
Claim a FREE Nakd bar - 30,000 available with printable coupon
Get a free Nakd bar via up to the value of 75p. Enter your details on the link, and you'll receive an email with your individual coupon to print. There are 30… Read more

Still available, I just downloaded another 2. Just need different email addresses, then watch for it dropping into your spam folder. Oh and Tesco currently have them 2 for £1 so with voucher you get 2 for 25p instead of £1.50.


"gluten free, wheat free and dairy free" and also taste free.....


Couldn't find any in Tesco or Morrisons but Holland and Barrett honoured the coupon :)


Burnley Tesco accepted mine today, it scanned at 75p (bar cost 60p)


they don't understand that .. some system issue or something ..

FREE Nakd fruit and nut snack bar 5000+ bars available worth 75p
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Posted 24th Sep 2013Posted 24th Sep 2013
FREE Nakd fruit and nut snack bar 5000+ bars available worth 75p
To get a free 75p Nakd bar (they're raw fruit and nuts smooshed together), just go on Nakd's website, fill in your details and print off the voucher be… Read more

picked one up at sainsburys today around the cereal shelf. tried it but didn't think much of it tbh.


I was going to post this yesterday but decided against it as when i tested I couldn't get past the captcha


Didn't work this morning but working fine now.


thanks discowill


They did run out, they then started again with more. The captcha doesn't work for me in Chrome

Claim A Free Nakd Bar With Printable Coupon
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Posted 11th Sep 2013Posted 11th Sep 2013
Claim A Free Nakd Bar With Printable Coupon
Sign up at and fill in your details and a voucher will then be emailed to you to print and redeem in-store for a lovely Nakd Bar. Redeem in your local stockist… Read more

this deal is back open!! get on it guys xx


Aaaaah!!! can't believe I missed this- I love Nakd bars!


They have issued more coupons so more of us can try the Nakd Bars for free


I've yet to claim this voucher but i know Tesco don't accept the 'Safe Coupons' vouchers. They didn't give any explanation to me - I presume it's because they can be so easily photocopied perhaps? ASDA accepted the vouchers fine though.


got the coupons printed off from my printer, took it to the nearest Tesco Extra, but the manager said Tesco no longer accpet these printed online coupons? They said it is because they can't claim money back from the provider so they don't take any now??? Is it genuine?

48 Nakd Cocoa Mint Bars (short dated) £16 delivered @ Naturalbalancefoods
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Posted 14th Aug 2013Posted 14th Aug 2013
48 Nakd Cocoa Mint Bars (short dated) £16 delivered @ Naturalbalancefoods£16
Credit to Orcinus_orca for the original deal, which was posted over a month ago and was expired. This deal appears to be back Use code SHOW13 for 20% off , bringing the price down… Read more

I got a box few mths back & about to order another sugar in these is natural sugar far better than mars bar mind u I have allergy to cows milk so can't eat mars bars lol. Voted steaming hot from me. Love the mint flavour x


Well, got mine delivered day after ordering (via DPD - one hour delivery slot). BB date is 9/12/2013 so plenty of time to eat them, plus got some free samples. Yum!


Yes still prefer the mars bar tasty snack sorry..


Nakd Bar Ingredients: Cashews Raisins Cocoa Natural Mint & Chocolate Flavour Mars Bar Ingredients: Sugar Glucose syrup Skimmed milk powder Cocoa butter Cocoa mass Sunflower oil Lactose (from milk) Milk fat Vegetable fat Whey powder (from milk) Fat reduced cocoa Barley malt extract Emulsifier (soya lecithin) Salt Egg white powder Hydrolysed milk protein Natural vanilla extract


The dates are between 14.10.2013 and 09.12.2013 which I feel is a fair way off - but that's just me.

48 Nakd Cocoa Mint Bars (exp 10-12 2013) £16 delivered @ Naturalbalancefoods
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Posted 14th Jul 2013Posted 14th Jul 2013
48 Nakd Cocoa Mint Bars (exp 10-12 2013) £16 delivered @ Naturalbalancefoods£16
Use code SHOW13 for 20% off £20, free delivery. Works out at 33.3p per bar, excellent!
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recently got the date & cashew ones for 10p each in local Asda as very short dated.


lovely thank you


Ordered these a couple of weeks ago after they were posted on here, arrived promptly and taste yummy!


Reckon I could eat these in three months and then some. Nicest tasting of all the naked bars tastes a bit like after eights. Thanks for posting.


Ordered too, will well have them eating as me and my partner eat one a day as our daily diet. Fab fine x :)

Nakd Cocoa Mint 48x 35g Bars (** SHORT DATED ** -  BBE dates of 14.10.2013 - 09.12.2013) - £17.60 (with code) @ Natural Balance Foods (Online Only)
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Posted 3rd Jul 2013Posted 3rd Jul 2013
Nakd Cocoa Mint 48x 35g Bars (** SHORT DATED ** - BBE dates of 14.10.2013 - 09.12.2013) - £17.60 (with code) @ Natural Balance Foods (Online Only)£17.60
There is a special offer on at the moment with the short dates (though dont seem that short to me) for 48 bars of Nakd Cocoa Mint bars with discount code for £17.60. This works ou… Read more
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They are amazing! But full of sugar (natural sugars tho) so you shouldn't eat too many. I stocked up when tescos had a voucher for 30p off per bar making them 20p each. Expired now tho :( @36p that's pretty good


these are more addictive than chocolate


Agree, its nothing to scream about but it works out at 36p so not bad really for what they are :)


They're on offer tesco for 50p per bar. So not really something to scream about.


Nice, can't see dates being a problem with a cereal kind of bar really!

Free Nãkd and Trek Products for Public Events and/or Food Festivals
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Posted 19th Aug 2012Posted 19th Aug 2012
Free Nãkd and Trek Products for Public Events and/or Food Festivals
I come across this while browsing and may be of use to someone, most likely someone running a charity event or similar. "Hey thanks for dropping by! As the UK’s fastest growing n… Read more
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Thanks, I will ask the charity I work with if they are interested


cold, have to be doing something active to get one,


Hmm not really for an individual person to take advantage of