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Neato D750 Robot Vacuum (Pet Edition) £429 @ Amazon
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Neato D750 Robot Vacuum (Pet Edition) £429 @ Amazon

Posted 15th Jul

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Looks like a decent reduction. One of the best robo vacs around with decent laser navigation, strong suction, and an app that lets you create virtual walls and zones. Strong competitor to the Roomba 980 and Roborock S5/S50.
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It'd have to climb the stairs at this price!
Okay I guess, but no substitute for a real pet.
ezzer7215/07/2019 19:35

Okay I guess, but no substitute for a real pet.

I dunno; a pair of googly-eye stickers and you have a perfect emotional support bug...
This is relatively cheap for this model. I was a tester before it came on the market and wasn’t expecting much from this as I’d heard very little good about robot vacuum cleaners. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount it sucked up (although I have a small house so don’t have to empty the bin until a couple of cleans, bigger houses might need to empty the bin more frequently. Although, if you run this everyday you end up not picking up too much dust and debris after a while so less changes are needed).

This model maps your floor plan with a laser and creates an actual accurate map it then follows for more intelligent cleaning. Once mapped, you can also draw virtual lines on the map in the app did areas you don’t want the robot to go on certain days. You can also create zones (rooms) and only send the robot to clean the rooms you want. You can start it off in the app (at home or away) or have it run on a schedule (just remember you need to be a bit tidier so it doesn’t snag on items like cables and shoe laces). You can map more than one floor, but if you do this you either need to move the charging base to the floor you want it on, or buy a second charging base. You can however take it upstairs and just press the clean button without having any floor plan set and it will finds its way around and then return to the spot you started it.

The thing I was most impressed with was how intelligent it was at knowing where it was and also getting itself out of a tricky area. It doesn’t just mindlessly bash in to things and then go off in the opposite direction, most of the time it sees the obstacles with its laser but if it doesn’t then it’s only a light tap and it goes around the item.

This might seem like a lot of money, but it’s a lot of technology and a lot of time saved.
I can't see this coping with the hair from my dogs.
Gakusei15/07/2019 19:49

I can't see this coping with the hair from my dogs.

Possibly not, but you’ve got to be vacuuming more than just the floor each day anyway so might not be worth it. However, as I said in my long rambling post above, when you run it everyday (or a couple of times a day of you want to) it stays on top of the hairs and so each pass over isn’t a huge collection than if you let it mount up over a day or two.
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