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Nectar offer via app £4.50 off of £30 spend (Select accounts) @ Sainsbury’s

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I noticed we have £4.50 off of £30 spend at Sainsburys in Nectar app.

I am sure the offer would be different for other people, best is to check your nectar account and remember to save the offer.

Quick update: I noticed we have received another offer, I have same offer of £4.50 off of £30 spend, via tha Nectar app
Sainsbury's More details at Sainsbury's

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    Yes I had £8 off £80 and £9 off £90 in the last few weeks they were hidden right at the bottom of my offer saved List  

    They also have a daily advent calendar for you to enter competitions and I guess money off but I only found it yesterday. Also on nectar app  (edited)
    Yes the Nectar app organises saved vouchers really bad, I have used about 100 expired things I need to scroll through to get to the latest ones
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    Watch out, doesn't include booze, as I found out annoyingly at the self checkout area...
    I've managed to use them on wine and beer, not spirits or liqueurs though
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    3x nectar points when you spend £70 for me this week
    On the bright side, it's easy for your shop to reach £70 at Sainsburys.
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    I had £6 off a £40 spend which I used yesterday.
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    Mine's £6 off £60 and hubby's a/c has £4 off £40 spend (edited)
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    £15 off £100 a day after spending over £100 and not planning to return but I’ll probably have to now
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    can someone post a screenshot of where on the app to find this offer cant see it on mine ( android)
    Go into 'Sainsburys offers' in your nectar app. Same place as your extra points offers
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    A little trick what I do .....
    Split the shopping into 2 transactions Get the discount voucher on the 1st transaction.
    Then put your 2nd shop through using the discount voucher you just got on your first transaction.
    Put any booze into the non voucher transaction...
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    £7.50 off £50 for me
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    9 off 60 for me
    £0 of anything for me.
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    I got £6 off £40 spend
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    £7 or £70. :/
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    I have £6 off £40
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    I have 5x points when you next spend £30 in store
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    x3 points when I next spend £60. Wow, how generous.
    I envy you
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    Great find thank you