Nearly 9 Hours Of Rock &  Prog &  Jazz Sampler  -     MOONJUNE SAMPLER  & Other Full Albums  - Free Download @ Moon June Records Bandcamp

Nearly 9 Hours Of Rock & Prog & Jazz Sampler - MOONJUNE SAMPLER & Other Full Albums - Free Download @ Moon June Records Bandcamp

Found 25th Jun 2016
Includes high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Features Some Of Jazz & Rock's Finest Musicians -Vinnie Colaiuta Jimmy Haslip, Chad Wackerman, Dewa Budjana, Tohpati, Jerry Goodman Allan Holdsworth
Soft Machine Legacy DFA Larry Goldings, Bob Mintzer, Jimmy Johnson, Peter Erskine Hiram Bullock, Bireli Lagrene & Hugh Hopper

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This special offer is valid until June 30, 2016.

1.Savoldelli Casarano Bardoscia - Breath (from Savoldelli Casarano Bardoscia "The Great Jazz Gig In The Sky" 07:35

2.Beledo - Bye Bye Blues (from Beledo "Dreamland Mechanism") 05:38

3.Vasil Hadzimanov Band feat. David Binney - Zulu (from Vasil Hadzimanov Band "Alive') 10:25

4.Shades Of Starless (from Stick Men "Midori") 08:07

5.Zhongyu - Wanderland Wonderlust (from "Zhongyu "Zhongyu") 05:31

6.Dwiki Dharmawan feat. Jimmy Haslip, Chad Wackerman, Dewa Budjana, Tohpati, Jerry Goodman - Arafura from (Dwiki Dharmawan from "So Far So Close" 07:07

7.Slivovitz - Oblio (Slivovitz from "All You Can Eat") 07:08

8.Mark Wingfield - The Way to Etretat (Mark Wingfield from "Proof Of Light") 07:55

9.Dewa Budjana - Desember (Dewa Budjana from "Hasta Karma") 07:32

10.simakDialog - Stepping In (simakDialog from "Live at Orion") 12:40

11.It's All Yours, Part 1 (Tesla Manaf from "Tesla Manaf") 11:17

12.Tohpati - Rahwana (Tohpati from "Tribal Dance") 07:47

13.Marbin - Special Olympics (Marbin from "The Third Set") 05:12

14.Dewa Budjana featuring Jimmy Johnson & Vinnie Colaiuta - Duaji & Guruji (Dewa Budjana from "Surya Namaskar") 06:56

15.Ligro - Lonely Planet (from Ligro "Dictionary 3") 08:21

16.Soft Machine Legacy - Black And Crimson (Soft Machine Legacy from "Burden Of Proof") 05:05

17.Glass Cubes (The Wrong Object from "After The Exhibition") 08:29

18.Yagull - Dark (Yagull from "Kai") 06:58

19.XaDu - Something In Between (from XaDu "Random Abstract") 07:50

20.Susan Clynes - Childhood Dreams (Susan Clynes from "Life Is…") 06:31

21.Moraine - In That Distant Place (Moraine from "Groundswell") 06:19

22.Xavi Reija - The John's Song (Xavi Reija from "Resolution") 06:24

23.Machine Mass featuring Dave Liebman - Inti (Machine Mass feat. Dave Liebman from "Inti") 07:29

24.Dewa Budjana feat. Larry Goldings, Bob Mintzer, Jimmy Johnson, Peter Erskine - Majik Blue (Dewa Budjana from "Joged Kahyangan") 05:32

25.Dusan Jevtovic - In The Last Moment (Dusan Jevtovic from "Am I Walking Wrong?") 04:09

26.Allan Holdsworth - Ruhkukah (Allan Holdsworth from "Hard Hat Area") 05:34

27.Dewa Budjana - Dancing Tears (Dewa Budjana from "Dawai In Paradise") 05:59

28.I Know You Well Miss Clara - Pop Sick Love Carousel (I Know You Well Miss Clara from "Chapter One") 06:16

29.simakDialog - 5, 6 (simakDialog from "The 6th Story") 04:35

30.Dialeto - Windmaster (Dialeto from "The Last Tribe") 06:26

31.Marbin - On The Square (Marbin from "Last Chapter Of Dreaming") 04:24

32.Tohpati Bertiga - Upload (Tohpati Bertiga from "Riot") 07:59

33.Slivovitz - Egiziaca (Slivovitz from "Bani Ahead") 06:56

34.Doubt - The Invitation (Doubt from "Mercy, Pity, Peace & Love") 04:02

35.Soft Machine Legacy - Seven For Lee (Soft Machine Legacy from "The Paris Concert - Live at the New Morning" 2CD+DVD 10:13

36.simakDialog - Spur Of The Moment (simakDialog from "Patahan") 13:02

37.Mahogany Frog - Message From Uncle Stan: Green House (Mahogany Frog from "Senna) 04:02

38.D.F.A. - Space Ace Man (D.F.A. from "Kaleidoscope - Lavori In Corso") 09:49

39.Boris Savoldelli - Crosstown Traffic (Boris Savoldelli from "Biocosmopolitan") 04:02

40.Ligro - Stravinsky (Ligro from "Dictionary 2") 11:31

41.Hiram Bullock, Bireli Lagrene & Contrafarsa - Havona (Tribute to Jaco Pastorius from "Gospel For J.F..P III") 06:27

42.simakDialog - Karuhun (simakDialog from "Demi Masa") 09:05

43.Soft Machine Legacy - The Steamer (Soft Machine Legacy from "Steam") 04:38

44.Allan Holdsworth - Fred (Allan Holdsworth from "Blues For Tony") 09:55

45.Marbin - Burning Match (Marbin from "Breaking The Cycle") 05:57

46.The Wrong Object - Lifting Belly (The Wrong Object from "Stories From The Shed" 03:10

47.D.F.A. - Vietato Generalizzare (D.F.A. from "4th") 06:33

48.Phil Miller In Cahoots - Crackpot (Phil Miller In Cahoots from "Conspiracy Theories") 08:04

49.Hugh Hopper - Earwigs Enter (Hugh Hopper from "Numero D'Vol") 04:19

50.Tohpati Ethnomission - Hutan Hujan / Rain Forest (Tohpati Ethnomission from "Save The Planet") 08:41

51.Alex Maguire Sextet - Psychic Warrior (Alex Maguire Sextet from "Brewed In Belgium") 09:17


TriPod - As The Sun (TriPod from "TriPod") 07:34

53.Soft Machine Legacy - Kite Runner (Soft Machine Legacy from "Soft Machine Legacy") 06:57

54.Dennis Rea - Three Views From Chicheng Precipice (After Bai Juyi) (Dennis Rea from "Views From Chicheng Precipice") 09:52

55.Arti & Mestieri - 2000 (Arti & Mestieri from "First Live In Japan") 09:23


D.F.A. - Caleidoscopio (D.F.A. from "Kaleidocope - Duty Free Area") 09:38

57.Soft Works - Abracadabra (Soft Works from "Abracadabra") 07:34

58.SH.TG.N - Black Beetle (SH. TG. N from "Sh.Tg.N") 07:58

59.Soft Machine - Hazard Profile, Part 1 (Soft Machine from "Floating World Live, featuring Allan Holdsworth" 04:48

60.Moraine - Disillusioned Avatar / Dub Interlude / Ephebus Amoebus (Moraine from "Metamorphic Rock") 10:28

61.Jason Smith feat. Gary Husband and Dave Carpenter - Three Lies (Jason Smith from "Tipping Point") 14:30

62.Elton Dean & Mark Hewins - Merilyn's Cave (Elton Dean & Mark Hewins from "Bar Torque") 14:21

63.Soft Machine Legacy - Song Of Aeolus (Soft Machine Legacy from "Live Adventures") 06:57

64.Barry Cleveland - Abandoned Mines (Barry Cleveland from "Hologramatron") 05:44

65.Elton Dean & The Wrong Object - A Cannery Catastrophe (Elton Dean & The Wrong Object from "The Unbelievable Truth") 08:29

66.Iron Kim Style - Mean Streets Of Pyongyang (Iron Kim Stylecfrom "Iron Kim Style" ) 10:32

67.Machine Mass Trio - Let Go (Machine Mass Trio from "As Real As Thinking") 04:56

68.Soft Machine Legacy - Kings And Queens (Soft Machine Legacy from "Live In Zaandam") 09:14

69.Allan Holdsworth - Nuages Allan Holdsworth (from "None Too Soon") 05:41

70.Doubt - Over Birkerot (Doubt from "Never Pet A Burning Dog") 08:53

71.Slivovitz - Errore di Parallasse (Slivovitz from "Hubris") 05:52

72.Mahogany Frog - Demon Jigging Spoon (Mahogany Frog from "DO5") 04:35

73.Geoff Leigh & Yumi Hara - The Mountain Laughs (Yumi Hara & Geoff Leigh from "Upstream" ) 05:27

74.D.F.A. - Pantera (D.F.A. from "Work In Progress Live") 09:09

75.Marbin - Miyazaki (from Marbin "Marbin") 01:40

76.Allan Holdsworth - Eeny Meeny (Allan Holdsworth from "FLATTire") 04:48

77.Boris Savoldelli - In The Seventh Year (Boris Savoldelli from "Insanology") 02:55

78.Beppe Crovella - Many Moons, Many Junes (Beppe Crovella from "What's Rattlin' On The Moon - A Personal Vision Of The Music Of Mike Ratledge") 03:06

79.Delta Saxophone Quartet - Floating World (Delta Saxophone Quartet from "Dedicated To You But You Weren't Listening - The Music Of Soft Machine") 05:45

80.Moraine - Save The Yuppie Breeding Grounds (Moraine from "Manifest Density") 04:12

81.Soft Machine - Pigling Bland (Soft Machine from "Drop") 04:44

82.Hugh Hopper & Yumi Hara - Scattered Forest (Yumi Hara & Hugh Hopper from "Dune") 05:51

83.Finisterre - Asia (Finisterre from "Storybook") 04:49

84.Elliott Sharp & Boris Savoldelli - A Meeting In The Park (from Elliott Sharp & Boris Savoldelli "Protoplasmic") 01:23

85.Marbin - African Shabtay (from Marbin Aggressive Hippies") 05:59
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Also Free Dusan Jevtovic's Album…oad

18 months since the Moonjune studio release of the highly inspired “Am I Walking Wrong”, guitarist Dusan Jevtovic and his bandmates have been honing these compositions through constant touring. This live release comprises two separate performances with two different rhythm sections. It is especially interesting to hear alternate interpretations on 6 of the 14 tracks by the different lineups. The first 7 tracks were recorded live at ACLAM in Barcelona with Bernat Hernandez and Marko Djordjevic (the rhythm section on “Am I Walking Wrong”) while the remainder were recorded in Dusan’s hometown of Kragujevac in Serbia with bassist Vladimir Samardzic and drummer Amar Cesljar. Working with a fairly straightforward pallet of guitar/bass/drums, Dusan and company perform with great joy as they playfully reinterpret these tunes. With the main riff and melodic structure serving as the musical backbone, the band begins to deconstruct and reimagine the music through creative syncopated improvisation. Though I would categorize this music as an adventurous take on Post-Rock, both band incarnations stress the importance of playing off one another and letting the energy and flow of each track evolve almost organically – hallmarks of the best in jazz playing. The almost reverent silence of the audience in both locations during the performance attests to the captivating skill of these fine players. Both rhythm sections lay the groundwork for some of the most inventive and inspired guitarwork in the past decade. Fans of Robert Fripp, David Torn, Nels Cline, Jeff Beck and even Jimi Hendrix will be very pleased by this thoughtful set of smoldering tunes.

New Dusan Jevtovic' studio album for MoonJune, "No Answer", will be released in January 2017, featuring Vasil Hadzimanov on piano and Asaf Sirkis on drums.

Edited by: "Boz" 25th Jun 2016
Also Free & Quite Brilliant

Work In Progress Live
by D.F.A.

This live album documents D.F.A.'s stellar performance at NEARfest 2000. It most certainly marked the beginning of a new, exciting phase in the band's career, and was their first major exposure outside the confines of their native Europe. (D.F.A. is from Italy, a country with a rich progressive music history.) It was early afternoon on June 17th, 2000, when D.F.A. took the stage for their first-ever live performance in the USA. Many among the large audience of progressive music enthusiasts at NEARfest were obviously unfamiliar with the Italian band and their music, but as the show progressed it became evident that history was in the making. Each successive song was greeted with a bigger roar of applause, and D.F.A. were becoming instant stars on the international progressive music scene. It was a spellbinding performance at a breakthrough event in the history of the group.Recorded with crystal clarity, this is an exceptional recording of a very special live performance. Full of excitement, surprises and superb playing, Work In Progress Live is one album that's not to be missed by any fan of progressive music.…ive
Also Free From MoonJune Records

Ten Shades Of Light (Free Download)
by Mark Wingfield

Ten Shades Of Light by Mark WIngfield
(promo compilation by Leonardo Pavkovic, MoonJune Records)

Compiled from 10 albums (one tune from each album) of Mark WIngfield's solo albums and his collaborations with Kevin Kastning and René Von Grünig.


With Alex Machacek, possibly the greatest electric guitarist that has emerged in XXI century. Excited to release his new album "Proof Of Light" in February 2015, featuring Yaron Stavi on upright bass and Asaf Sirkis on drums. It's not often an album is released that is so daring in its approach and revolutionary in its delivery that it actually changes one's perspective of how music can be expressed and expands their vision of a genre. It is the great privilege and honor for MoonJune Records to present just such an album, with the MJR debut of the otherworldly guitar stylings of critically-acclaimed guitarist, Mark Wingfield, on his transcendent new album, "Proof of Light."
- Leonardo Pavkovic, MoonJune Records

For British electric guitarist Mark Wingfield, the words “organic” and “electronic” are not mutually exclusive. He explores highly-imaginative tones and colors via his instrument and it’s done without reliance on conventional effects, amps or pickups. His unique take on the guitar has served as the basis for an impressively diverse discography and dozens of compositions that showcase how he extends the guitar’s boundaries, as well as the many genres and influences he chooses to integrate into his work. A handful of the forms Wingfield’s output encompasses include jazz, rock, classical, and global sounds from Africa, India, Japan, and Turkey.
- Anil Prasad, Innerviews

Consistently brilliant and forward-thinking…unique and sophisticated....… Wingfield’s forward-thinking exploration of smart, swinging, and highly melodic globally informed jazz.
- Barry Cleveland, Guitar Player Magazine

Mark Wingfield shifts from Eno-esque ambient ripping rock-tinged abandon... to cinematic guitar-synth. … Dramatic, intriguing.
- Bill Milkowski, JazzTimes

Guitar innovator … Cinematic eloquence... command of electronic textures... and swooping-bird evocations.
- The Guardian

Literally scaling new heights sonically.
- Mark Tucker, FAME

Wingfield is proving to be a key proponent of adventurous, swinging and modern instrumental jazz-rock fusion in the 21st century.
- Robert Silverstein, MWE3
released January 11, 2016…oad
Well, I'm downloading it at least for the Allan Holdsworth track - now he's some guitarist!
I can't see any "download" only "Buy Now"

I can't see any "download" only "Buy Now"

​yes sorry click buy now put in 0 and email,country and postcode. You will then be emailed the link . Its only free until 30th of June as a download. Really well worth grabbing though some superb music here

Well, I'm downloading it at least for the Allan Holdsworth track - now … Well, I'm downloading it at least for the Allan Holdsworth track - now he's some guitarist!

​Holdsworth is amazing
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