Navman PIN 570 GPS & Pocket PC - £110.74 Delivered

Navman PIN 570 GPS & Pocket PC - £110.74 Delivered

Found 22nd Feb 2007
Personal Interactive Navigation - all-in-one Pocket PC with 3.5" colour screen & integral Drive-Away - works straight out of the box - GPS system

* Drive-Away GPS satellite navigation system with voice or screen commands
* Easy to use door to door navigation with "Back-on-Track" feature
* Multi-view maps with points of interest inc business & leisure destinations
* Pocket PC PDA with Pocket Microsoft Office and Outlook software
* SmartST 2005 navigation software and full UK maps on SD card
* Includes in-car charger, AC adaptor, full car kit and carry case

Stock Status Brand new

Warranty One year

Or collect from one of their stores for £98.99
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I tried one of these last year. The SmartST navigational software seemed to be badly written, it was slow and caused lock ups if I tried to do anything cpu intensive - not much fun when you're actually on the move!
I settled on a Acer PDA with in built GPS (incidently someone posted it recently here:…php?t=45750) and bought Tom Tom.
The Sirf III chipset used in most current navigational devices is so much better than previous implementations that they really do not deserve consideration - price differentials are very marginal. I would avoid this - the Asus 632/636 is by far the best of the PDA alternatives but too expensive now. I would buy a dedicated system like the Tomtom One.
You're right! I bought a MyPal 636! Ooopsee I got confused.
I have had this unit for a couple of months the only negative thing is it only has a four digit post code search, but other than that I have had no problems with it I also use the PDA and although the sceen is small you can down load films onto a SD card and play them on the unit.
Also people have put the tom tom software on the unit.
I agree the software on these is pants constant freezes requiring hard reset after hard reset. But the hardware is sound I bought one six months ago and installed tomtom navigator on it and it works like a dream not had one problem yet 6 digit postcode searches loads of voices and windows media player it's great not one freeze/software problem yet bought mine from halfords for £99.99 ][COLOR=darkorange]Here[/COLOR]
Good stuff :thumbsup:
As mentioned by DANMC this has been cheaper, £99 at Halfords and Amazon previously.

This is OK as a Pocket PC but as mentioned the GPS software is not the best and the maps will be getting a little dated now.

Also, the PDA runs Windows Mobile 2003 which was superceeded by Windows Mobile 5 18 months ago.

If you want a PDA and are not bothered about WM 5 being on it then its OK, but if you want it primarily for Sat Nav then you will possibly be dissapointed and should look elsewhere.
Don't forget that this is 'more' than just a GPS system.
You DO NOT have to use the provided software, you can use TomTom and not even install the provided software.
The latest edition of tomtom on the pda makes this a very attractive price - hence why I have bought one!

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