Nautica Voyage EDT 100ml, £14.99 Delivered @ Ebay, seller beautymagasin

Nautica Voyage EDT 100ml, £14.99 Delivered @ Ebay, seller beautymagasin

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Found 18th Apr 2017
This is an AMAZING scent - at least, my nose has smelt the pre-reformulation version. Its salty ocean breeze scent is quite addictive! Best worn in the warmer weather.

I commented on this on HUKD last year:
"This is of interest to the "cheap but amazing" fragrance hounds, as it's so raved about on Fragrantica and elsewhere.

It's been reformulated in the last year or so (around April 2015?) which means many collectors are hankering for the older version (which lasts longer, apparently). So I just had to open it to check. It has the metal cap and the circular, not oval, sticker on the bottom. Signs of the pre-re-formulation edition.

You can also tell by the sprayer itself (thanks to Fragrantican igork)…885

Even though I haven't sprayed it and it was sealed, I can smell it and could imagine a woman wearing it - it's very unisex and very nice! will allow you to determine the batch code."

Unfortunately, I have no idea which version this ebay seller will send.

Fragrantica page:…tml

"Nautica Voyage is a fresh and salty sea breeze,that carries romantic scents of coastal herbs and woods, and awakes the man's instinct to measure his power with wild nature.
This is a fragrance for an active and romantic man who lives by his own rules.The composition opens with cold, green notes of leaves and apple. There is a tender dewy mimose in the heart, which is blended with watery note of lotus and an interesting accord of linen sail of a yacht.
The composition is laid on a woody base, combined of cedar, moss, musk and amber."
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This reviewer is commenting on the reformulated Nautica Voyage and gives it a glowing review:…i3g and says it still lasts and lasts - up to ten hours, in his opinion.

(He says in the comments): "No I have the plastic cap. It performs great. I would like the metal cap but this is fine. I wish the companies wouldn't take away the great quality caps to there bottles."

The company themselves say, "...the switch from a metal cap to a plastic one was to save money. The formula wasn't changed according to the company that makes Nautica Voyage."…108 "I have both formulations.. old one with metal cap and the new one.. and they smell exactly the same.. and I still only use 1 spray cuz it's so flipping strong. seriously... max 2 sprays because you don't realize how strong it is."
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