Natvia - Stevia Sweetner 300g - £3.50 instore @ Tesco

Natvia - Stevia Sweetner 300g - £3.50 instore @ Tesco

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Found 11th Apr
Ok so some people are horribly against Sweeteners, and we can argue/debate about the pros and cons.

But what I do know and have researched is, Stevia is a great alternative to the other Sweeteners out there such as Sucralose and maltodextrin which mess with your gut flora.

This product is naturally sourced from plants instead of being artificial and is also effectively calorie free.

Ideal as a replacement for real sugar. A lot of people will say have the real thing, but ultimately a lot of people are trying to cut sugar out (me), and need something to curb the graving.

I've found this to be one of the best alternatives without that horrible chemical aftertaste.

Now onto the price. This is expensive normally at £5.00 but you don't need to use as much as sugar so lasts quite some time.

And at £3.50 a tub, this isn't cheaper anywhere else. Not even on the web.

Appreciate not for everyone but hope it helps a few people out.
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To strong an aftertaste for tea and coffee IMO unless you mix it with sugar, half and half.
I wouldn't mind trying this, don't like the usual stevia aftertaste. But like most stevia sweetners, there's only a small amount of actual stevia. The rest of the ingredients in this one is Erythritol, doesn't say the source so could be GMO cornstarch.
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