Navman icn320 only £89.10 delivered!
Navman icn320 only £89.10 delivered!

Navman icn320 only £89.10 delivered!

Buy forBuy forBuy for£89.10
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Great price for a wee sat nav device! Get it while it lasts!!! This seems to be £150+ in most other stores! Use the promo code below to get a further 10% off the online price!

Promotional Code: PAYGO10 for 10% off £99

Details: GB Mapping, Voice Guided Directions, In Car Charger Included, Car Kit Included, Estimated Time of Arrival Function, Favourite Destination Function, Web Updates Available, TeleAtlas Mapping Software, Dynamic Routing.


Posted: Sat Jul 22, 2006 10:41 am at rpoints

what another wonderful find by emma

lucya, it makes no difference if Emma did find this on rpoints. All your posts are critical and not particularly helpful at all. Aren't you lucky you are free to voice your opinion freely in HotUKDeals Where as if the other way round, your post would have been deleted on rpoints...


PM me if you need overwhelming evidence to prove that many HUKD deals are CUT & PASTED in other forums including Rpoints, not even sparing spelling mistakes.

Information in public domain is no one's property and are mutually shared in forums and other aff sites. The very purpose of a forum is to share such an information and doesnt matter where the information was spotted. If everyone of us can spot everything, everywhere... we wouldnt have a forum like this.

Grow up Lucya

:-D Has this got postcode search on ? Can't see it but i'm not too clued up on these things ! Oh and Emma it IS a great find who cares where you found it !!
You lot have helped me find loads of bargains on here , my appreciation goes out to all of you ! :thumbsup:

Limited 5 digit postcode search Malibu ..., but that's enough to spot every nook and corner in UK

No touch screen too, but excellent gadget for £88

Quidco gives 5% cashback (~ £4.50)

cheers good spot gone for one

:grin:Brill Thanks again edi

Original Poster

Thanks for your kind comments malibu and emu. Hope you have fun with your new product, no more getting lost!!!

out of stock:( too late

Your welcome Emma:-D

Personally I dont check any of the other deal sites, I find this site easier to use and navigate quickly. So all deals regardless of the source are invaluable to me. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Original Poster

Thanks ukgatecrasher.

Shame this one went OOS so fast, it was very good.


Just like to have my say here I`m a member of most of the forums R-points,MSE, AV, etc. and I have to say that this one is by far the one I like to visit the most and yes you wouldnt even be able to mention HUKD on r-points as a mod would remove any mention of a so called "competitor" I think there has been a growing tendency to nit pick peoples posts on all forums as far as I`m concerned if you havent got anything constructive to say, dont say anything!, so to all who post on this forum keep going your doing a great job!

Thanks Showman36

its a pity that emma doesnt give the same courtesy as duckmagic, i think thats the problem. especially when something is copied within 10 minutes and passed off as her own , and still she takes the plaudits from others on here, saying i know ive found a great deal on this one when clearly its mantra from rpoints shes ripped off again.
it just shows the ignorance of people thinking they are getting a bargain on here when others are getting commission that they could have earnt for themselves if they posted on rpoints.

If people would like to discuss forum etiquette please start a discussion in the Comments and Suggestions forum and we can all go at it there. Personally I would rather people air their opinions and talk it through together rather than snipe at each other. Posting one liners in a deal thread is not the best way to make voice an opinion. Sit down, draft something out and post it in Comments and Suggestion so we can all talk about how we would like the forum run.

i can't believe i missed this
i was going to buy this today at ToysRus, dammit
i get lost so easily... even in my home town:$

Thanks Emma keep up the bargain spotting.


Just received mine and it is used. It even has some instructions in the box for a Sony TV. I have not tested it yet.

Original Poster

NO WAY! Get on to them right away Jeff - tell us what happens please. Anyone else received one?

i got a cancellation email , saying out of stock :x


NO WAY! Get on to them right away Jeff - tell us what happens please. … NO WAY! Get on to them right away Jeff - tell us what happens please. Anyone else received one?

I took it back to my local shop, unfortunately they did not have any replacements so they gave a refund.

That makes 2 Navmans I have had to return. I am afraid I cannot recommend them.
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