"Navfree" GPS Sat Nav for iPhone & iPad - UK & ROI

"Navfree" GPS Sat Nav for iPhone & iPad - UK & ROI

Found 27th Sep 2010
Navfree free GPS navigation for iPhone now available from the app store.

NAVFREE The world's first FREE 'onboard' professional GPS navigation software, with turn-by-turn directions, voice guidance, auto-rerouting, live ‘Google’ Search, for the iPhone and iPad. The best GPS navigation software for the iPhone/iPad for FREE.

Navfree is powered by Navmii, a top selling premium navigation software application.

TOTALLY FREE!!!! No monthly fees or Annual charges. Maps are stored on your device. No data connection is required*

FREE MAP UPDATES!!! Receive free updates of the map data for life.

AN INDUSTRY FIRST – Navfree uses map data from OpenStreetMap(OSM), often referred to as the Wikipedia of maps, which allows us to provide you with full GPS navigation at no cost to you.


Thanks. Will give it a try.

Thanks, downloading now

cheeers! hotness

uses maps from openstreetmap a wiki style map database, ie the end user updates the maps. as a result a number of towns/villages are not included. is this a viable satnav system? NO in my view & i'll stick with my co-pilot live (its only £20 when it's on sale otherwise normally £30 with free camera updates for life). if i'm in a pickle or i need a satnav why would i rely upon a mapping system which only partially covers the UK? If however they'd used maps from another system then i would recommend this as the system isn't as polished as the paid app's are but for free with decent maps this would be an app that would be very hard to beat. i'd downloaded it a few days ago and tried it out and compared with co-pilot at this time there is no comparison, co-pilot wins on all counts. But get that lagginess sorted out & use "proper" complete maps of the UK most certainly then it'd be a must-have app for the iphone! Not yet however

so does it use data all the time ???

Downloaded it , my opinion it's rubbish , typed in address near my home , live in city of Newcastle upon Tyne , and came up with cannot find route

Looks good, doesn't work.

The postcode search is rubbish unless I'm missing something? Type in more than 3 characters and it can't find them despite having a huge list of 6/7 character postcodes on screen.

Yes the postcode search is definitely the worst part of this - some have a space and others are listed without. Input with a space where it recognises it only without - or vice versa - and your search returns nothing at all which is quite ridiculous. Also a number of city postcodes (definitely very urban, not out in the sticks) came back unfound when using a space and not.

I wouldn't like to be relying on this if I was in a rush and luckily, I won't be.


It's been updated.....looks like the postcode search actually works now!

I tried it yesterday and it kept losing me. Finally it left me on the M60 when I was in Preston. Got hopelessly lost and almost divorced. Not good enough yet. Shame.

Yeah I agree its no good at all, utter rubbish.It hasnt given me a single address or postcode search so far.Not a single one.I thought there was something wrong with the installation but after reading this thread Im not gonna bother re installing.Guess thats what we get for freebies .Any reccommendation for something affordable will be appreciated.

If you have lost your postcode search on a updating the software then got to upgrades on the menu options and press post codes and drill down until you get to update postcodes. Press this and the post codes will come back and it is free
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