Navman iCN320 GPS navigation - £99 or less delivered (bargain !!)

Navman iCN320 GPS navigation - £99 or less delivered (bargain !!)

Found 16th Aug 2006
Navman iCN320 GPS navigation - £129 or less delivered from

EDIT: Now just £99 inc delivery

Go through Quidco for 1.5% cashback.

Designed with simplicity in mind, the iCN 320 has a user-friendly interface, is easy to install and ready to drive away straight out of the box.

Features: Post Code input, Portable & user friendly, Door-to-door navigation, Voice-guided directions, Rechargeable battery. 2.7inch colour landscape TFT screen displays bright coloured maps that can be easily read whatever the conditions. The lightweight GPS will also guide you by foot through busy city streets to your destination. The ICN320 is pre-loaded with points of interest to include Airports, Hotels, Golf clubs etc. High sound quality speaker, multi-directional GPS antenna accurate to 5 metres.


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Now just £99 inc Free delivery Quick


Great price thanks edi :thumbsup: (voted earlier)

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Thanks Cat :thumbsup:

Absolute bargain at this price and is IN STOCK too

Very cheap!!! Voted HOt Hot Hot!!!


Very cheap!!! Voted HOt Hot Hot!!!

u just beat me to listing it here! i got one too fab


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Thanks emma and marko :thumbsup:

I paid £150 for icn330 (virtually the same except colour) which was a bargain 6 months ago.

Great deal, some other websites have it for £99 but charge shipping where as Ebuyer doesn't.
Nice one Edi!

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Thanks tommy,

Remember remember remember ... price valid until 1pm ONLY


Thanks Edi.

Argos has this for £199.99

Is this a better model than the ICN 330 as that is priced cheaper at £149.99?



I have just phoned Ebuyer and they said the price is still £99 and they have 240 in stock.

I wanted to place order with her but said it has to be done online.

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All are part of iCN300 series. Virtually no difference between iCN310 and iCN320. No difference between iCN320 and iCN330 except you can get iCN330 in charcoal-black colour.

My friend uses iCN310 and sees no difference from my 330. I think there may some hidden route updates though.

Yes, it's still available through the link...

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Thanks emma :thumbsup:

Still around to grab at this excellent price. Argos is selling this for [COLOR=red]£199[/COLOR]

hmmm not sure about this, very tempted but the reviews of it are sooo mixed. Does anyone have any first hand experience of this?


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Does anyone have any first hand experience of this?TIA Tom

I have.....

Smart buy & you wont be disppointed

Now £109.98 with free delivery

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Thanks blueladd for the price update :thumbsup:


This deal is still £99.00 as long as you select super saver delivery, last night they had 222 in stock this morning it 203, they are going quick cos the nearest competitor is CPw at £159.

Hurry, they wont last long and I would recommend it.

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Thanks very much gaj2 :thumbsup:

Looks like ebuyer is very confused about the price tag :-D


When you place the order, it automatically adds the delivery charge, need to manually scroll down to supersaver for free delivery.


Does anyone know if the icn320 show the battery indicator, I can't seem to find this feature.

Also, can you take out the battery and use normal aa batteries like you can with the Garmin.

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