Navigo GPS Sat Nav - UK Map, 4.3" Widescreen, Full Postcode Search ALSO plays MP3 & MP4 - £64.99 @ eBuyer
Navigo GPS Sat Nav - UK Map, 4.3" Widescreen, Full Postcode Search ALSO plays MP3 & MP4 - £64.99 @ eBuyer

Navigo GPS Sat Nav - UK Map, 4.3" Widescreen, Full Postcode Search ALSO plays MP3 & MP4 - £64.99 @ eBuyer

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Product Features

* 4.3" Touch Panel TFT 480*272 Resolution
* Built in rechargeableLi-ion1200mAH battery
* User Friendly software and interface
* Instant route calculation - make a wrong turning, instant route correction
* 7 digit postcode search
* Automatic calculation on driving distance and time
* Voice navigation and warning in an option of 5 Languages
:- English, French, Spanish, German & Italian
* 3D & 2D Mapping Options - and various route options
* Clear spoken instructions, turn by turn.
* Portable unit - works just as well in you hand as in your car


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Excellent bargain, for a bog standard sat nav

Original Poster

Ok i posted this and i know its been posted befor but is expired. 1000 units in at the moment. Got 1 today and had a bit of a try. The software is usable but leaves a lot to be desired in user friendliness. The screen seems to be a higher resolution thanb the normal 3 inch ones. I'l be installing tomtom and its quite easy to do ......check the reviews for details.

how do you install tom tom ? thanks i have the software that came with this and its rubbish

I've added the price and retailer to the title to help those who are browsing in "text-only view".

any reason why this is voted cold? i think its pretty damn hot!

I pointed these out last time to two friends - who went out and bought them.:oops: both have gone back as faulty within a few weeks (charging faults). Ebuyer have collected promptly but this does not bode well for a long and trouble free life :whistling:

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information on tom tom

If you want to explore the unit further and get it to boot in to Windows CE try the following:-
Press the reset button at the side of the unit, then when the picture of the houses appear, hold down the button you press to turn the unit on until the unit boots into Windows CE.
You now have a Satnav, and Portable PDA in one.
Would mention that the time and date reset on the unit everytime you do this.

works i tried it.

Not to worried about the charging as it will be going in my car and have had 2 nicked befor so price is a concern ( i keep forgetting to lock the car on the drive....silly me).
I cant fault it apart from the software (which i intend to update) and the possible charging fault (which wont bother me either).

Thanks for the cold voter who at least gave an explanation on the fault compared to the others who just cold voted it for no apparent reason. (maybe they work for tom tom)

apparent charging fault may just be that it takes a long time to fully charge. I have one and it can take up to 48 hrs to full charge a flat battery, but it does actually charge ok, just slow.
Not a real concern if unit used mainly in car connected to cigar lighter but can make you think unit is faulty.
Otherwise a good cheap PDA type device with built in nav that can be easily modded in software.
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