NBA Jam (PS3) - £12.99 @ Gamestation

Cheapest around. These are like hens' teeth now.

Is it any good ?


i love this game, very good price.

Was only £9.89 in zavvi few weeks ago

From when I ordered this from Zavvi weeks ago it only arrived this morning!

For an extra £3 this is a good deal. Hot.

When gamestation were offering it at this price on 360, they ended up sending everyone PS3 copies and my copy was not sealed. Was probably second hand. They also refused to replace it with the correct version and only offered a refund. NBA Jam is also coming out later in the year on PSN and XBLA with some added features so this might not be such a great deal.

Hmm really unsure whether to purchase or not! I couldnt stop playing nba jam & t.edition on the megadrive back in the day!!
Is it worth getting?
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cheers op warmed it for you

Cool, just done a buy. thanks OP
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