Navman F37M Sat Nav - Morrisons In Store - £60

Navman F37M Sat Nav - Morrisons In Store - £60

Found 29th Aug 2009
Navman F37M Sat Nav

Not much info on internet about this model. States exclusive to Morrisons.
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is this any good?
Im tempted to get an garmin off amazon
any advice anyone? is this a decent sat nav for occasional use?
some of you must have views on this product

I got one of these last week and it seems good as gold.

Doesnt have bluetooth and not sure if you can upgrade beyond UK & Ireland maps though.
Got one of these the other day. Tried parents address, work, kids school, all found OK. When i took a 'wrong' turn it quickly re-routed. Overall, cant complain for £60, comes with stand/holder, in-car charger. Doesnt come with USB cable but if you have a USB cable for digital camera/mp3 player it will probably fit. Only problem i found is it doesnt recognise my postcode but many sat nav's dont
I brought one seems decent enough.
Its for occasional use. I dont need anything fancy.
Got one last Monday, last one, used it on our trip down south, wow it was a god send easy to use and got us to all our destinations with no problems.
Picked up traffic cameras giving a bleep about 50yds before would never have been able to navigate around the edge of London, i.e to Kew Gardens and Hampton Court from the south of epsom took us to the front door of both and back with no problems.
Easy to programme to, overall first time I have used a satnav always told my self would never need one this has changed my mind and for £60 well worth the money.
Hiya all :thumbsup:

I bought this Navman myself a week ago.

Buyers must be aware of a few points about this product :

1) The safety camera database is a 12 month subscription, and will stop working after a year and you will be required to pay to re-activate it.

2) The F37M is not sepcifically listed on the website [url][/url] and it is very difficult to get any in formation as to when/if updates for the maps and camera database will be available, and at what cost. You cannot even specifically register this product, as it isn't listed in the drop-down menu on the product registration page.

All that being said, I plan to keep mine. At £60 it's a good satnav - full 7 digit postcode search, quick to pick up satellites and to calculate and re-calculate routes. Choice of display options and voices etc too.

Hope this helps
does it need to be charged before use???does the light of the charger have to be lit up??mine deosn't...?
There is a green light in the back of the charger when it's connected - though not very bright.

If you go in to the 'preferences' menu, then into 'power', it will show you the charge-status of the battery. I found mine ran straight out of the box and I doubt you'll have any problems if you always run it connected to the 12volt supply. There are mains chargers available on ebay though.
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