Navigon 2150 MAX Traffic Sat Nav Half Price @ Halfords £139.46

Navigon 2150 MAX Traffic Sat Nav Half Price @ Halfords £139.46

Found 14th Apr 2009
Very Good sat nav at Halfords,

Full European mapping, 4.3" touchscreen
Bluetooth handsfree capability, etc.


cracking price when you realise that traffic information is included free of charge exclusively to halfords customers (normally £40) in my eyes this brings unit down to £100 and then you would pay £40 for traffic updates anyway!!!

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yes i agree
this is a good deal
thank you

Mine is on its way.
Too good a deal to miss, first satnav I've bought.

Has anyone got anymore comments on this one?

I would ask and if anyone knows please list:

1) What is the hardware support?
2) What is the software support?
3) How do you keep the maps up to date (i note you have the gurantee - but what there after)
4) Can you buy any spares eg mount/charger etc if so what price
5) Is there a re-sale value
6) Is there any user support from other forums etc

For a Gramin/TomTom even NavMan the answers are yes to all of the above - anyone help here?

For 1,2,3,4, look here…e-2

For 5, won't be as good as TT because they're the flavour of the month that all the sheep buy

For 6, just google navigon forum, there are several

Out of this navigon and this tom tom link below, which would be better. The navigon has more features such as lane guidance which i thought for us may be helpful as we have a caravan on the bak mostly when using one, but is TT the better bet for map upgrades etc…685

Im looking for a reply quite soon as im off out and may buy it today if anyone can help

Depends where you are going - the navigon has European maps and the TT is Uk/ROI only.
I got two years map updates for 19 euros when i bought my 2150max which is ecxellent value.

Support from both Navigon and GPS forums is great, Navigon CS is excellent compared to TTs 'just ignore them' approach.
Spares available on the Bay and on the Navigon site.
No media player on the 2150max, but do you need one?

Only drawback is that it's more difficult to get 'unofficial' maps from various sources - not that I wanted to do that anyway due to the hassle involved.

I love my 2150max and it works flawlessly - would be nice to mess around with voices and add more POIs etc, but that is difficult at the moment. One advantage is that everything is stored on the SD card.
If you want a solid well featured satnav at a bargain price I'd go for the navigon given that it has European maps should you decide to travel that way.
The TT however will probably be more in demand in a resale market.

Well i went for the navigon and got 10% for the display one which i didnt think was too bad as they dont get them out much, halfords staff i found were utterly useless knowing the spec etc.
I had originally said on a previous thread that i ended up ordering the ebuyer one but the order was cancelled and so i changed my mind as i think traffic and lane features could be useful to us. I just need to know what i have to sort out on the internet with it now, do i need to register and update maps or anything

The instructions are all in the box or on the website for download.

Well that was my only problem i dont think the instructions are in, i was going to check what you get in the box

Avoid Navigon like the plague unless you want to get freezes and crashes resulting in loss of all your favourites time and time again, the units constantly need resetting again resulting in deletion of all your saved favourites, and Navigons support reply? "stick a pin in it and reset"
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