NBA Playgrounds PS4 @ PSN Store for £4.99

NBA Playgrounds PS4 @ PSN Store for £4.99



Is this like NBA Jam?
demonoidknight2 m ago

Is this like NBA Jam?

Yes quite similar in terms of gameplay and context but not exactly the same
demonoidknight2 m ago

Is this like NBA Jam?

Sort of. It’s similar that it’s two on two fast basket ball but it has a big reliance on power ups and allows dunking from almost the three point line. It doesn’t feel as serious as NBA Jam. It’s fun and 100% worth the price on offer here but you might get bored of it fairly quickly.
I have this on my switch and it’s great to just play every now and again to try and get to the next level to unlock some new players. Worth this price is paid around £9 on Switch.
I think this is the PS plus price.
It's quite fun but limited, I've also struggled to get online matches a bit so the entertainment runs dry pretty quick
Waiting for this to probably be free February PS Plus game. Have bitten on reduced prices in the past to find it free (at the point of download etc) Soon after. Not so fussed about this game that I can't do without and spend pennies elsewhere. You don't get me this time HUKD! (clicks another deal...)
It might drop further, like Journey just has ffs
Good fun game but does anybody find this really difficult to play? Especially compared to NBA jam on fire edition?
Only if you have psplus- otherwise 7.39
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