Nectar - Lots of DVD's for reduced points
Nectar - Lots of DVD's for reduced points

Nectar - Lots of DVD's for reduced points

I just ordered 'I Am Legend: Special Edition (2 Disc set)' for 1950 points, usually it is 2600. Lots of other latest DVD's also with reduced points.


Good spot. I think generally all dvds 25% off through nectar, which uses cdwow


heat added have some rep

It's about the only thing worth using your nectar points for! Ordered Shrek the third and Season 1 of Californication as we missed the last 2 episodes of the series! Voted hot

I've got a smidge under 40,000 nectar points... not sure what I'm saving for but no way is it worth spending 2000 on I Am Legend. First? The film is pants with a capital P. (ok, ok, fair enough, that's a subjective evaluation. I'm sure someone like it :P). Second, 500 nectar points equate to £2.50, roughly, when it comes to exchanging them for vouchers (say, argos).So... the dvd is still 'costing' a tenner. That's the price of the one disc I am Legend in a few places (cheaper still when you go through quidco) and the SE 2 disc is only £12.99 (plus quidco).

For me, the maths of the deal make it a better option to buy dvd's outright and earn some cashback through quidco. But for those people with just a few points to spend or not wanting to use cash to buy their dvds I guess this option is still 'hot' as nectar are offering 25% off their points prices through cd wow atm. For that reason, I'm voting hot even though it's not hot to me

sweet- Scarface is only 450 points - cheapest DVD price (at play anyway) is around £5

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I hate Sainburys

I didn't even know you could get DVDs with Nectar points.

Soz but I have to agree with AmandaRose I thought the film was a load of PANT'S just my opinion tho. Good deal anyway voted HOT. Something for nothing.

Yep the film was pants..

The original Omega man with Charlton Heston was far better in my opinion..

Voted warm for this deal though...:)

You have to wait ages for these to come and I got an order canceled as "life on mars series 2" was obsolete after it had only been out a couple of months.

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I have never had a problem with ordering DVD's through Nectar, they are shipped by CD Wow and you normally get the same service as if you had ordered directly with them.

cheers............ :thumbsup:

good looking out on that one... ordered 'March of the Penguins', excellent doc!!!:thumbsup:

Has anyone else been having problems with redeeming points for this offer? I can't think what I'm doing wrong (I have enough points and I've allowed all cookies), but whenever I get to step four (confirming the order), it tells me an error has occured. Any brainboxes out there got any ideas?
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