Nectar: Collect points on your everyday web searches

Nectar: Collect points on your everyday web searches

Found 27th Jul 2010
Download the Nectar Search toolbar to collect Nectar points when you search online! Plus, as a special launch offer, we'll give you 100 bonus points to get you started! (Points will be credited to your account within 28 days).

- Collect 1 Nectar point per 2 valid searches you make (maximum of 50 Nectar points per month)

- Nectar Search powered by Yahoo! is free, safe and easy to use

- First of its kind in the UK - no other toolbar lets you collect loyalty points

- Tells you which shopping websites you can collect points with

NOTE: This toolbar is only compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer.


I found this toolbar to slow my pc down to a stand still. Has anyone else had problems this?

So you have to search through Yahoo and the most you can get is 600 points in a year which is worth about £3 - £4 and you can't use google chrome, sounds a bit crap to be honest but that's only my opinion.

Like Preep, I think it has really slowed down my netbook - have used it for a couple of months but don't really see any benefit to be honest. Will probably be uninstalling at some point soon.

I installed, £4 is better than nothing and it has not slowed down my laptop at all - heat added

installed here,don't slow my desktop down,think you get 100 point for install toolbar

i think its great doesant slow my comp down at all so dont no what people are moaning about and yeah u get 100 point just for installing it but you do have to wait 28 dys befor you get them but i dont mind

does anyone know if you can install it on 2 computers but collect points on the same card?

Slowed my computer down too

There's a reason I chose not to use yahoo and that's because Google gives me the search results I want!!! That said it is quite a handy toolbar as it reminds you when you visit a site to log in through nectar if points are available!

I tried installing the nectar search bar on my new computer, and had the same problem trying to find "INSTALL" to click, its not on the terms and conditions window, and that window refuses to close down, I had to go to the Task Bar Manager to close it. This was on Firefox, so tried Internet Explorer and had the same problem. When I tried to email the help section, it came up with "error" on both browsers. How on earth do you manage to get this thing installed and usable ?

I hope to be picking up some hot deals really soon!
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