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Sleep Clinic Discovery Box £17.95 delivered (worth £107) @ Naturisimo
Found 11th Dec 2018Found 11th Dec 2018
The discovery boxes at Naturisimo are such great value! I've bought from them before. Their latest offering is their Sleep Clinic Discovery Box worth £107. This would make such a … Read more

I have a larger response under review, hopefully it is approved. I just wanted to say i feel the same about CBT, there isn't just one story, we are all different and respond or don't as the case maybe to different treatments. How rude of the doctor to trivialise your problem, its like people who say you will sleep eventually just follow a routine and before you know it you will be back sleeping well again. Do they really think if it was that simple we would be having this conversation. One of the problems is that the funding for studies is not there, so people are just given meditation techniques and sent off on their way.You don't sound like a sack to me, you sound like someone i identify with and someone who can understand how i am feeling, when overs can't. Its very hardness to have negative thoughts whilst lying in bed knowing that most people are sleeping peacefully. One of my worst things is the world waking up to start a new day and i haven't even slept yet. It gets me down every time :( I am actually lucky in i can pinpoint the time in my life when everything changed, but even with that information I'm unable to move forward. Oh and if i hear Margret Thatcher survived on 3 hours sleep one more time i may scream, I'm clearly not her and knowing that doesn't make me sleep better!! Don't apologise for rambling, i get it, its not often you talk with others who understand what your going through.


Bought as a wee stocking filler 🎅


I am so sorry that you are having to make that choice too. If i could love your comment i would, because you are describing what i experience perfectly. As someone who is suffering with a chronic issue and has been for 20 years, i find it astounding that we have to humiliate ourselves and be treated like an addict, just to get what we need to be able to function and lead a normal life. Insomnia has had such a huge impact on my life and none of it positive. I hate being judged by the doctors, treating you like you want to take the pill for a high or something. No, i take it to be able to function as a wife and mother to my two children. I have tried many different medications, therapies and CBT courses over the years. I've taken up meditation, exercise, cut all caffeine from my diet, ate half a banana before bed, no screens or phones before bed, you name it I've tried it, but nothing helps. Several of them over the last 20 years have caused me weight gain, which is such a negative side effect, like you that is not an option for me and i won't take ones that have a chance of making me gain weight. Its not me being vain, its about struggling enough without that to deal with too, it caused me to get depression and i had feelings of no self worth. Its so hard when people think a bad night is only getting 6-8 hours sleep, that to me would be heaven. So i am totally sympathetic to what you are going through. I sometimes think knowing your not alone helps, all though i wouldn't wish true insomnia on anyone, its that horrible.


I was tested for Bipolar Disorder back in the 1990s but considered not to be - but I suppose my self awareness and insight goes against me. I have obsessive thoughts at times (I am sane, I just have cycling thoughts and self destructive ruminations sometimes) I find hard to break, I have to watch I don't feed my anxiety. I did have very intense highs in my teens and 20s - seems to be more crashing lows these days. Think my GP just has me down as an avoidant/anxiety/panic attack patient (I was more or less agoraphobic for a time). Socialising used to be much easier for me but I find it harder now, I obsess so much I talk myself out of meeting people. Glad to say I haven't had a real emotional crash for a while.. I sound like a real sad sack, haha, but I am a nice person, according to those who love me :) Mental health care with the NHS has a long way to go. Currently all my doctor offers is CBT - which I can understand is more training yourself to be disciplined with thinking = actions = expectations. But if it was that easy I wouldn't have to deal with my irrational side? I'm sorry to say, I found the group CBT sessions too simplistic, even condescending. They are generalising about people and putting them all in a "one size fits all" box. Hearing the counsellors announce that "It's the NHS' number one frontline treatment" (the whole vibe seemed to me as if they were delighted they'd won the long-term contract or something) at the first meeting didn't help. It was basically three hours of "CBT is great" and came across more like a sales pitch. I have endured some staggeringly tone-deaf comments from psychologists and doctors - but hey, humans do that at times. Went to a just-qualified GP who said, "You're tired? Try doing the shifts I do!" (erm, sorry to hear that, but who's the patient here?) as an example.. PS: Sorry for the ramble, my brain needs an edit function sometimes :p


1 teabag?

free makeup set with orders over £35 @ naturisimo
Found 5th Jul 2015Found 5th Jul 2015
free makeup set with orders over £35 @ naturisimo
use code: makeupset
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or 7 free samples on orders over 25 BP. Great deal, thanks!

*** Makeup discovery box worth £45 for £9.95 delivered @ Naturisimo
Found 29th Apr 2015Found 29th Apr 2015
*** Makeup discovery box worth £45 for £9.95 delivered @ Naturisimo
2 full size products and samples. Would get it if the mascara was full size, hope it helps someone. What it is EXCLUSIVE TO NATURISIMO. The Makeup Discovery Box is a limited-editi… Read more
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Out of stock now.


Heat for the "Kiss and Make Up" Beauty Box.. I wonder if they do a "Fight and Stuff It" version for gents...

Green people Organic Toothpaste £2.69 delivered at Naturismo
Found 18th Feb 2015Found 18th Feb 2015
Green people Organic Toothpaste £2.69 delivered at Naturismo
Really nice toothpaste if you care about what you put in your body. If you just want the cheapest this probably isn't for you. £3.50 normally, currently 15 percent off and an ext… Read more

I've read that coconut oil works well anyone tried it?


is this better than the kingfisher ones?


Great item but try "Saraken" toothpaste, weird taste but very good


Great if you get mouth ulcers! Unlike most toothpaste, this has no sls (sodium laurel sulphate), which aggravates (and some say causes) them!


Thanks for sharing, I've added the price and retailer name to your deals title.

Skin Blossom Organic Caring Hand Cream £1.76 delivered @ Naturisimo
Found 30th Jul 2014Found 30th Jul 2014
Skin Blossom Organic Caring Hand Cream £1.76 delivered @ Naturisimo
Use code FIRST for 10% off Same product is £5.25 add on item at amazon. This is a bit of a bargain for high quality cream. See ingredients below Aqua (Water), Theobroma Cacao (Co… Read more
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Thanks ordered a couple.


Ordered thanks!

EOS Organic Lipbalm £5.99 Free Del and 10% off first order @ Naturismo
Found 2nd Jul 2014Found 2nd Jul 2014
EOS Organic Lipbalm £5.99 Free Del and 10% off first order @ Naturismo

I got the blueberry acai eos for £3.74 delivered from amazon last month.


you can add a preorder item like a 3DS game or something similar thats now due to be out until a couple of months later during the year and then cancel when the EOS balm has been dispatched


Hi I saw these but min spend is £10 for free del.


Cheaper on amazon, I recently got mine for £3.00,

EOS BERRY LIP BALM DUO £8.99 (add SALE code) Delivered.
Found 22nd Mar 2014Found 22nd Mar 2014
EOS BERRY LIP BALM DUO £8.99 (add SALE code) Delivered.
These are 100% Natural, great if you have sensitive skin or allergies to Parabens and Petrolatum and with code SALE this weekend they are £8.99, they already have £2 off, as RRP £… Read more

Cheaper on amazon.


Just ordered,Thanks:)


I avoid all products with Parabens and petrolatums in.


Thanks OP



Free Weleda Skin Food when you spend £45 on Weleda @ Naturisimo
Found 28th May 2013Found 28th May 2013
Free Weleda Skin Food when you spend £45 on Weleda @ Naturisimo
Free Weleda Skin Food 30ml (worth £5.95) with a spend of £45 or more on Weleda products at and enter code: SKINFOOD at checkout. CODE: SKINFOOD
Free Caudalie Divine Body Duo when you spend £35 or more on Caudalie @ Naturisimo
Found 28th May 2013Found 28th May 2013
Free Caudalie Divine Body Duo when you spend £35 or more on Caudalie @ Naturisimo
Receive a free Divine Body Duo when you spend £35 or more on Caudalie products at and enter code: DIVINE at checkout. CODE: DIVINE