Navman clearance starts at £29.99
Navman clearance starts at £29.99

Navman clearance starts at £29.99

navman clearance pre order available on some items that are not in stock
ie F10 £29.99 pre order now

link to cheapest need to pre order tho

some are in stock some are pre order and some are just purely OUT OF STOCK


Link to it please.

Not so much a pre-order more an alert email..decent price though

Out of stock!

Original Poster


Out of stock!

dont you love ppl that dont read the offer before they post :: some in stock some out some pre order note:whistling:

The S70 3D is on offer at £99.99 which is a very good deal for what it offers, Western Europe maps, 3D display and bluetooth connectivity. Also available from Amazon at this price.

Why is this expired

The poster did say Pre Order

Well i pre-ordered a F10 i think still waiting for reply.
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