Natvia Sweetener 300g, Tesco In Store Only was £4.99 NOW £2.79

Natvia Sweetener 300g, Tesco In Store Only was £4.99 NOW £2.79

Found 10th Jul 2016
Nationwide... not for my cup of tea but may be of use for someone at this price...

Table Top Sweetener Based on Stevia and Erythrytol

Join the sweetener

It can help slimming or weight control only as part of a calorie controlled diet.

For scrumptious recipe ideas, visit

Be inspired to make a positive change to your eating patterns & lifestyle

Sweet like sugar... only better
Natvia = 0 Calories, per 2g teaspoon
Sugars = 16 Calories per 4g teaspoon

A better alternative to sugars and artificial sweeteners
It's low carbs and contains nothings artificial.
Best of all it has than sugars, so that's better.

Inspire a better life

We only use the best part of the Stevia Plant for a naturally sweet taste that's never bitter.

Pack Size: 300g

Sweetness comparison
1 tsp of Natvia = 1 tsp of sugar

Excessive consumption may induce laxative effects

The 100% made from natural sources sweetener
Zero calories per serve
Great for baking
100% naturally sourced
Naturally sweet
Heaps better for you
Low carbs
100% fewer calories than sugars
Fructose free
Crafted for coffee
Choice of good baristas
Great in cereal
No bitter aftertaste
No aspartame, saccharin, artificial colours or flavours, & of course no sugars
Natvia is suitable for diabetics & vegetarians
Kosher - PARVE
Halal Certification Authority Australia
No sugars
Low carbs

Sweeteners (Erythritol 98.6%, Steviol Glycosides 1.4%)

Free From Aspartame
Free From Artificial Colours
Free From Artificial Flavours
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It says "save £2.20, now £2.70"....
Also, "Erythrytol" has an "i" in it, and only one "y".

It says "save £2.20, now £2.70"....Also, "Erythrytol" has an "i" in it, a … It says "save £2.20, now £2.70"....Also, "Erythrytol" has an "i" in it, and only one "y".

Many thanks, post updated!!
First of all, thank you for sharing this deal.
But I am get confused with all these sweeteners. First they all are super duper good for you, later it turns out to be another scam, another similar formula and so on. And what drives me crazy that most "reliable" sources are lying usually.
As far i understand this Natvia thing contains Erythritol 98.6% which is sugar alcohol and it is same sort thing like Xylitol scam. Artificial sweetener is artificial sweetener, and i rather stick with nature and choose natural stuff:
Maple Syrup, Honey, Sorghum or Sucanat Syrup, unrefined raw cane sugar, or traditionally made Agave Syrup, (stevia is not tasty).

And surely i will keep myself away from bleached refined sugar, Corn Syrup, Agave Nectar (not syrup), Truvia, Turbinado Sugar,Xylitol and Erythritol, etc..etc..
Stevia sweetener at Aldi 100 tabsl for 49p.
Thank you just bought some of this because of your post and its really nice not like other sweetners Ive tried its less of a "fake " taste me anyway............. lovely in coffee will stock up I think
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