Navman F20 at £117.49 delivered

Navman F20 at £117.49 delivered

Found 30th Mar 2007
Not sure whether this is a good product. But post it up anyway since it's an offer. Here is the description given:

Introducing the Navman F20, the first in the new Freedom range. With the F20, you get a lot for very little. Loaded with features normally found in other, more expensive car navigators, the F20 packs them all into a neat, pocket-sized compact unit.

Its the advanced features that separate the F20 from other entry-level navigators. The Nearest Parking and Petrol buttons, previously only found on our more expensive models, are a simple but brilliant idea, exclusive to Navman.

The F20. Great things do come in small packages.

Key Features

* Easy to use entry level navigation device
* 3.5 Colour touch screen
* Nearest Parking & Petrol buttons
* Real-time traffic information (optional)
* Full 8 digit postcode search facility (UK only)
* SiRFstarIII receiver
* Slim, portable, high quality design
* Full 3D moving maps with journey progress bar
* Local maps pre-installed on internal memory
* Upgraded software: New, simple user interface

Item Number 385810

Sorry, please use this link as this deal was sent to me via email. So I guess it's only for people who sign up. But you still can get it here:…SW9
- wilsonwkf


It shows £124.99 online.. Pls check..

£124.99 @ my end too...

Item Number: 385810

What do people think is better, Navman or TomTom? I know TT's are more, especially with this deal, but are they worth the extra £ not to get lost down a 1 way street?

Yep, showing as 124.99 for me too, is it a deal that's coming up soon?

Anyway, I'd seriously recommend the F20, bought one for my girlfriend in November last year when they were just out and it's a great piece of kit.

It finds a good signal even in built-up areas as it's got a second generation receiver, directions are clear and precise and it's not been wrong yet! You can search on postcodes, street names or areas and it recalculates very quickly if you take a wrong turn!

Also small enough you can slip it into a pocket when you leave the car, doesn't come with a mains charger, but holds charge well when not in use, but comes with a 12V car charger. Also managed to use the charger from my Motorola V3 to charge it in the house without any problems, but not recommending it to anyone else!


PS Also has the nearest car-park/fuel buttons and the "safety" camera database already on it. You can also put loads of other points of interest on it from the internal database like cash machines, hotels, restaurants, etc.

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I have edited the post with the url for it and explained the problem. I have tried it and seems to work that way. Sorry for any confusion.

It says £99.99 + VAT on poster but when you add it to basket says £99.99 not sure if they add vat on at the end though

The Total Price Inc. Vat Is £117.49

It Is Not £99.99

Could You Please Amend Your Post


I have edited the post with the url for it and explained the problem. I … I have edited the post with the url for it and explained the problem. I have tried it and seems to work that way. Sorry for any confusion.

Thanks wilson for the new link. :thumbsup:

Although the promo says £99.99+VAT, final value is still £99.99. May be VAT isnt included yet.. Dont forget to add code 2G-71060 for a FREE 256mb MP3 player.

This gift code is also usable..


So you can get two gifts, I think.


This gift code is also usable..1T-70992So you can get two gifts, I think.

What is it?
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