Navman S80 Deluxe Europe Sat Nav  4,3" WAS £279.99 NOW £117.47 @ Halfords

Navman S80 Deluxe Europe Sat Nav 4,3" WAS £279.99 NOW £117.47 @ Halfords

Found 26th Dec 2008
Design is in the detail and the S80 features superb looks and clever technology inside and out.

With its pixel-perfect, huge widescreen, maps look crisper while text is clearer and the intelligent Day/Night display makes the S80 even easier on the eyes. You can also navigate to pictures with the built-in NavPix technology.

Route Traffic overview gives you an updated snapshot of your whole route, complete with any hold-ups on the road ahead. And Bluetooth® hands-free calling and a handy Mileage Reporter clearly make the S80 a safe, smart choice for personal or business use.

With the S80, you can navigate throughout Europe using the pre-installed detailed maps of over 6 million miles of streets throughout 22 European countries.
Great design and clever technology, with:

* Stylish intelligent design
* Safe, easy to use menu
* Brilliant, sharp 4.3 inch high quality touch screen
* European maps pre-installed (22 countries)
* Real-time Traffic information including Route Traffic overview
* Integrated Bluetooth hands-free calling
* Pre-installed Safety Camera Data Free trial
* Up-to-date maps with Navmans iUpData
* NavPix technology: Navigate to pictures
* New Navman Desktop Manager incl. Mileage Reporter

Weight 198g
Size (mm) 80 (H) x 140 (W) x 20 (D)
Memory 2GB internal Flash memory 64MB SDRAM
Memory Expansion SD/MMC
GPS receiver SiRFstarIII
Processor Samsung 2443/400 MHz
Battery Rechargeable integrated Li-ION battery-up to 5 hrs life (depending on usage)
Display size & type 4.3 touch screen
Display resolution WxH 480 x 272 pixels
Real-time Traffic Via Traffic cradle (included)

Software features
Software: SmartST 2008 navigation software
Pre-installed Safety Camera Data: Free trial
Integrated Bluetooth: Hands-free calling
NavPix: Navigate to pictures
Navman Desktop Manager: Mileage Reporter, NavPix album
POIs (Places of Interest)
Voice-guided instructions
Multiple route options
Improved address search
8-digit postcode search

Navigation views
Route Summary
3D moving map
2D map view
Route traffic overview

Tele Atlas map data 2007.4
Street level Western European maps pre-installed


Nice Price, Thanks!!!!!
Got to be better than tomtom

I'm sure this is a great price, but I'd be a bit worried about the map data. Showing as being a year out of date already........ I'm not sure but when I last looked at Navmans the updates really wasnt that often either, do they have a 'latest maps offer' like tom tom? (where you can get a free update to the latest maps within 30 days of purchase or summin?)

personally I'm not a great lover of tom tom either lol, much preffered the built in system in my old BMW, but alas that got sold pmsl

Before you buy one of these from Halfords, ask them if it's been part of the "recall" to have the postcode fix applied.

I went to buy a Satnav in October to take abroad and was interested in a Navman as i'd had one before and it was great (until it got knicked) and was quietly told that the S80 had some major issues, one of them being that it couldn't recognise full postcodes so you had to type in full addresses to get a decent fix.

Also, a great deal more than usual were being returned by customers as the software kept crashing.

I ended up getting a Garmin Nuvi 660FM:thumbsup:

Navmans suck.

I always try and discourage customers if they come in to buy one.

Most won't recognise full postcodes even though the product spec states that it does.

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If you register your navman S80 before end jan you will get the 2009 update for free, exactly why i bought one this chrimbo..

click on the link below to register and claim your free update..…php

does this one direct you to the right lanes? our old one does but hubby borrowed a tomtom and that didn't

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yes this one direct you to right lines

thanks do you know how much map updates are?

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maps update are free i you register you product

Becker Z101 Europe Sat Nav is £99 Quid anybody used 1 of these

Purchase and register your Navman S-Series between 1st October 2008 and 31st January 2009 and we'll throw in the 2009 map update for free (it's usually £69.95). All you have to do is register your device and we'll send you the update as soon as it becomes available. So you'll always have the latest map at your fingertips.??

Does this mean that the upgrade is now ready yet?

that's what puts me off

69.95 a year just to get the lastest map

Navman are the lexmark of the sat nav world

cheap priced hardware ..... bloody expensive on-going costs to keep up to date!

Collected today luckily i reserved it was £140 instore and it is great

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isnt is FREE if you register BEFORE 31 January 2009 !!! PLEASE READ !!!

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that's what puts me off 69.95 a year just to get the lastest map Navman … that's what puts me off 69.95 a year just to get the lastest map Navman are the lexmark of the sat nav world cheap priced hardware ..... bloody expensive on-going costs to keep up to date!




yes this year but not next year or the year after:roll:

i just got 1 and used the £10 voucher i got after spending £50 before xmas so a super deal ! plus its got a headphone jack and a big screen so perfect for putting in my tank bag when im out on my bike :thumbsup:

Some reviews state that the map screen updates can be slow to refresh meaning you can miss a turn. Any one with any experience of these units can confirm or deny this?

aways very quick for me even if recalculating a route much faster than any i have used before

[FDear sir I have searched the internet for a navman s80d , and practically every site has recommended halfords . However Halfords still advertise this particular model . visited my local branch of Halfords ,only to be told that these are no longer avaiable , as navmav has just launched a new model but nobody at Halfords could tell me any information . I eventually went to Amazon which seemed to have p[lenty and I made my purchase with them , So please don,t try Halfords For this model althiough they still advertise it on thier site . loONT="Arial"][/FONT]
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