NBA 2K18 (Switch) £24.95 Delivered @ The Game Collection

NBA 2K18 (Switch) £24.95 Delivered @ The Game Collection



this run better than wwe?
Robert.Taylor941 h, 0 m ago

this run better than wwe?

Oh god yes, only its 30fps rather than 60fps, shame that most people ignored it as they thought it was broke, it’s not.
you need to make sure you've got extra space as all the game isn't included on the cartridge.

great price though, very tempted to pick this up, had my eye on it for a while.
I would recommend this game, at this price. Online is weird, and your 2k player can get messed up if you try playing it on the go (unless you start with an offline account). There are 2 different experiences, offline and online my player, and they are very very different.

Despite its flaws, for £25, this game is definitely worth it.
I believe this is on sale on the US Store for $29.99, so if anyone fancies going digital, you can grab it for 3 * £7.16 = £21.48 (current PCGameSupply rate).

Same with WWE 2K18, if you're feeling crazy.
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