Posted 14 December 2022

NEBO NE6737 Big Larry 2 Pocket Work Light - £11.85 at Amazon

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Best price since 2020 on this according to the camels. I have the Pro version and it's a great torch. This one has the added benefit of a regular torch light instead of just the COB work light.

Sleek and Durable Design. Big Larry 2's body is constructed from anodized aircraft grade aluminium. This provides you with a tough flashlight that has a clean appearance.

4 Light Modes. Between the Top Position Light and the Front Facing COB LED Light you have 4 Working Modes to choose from. This provides you with fantastic options regardless of the task at hand.

  • Flash Light - 200 lumens, 8 hour runtime, 75 meter beam
  • C.O.B Work Light - 500 lumens, 2.5 hour runtime, 31 meter beam
  • Red C.O.B Work Light - 40 lumens, 20 hour runtime, 7 meter beam
  • Red C.O.B Flashing Light - 40 lumens, 20 hour runtime, 7 meter beam

Strong Magnetic Base. Incorporated into the base of the Big Larry 2 is a really strong magnet, it's like having an extra hand. This provides you with the opportunity to have light in all of those hard to reach areas.
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    If you don't want to give your money to Dr Evil Wickes has them reduced to £13 (although they are a much nicer brushed alloy instead of painted black)

    They also have other NEBO lights and head torches on sale but they're probably not going to be cheaper than Amazon if you have Prime (I like Wickes though and I would rather give them an extra £1.15 than buying it from Amazon)
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    I'd be interested to know if others are able to fit rechargeable batteries in theirs - mine doesn't fit any rechargeable battery I have which is super disappointing
    Got some Eneloops in mine
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    Got a red one last night from GoOutdoors, who price beat city electrical so got it for £8.10. Instore and only worth it if you already have a membership card which is a fiver.

    In case it helps anyone. (edited)
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    This feels like it’s posted every day almost.
    There has been a few posts recently for the other variations of this, however this one, the Big Larry 2 hasn't been posted since July.
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    I’ve got both the BL 1 & 2 and although battery life not that great on either the best feature I found is the amazing super strong magnetic base, and build quality seems really good which seems on a par if not better than led lenser units.
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    This or the pro 🤷👀
    At the current pricing, this one for sure. Has the same power output as the pro and with the additional main torch light. Only benefit of the pro really is it being rechargable but the batteries last an age in this anyway.
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    HEAT! Although I'm in real need of an inspection light as I ran over my trusty Parkside one a few months ago so can anyone recommend one with tripod feet that can be angled up to work on a van floor? (I'm asking here as it's more likely people with inspection lights will read this deal)
    Erbauer rechargeable led floor light I use. 10w.
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    Do need one, but want magnetic
    This has magnetic base
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    Do they do a rechargable version of this?
    Yes the Pro RC, currently twice the price though and doesn’t have the torch on the end like this one. (edited)
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    I finally caved and bought one. For no reason other than it being posted here.
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    Absolute BS purchased at £1.10 more last week
    Dry your eyes mate (edited)
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    Absolutely no idea why I have bought this but didn't want to miss out 😁
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    I don't know why I needed this, but I did. Purchased 😜
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    No idea why I've bought this
    Same as me
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    Purchased thanks!
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    Thanks Op Heated and Ordered.
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    This uses standard size batteries, so immediately a winner over some that use weird or even non-replaceable batteries.
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    Got one for £8-93 from Scre#Fix
    Coming up as £14.99 for me?
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    I need something for my plastic shed at the bottom of garden.
    Would certainly be cheaper than running a cable across.
    Depends on the purpose but surely this won't be bright enough?...
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    I actually bought a very similar looking one… cob inspection light on side and torch at front…. Only £1.99 from home bargains… requires 2 x AAA batteries
    So did I. Thought it was great until it stopped working after a couple of days. Battery terminals are rubbish and squash down, had to bend them back. Also nowhere near as bright as the Lil Larry.
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    10p more for the big Larry 1.
    For that 10p more you get 15hour light instead of 8hour light of the Larry2 :/
    Are they producing the same amount of lumens?
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    It's a shame it doesn't come with a case or pouch.

    Wondering if it might squeeze into this:


    It's 2mm too long if both listed product dimensions are accurate:

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    The name Big Larry is a bit odd. Sounds like a sex toy!
    Just have to remember to take the pocket clip off.
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    Damn you hukd. Ordered.