NEBO BIG LARRY COB LED Torch £10 @ Homebase I think rrp is £15

NEBO BIG LARRY COB LED Torch £10 @ Homebase I think rrp is £15

Found 15th Dec 2016
Forgive me if this isn't considered a 'deal' but I came across These NEBO BIG LARRY LED Torches in Homebase today and I really liked it's features...

Supposedly 400Lm 4 Hour run time max position COB LED, double click drops it to the secondary 160Lm 10 hours run time, and a further click swaps it to a RED COB flashing strip.

Aircraft grade aluminium 190mm long(7") and approx 25mm(1") diameter with a 50mm x 15mm (2" x .6")Superbright COB led plate with a rubberised Logo clicker switch on one end and a 3 AA Batteries plus 3 Duracells included too.

Anyway, I needed an emergency torch for my Mum and this one just looked and felt 'right', and felt great value for a Tenner....

Checking online just now it seems that they are £15 on 'their' (Nebo) website and other places but could well normally be a Tenner, I just listed it as it seems a great value quality torch to me, and I picked up a second for myself as an emergency car Torch, as it would be perfect if needed for that purpose...

Check it out if you are in there anyway


great light, got them as car emergency as well, but they were a tenner before, still cheaper than internet.

The website is showing it at £10


The website is showing it at £10

​I meant everywhere else. A tenner or less for the is a good deal.

A good deal isn't always about price. Good pick. Heated.

Big Larry? Is he best mates with Fat Max? (little tool joke there...)

good find


Big Larry? Is he best mates with Fat Max? (little tool joke there...)

That's another fine mess you've got us into, Stanley.

Cheers op.... reserved Ta.

Just picked up a couple, super bright cob Led's which look very close to daylight and the magnetic base is also a nice touch. Well pleased for a tenner.

Also available at same price at
Only an small store
Based in Stanstead Abbotts

Good torch...solid and comes with batteries plus an extra 3 free duracells.

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Glad it's not just me... I'm always on the lookout for decent torches etc, but was specifically looking for an (emergency) cob type for my mum and I couldn't believe how good it felt in the pack for a Tenner, and an extra set of Duracells was the icing on the cake... I've never seen the brand before, but I'm a bit of a 'detail' freak and unfortunately for me oO that include good packaging and materials... I'm a sucker for a 'technical' fabric too but I digress, the whole package just felt premium for a non-premium price, and the red flasher helped me justify one for myself in the car...although then I started thinking it wouldn't get used as much if I left it in the car ROFL...maybe I need another I must say there is one or two brands showing up in Homebase from the Austrailian partners no doubt that seem a bit more' prosumer' than they used to stock, the tool cabinets are pretty decent too, but I digress again... sorry :P

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The website is showing it at £10

Sorry Bud, I've edited the OP now, I meant the NEBO Website had them for £14.99 Not Homebase I'd left it a bit ambiguous

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