Naty by Nature Babycare Newborn ECO Nappies - Size 1  (2 to 5kg, 4 to 11lbs), 4 x Packs of 26 (104 Nappies) £10.64 Exclusively For Prime Members @ Amazon

Naty by Nature Babycare Newborn ECO Nappies - Size 1 (2 to 5kg, 4 to 11lbs), 4 x Packs of 26 (104 Nappies) £10.64 Exclusively For Prime Members @ Amazon

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Subscribe & Save is £8.51 (though babies grow, so not sure how that works out!). They're also eligible for 2-hour delivery with PrimeNow (think it's dependent on area).

Size 1 (2 to 5 kg, 4 to 11 pounds), Product dimensions: 6.8 x 17.1 x 10.2 unit inches, eco-conscious disposable nappy made from natural and renewable materials
The absorbent pulp is from sustainably harvested Scandinavian forests with a centre-channel for a less bulky fit and enhanced leak protection
Soft stretchy front fastening tabs to give a ideal fit
Contains no oil based plastic and is chlorine free and fragrance free
The nappy is naturally breathable to help reduce the occurrence of nappy rash and other irritations

The price did dip to £8.06, but that was in March 2015!…D0A
Go green
The Right Fit for Your Baby


Newborn: Less than 4.5 kg or 11 lbs
Size 1: 2-5 kg or 4-11 lbs
Size 2: 3-6 kg or 6-13 lbs
Size 3: 4-9 kg or 9-20 lbs
Size 4: 7-18 kg or 15-40 lbs
Size 4+: 9-20 kg or 20-44 lbs
Size 5: 11-25 kg or 24-55 lbs
Size 6: 16+ kg or 35+ lbs

Pull on Pants

Size 4: 8-15 kg or 18-33 lbs
Size 5: 12-18 kg or 26-40 lbs
Size 6: 16+ kg or 35+ lbs

Eco by Naty - Go Green Without Giving up Performance

At Naty, the health of your child comes first. Naty believes that natural materials contribute to fewer allergic problems and skin irritation and are kinder to your baby. That’s why Naty by Nature Babycare diapers are based on natural materials with fewer chemicals so your baby is healthy and happy.

Naty by Nature Babycare Products
Natural & Renewable material

Our philosophy is to improve our products continuously so they affect the environment as little as possible. By employing innovative solutions, the aim is to use as much natural and renewable materials in our products without losing out on performance.

Acquisition and Distribution Layer (ADL) in polylactide (PLA) derived from renewable resources, such as sugarcane.

Back Sheet: The tissue in the back sheet laminated to a corn starch film (see more info below), preventing the liquids from leaking out of the diaper, is made of natural tree-pulp that is Totally Chlorine Free (TCF).

Fluff Pulp: Main absorbent in Total Chlorine Free Pulp from Swedish woods. Awarded the FSC tick of approval for responsible forestry.

GM Free Corn Based

To reduce the amount of harmful chemicals in the diapers, Naty by Nature Babycare uses a GM Free corn starch film as a leakage barrier, made according to the highest industry quality standards. This film is fully compostable (OK compost certification no S325) and as effective as plastic with added health benefits.

Naturally Breathable

The GM Free corn starch film used as a leakage barrier replaces traditional plastics mainly used on the market, but remains as effective and watertight. But unlike plastic, it is compostable and "breathes", allowing air to reach the baby’s delicate skin, resulting in an airier, drier and more comfortable diaper, thus causing less irritation. The film also naturally keeps harmful bacteria and pathogens out.

Fragrance free
Chlorine and Fragrance Free

Naty by Nature Babycare diapers are also 100% Totally Chlorine Free (TCF) and perfume free. Just another way Naty has reduced the amount of chemicals coming in contact with your baby’s sensitive skin. We use only totally chlorine free (TCF) pulp in our diapers, which is a technique that uses no chlorine compounds for the bleaching of wood pulp. This prevents the formation of dioxins, highly carcinogenic pollutants within the product.

Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association Certification

The association's recommendation of products is to be viewed as a guide for consumers in search of products that can be hypoallergenic. The recommended products are labeled with the association’s name and logo. These products do not contain any allergens, perfume or other irritant substances (or such small quantities) that there are no known medical cases reported. Naty’s diapers and Pull on Pants are fragrance free and recommended by Swedish Asthma And Allergy Association.
Leading Green Brand

Naty AB was started in 1994 by Marlene Sandberg, who is still the Managing Director today. She was alarmed at the waste being generated by disposable diapers and determined to do something about it. After several years of invention, research and development and building up a network of like minded ventures, she was able to launch her own diaper.

When it comes to your baby’s wellbeing you have a choice, a choice between eco-conscious natural materials and petrochemicals. Our approach is a natural one. We want to use natural products whenever and wherever possible in our diapers/nappies and we will always strive to improve on that front. We want to change the negative impact on our environment, we are a healthy choice.
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Bearing in mind I know zilch about biodegradeable nappies - there's quite a few brands out there -

Naty, Moltex…s/ Bambo gNappies (actually, seems to be a system that uses nappy liners) and Beaming Baby. I'm sure there's others.

Andy Pandy…ers are made from biodegradeable bamboo, haven't seen these mentioned on the internet that much - reviews look promising..Andy Pandy Bamboo Disposable Baby Eco Nappies Newborn (2-4kg) x 50…QE0

I found a code! B2BABY10 gives 10% off - from this blogger…tml

Beaming Baby has a Free Sample offer on their main webpage - - though when you fill in your details on the Sample Request Form, it asks for card details, 99p P&P. Site seems a tad spammy, so I didn't bother!

Sainsburys do an Eco version of nappies…tml
(though mysupermarket says they're "unavailable", will have to check).

Will have to do some reading around and find out which are the best option! Think Naty used to go by the name Nature Baby/Nature Babycare in their earlier days.

Edit: Posted this on my Andy Pandy post…389 too:

Bambo, Naty and Andy Pandy are also reviewed by the Good Housekeeping US site:

Bambo: http//ww…rs/

Naty: http//ww…es/

Andy Pandy: http//ww…rs/

"Just How Green Are Your Disposables?" (some of the brands mentioned aren't easy to get in the UK, but worth a look):…rs/
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Very good brand.
shame small size for me.
I've been using these on my 6 week old. Really don't see the fad with them. These particular ones; size 1 have done nothing but leak.
If you're on a budget, or making up a New Baby Bundle like I am, and not so fussed about the Eco aspect, these might be worth buying:

Toujours Newborn Nappies, Size 1, 4-11lbs/2-5kg, 24pk, £1.09…321
31832851-7Mf8Q.jpgGood reviews from what I can see!…ies

Some might not see a Mumsnet recommendation as a good thing!…htm
"For a product or service to be awarded Mumsnet Rated, it needs to have been tested, rated and reviewed by a sample of Mumsnet users, usually numbering 250 or more. At least three quarters of the testers must agree that they would buy the product again and recommend it to a friend before the product is awarded the Mumsnet Rated seal. It is, therefore, an important indicator of customer satisfaction."

Aldi Mamia are also £1.09 for a Newborn, 4-11lbs/2-5kg, 24pk…401
Both the Aldi and Lidl nappies seem to be similarly reviewed, and many parents rate them better than the big brands!
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I am on 3rd bundle and was huggues until they stopped so pampers. you van get them cheap enough with amazon prime.
and wipes
Yeah, Huggies were the brand my sister was loyal to, too (though her two are 18 and 8 now!!), surprised you can't get them in the UK any more. I thought they were one of the leading brands.

The internet always comes up with an answer (says they are only in Italy now, though this news item is 5 years old)…925
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Naty actually make pantyliners and sanitary towels too! Can see them on Amazon and a site called biggreensmile
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louiselouise12 h, 24 m ago

Yeah, Huggies were the brand my sister was loyal to, too (though her two …Yeah, Huggies were the brand my sister was loyal to, too (though her two are 18 and 8 now!!), surprised you can't get them in the UK any more. I thought they were one of the leading brands.The internet always comes up with an answer (says they are only in Italy now, though this news item is 5 years old)

apparently Costco do them
worst nappies I ever used, did nothing but leak.
Aldi and Lidl all the way
From reading around, Bambo seems to get the best rep out of the Eco nappies. Moltex get raves as well. As does (surprisingly) Jessica Alba's company Honest (Honest Nappies) - don't think they're easily sourced in the UK. Looks as though the mum-to-be is interested in trying to Eco nappies to see how she gets on.

"True" Eco nappies would be the re-washable ones (you get sanitary towels that are re-washable, too) - though, of course, you have to put a bit more work in, to ensure you have supplies.
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Maybe Naty have updated their packaging, as the Amazon picture has changed in the last day or two:
Price is £16 now, so, Expired!
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