Near Dark (DVD) - £3.99 delivered @ Play.com!
Near Dark (DVD) - £3.99 delivered @ Play.com!

Near Dark (DVD) - £3.99 delivered @ Play.com!

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Pray for daylight.

When country boy Caleb Colton (Adrian Pasdar) meets the pretty and enigmatic Mae (Jenny Wright) he immediately falls for her angelic charms. Equally enamoured, Mae agrees to go for a ride in Caleb's truck where, despite Mae's apparent apprehension and urgency to get back home before sunrise, the pair make out. During their romantic interlude, Mae gives Caleb a nip on the neck before mysteriously disappearing into the night.

Alone and slightly confused, by the time dawn breaks, Caleb is suffering from severe stomach cramps and a serious aversion to sunlight. While struggling to make his way back to his father's farm, he is abducted by a group of strangers in a motorhome. The kidnappers turn out to be Mae's "family", a band of vampires who intend to feast on Caleb before he turns into one of them...


Good movie. Voted hot.

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Thanks luckyjim, haven't seen this one myself yet - but have ordered ....

a great movie, very atmospheric, but does show it's age a bit now. Cool price :thumbsup:

awsome film!

Great film, strangely overshadowed by the
dreadful Lost Boys (another vampire film out at the same time which had a couple of lame-ass pretty boys in it), but far superior.

Look out for Katherine Bigelow's prevous film 'The Loveless' on Anchor Bay DVD with Willem Dafoe, and rockabilly Robert Gordon as the prototype to Bigelow's husband James Cameron's Terminator!

Lots of other Terminator parallels in these two films - the biker bar scene with the "give me your boots, your clothes and your motorcycle" is straight out of Near Dark!

Man, that was a REAL square dance!

Good film but time hasn't been kind to it.

Great film....the word vampire isnt mentioned once...which i loved.
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