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Ebay/nectar Upto 1500 nectar points, 500pts on £10 spend, 1000pts on £20 and 1500pts on £30
Found 9th JanFound 9th Jan
Not sure if this is account specific but thought was worth a post. Just login to the nectar app, load to card then off you go.
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I'd rather you share a deal that may be account specific and help a few people than not share it. Heat from me.


will do thanks :) x


Yes, that was my point, I loaded an additional one on, it still had a 5 or 6 days till expiry but it was removed from my wallet!


Nope. Nectar have confirmed many 1k offers are running but you must load them to card. Luckily I have the screen shot of the 28th


Well nectar are blaming eBay so people need to complain. Happy I helped.

Nectar eBay 10x points on spend £25 or more till the 15th Jan. Load to card. Maybe account specific
Found 9th JanFound 9th Jan
Every week for the last 5 weeks I've been getting 1000 nectar points with a £5 spend on eBay. I've just checked to see if I have this offer this week but got this offer instead.
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Hi. I received mine today now ;) thats for the 7th December


I recently got the 1000 points for an ebay purchase made on the 10th December, I have another 3 purchases in the pipeline that should also qualify for bonuses. Note the bonus appears in the nectar statement with he date when the purchase was made, so you may need to scroll through your statement to see it.


These offers tend to be random but if you look on nectar site they have 3 x points on eBay at the minute so it maybe worth a check on your own nectar


Nap. Still just the 10 x points on fruit n veg for me! (skeptical) Do the people that get this offer have many points already? I don't have a huge amount but about £50 worth so wondering if they don't give the offers to the hoarders like me.


Same. My 1st lot i didnt get my points. They are investigating mine with eBay and wanted eBay I.d. I did get 4 of these offers tho. Next time take screen shots but yeah, they did confirm there was many 1000 points offers

150 Nectar points when you next fill up or shop at BP
Found 20th Dec 2018Found 20th Dec 2018
Had this new on my app this morning, usually these are account specific but not just to one person many will have it, just not everyone. Not the hugest amount granted, but if you'r… Read more
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No offers on mine :-(


Got 250 points last time but didn't manage to fill up at BP. This time is only 5x points.


Planning on doing the big christmas food shop there anyway so thanks for the heads up. Do Ginsters do turkey and stuffing flavour?


Really!..... every BP I have ever seen has been much more expensive, I can’t believe anyone apart from company car drivers ever use them.


500 here to that would take a long time to get shopping normal haha I think all my points are just these offers as normal shopping only gets a few points per shop

Nectar Bonus 1,000 bonus points on your next purchase of £5 or more on eBay (account specific)
Found 19th Dec 2018Found 19th Dec 2018
How to get this offer Click 'Load to card' to opt-in to this offerShop on and spend £5 or more in one transaction before the specified expiry date to receive 1,000 poi… Read more

250 points when I spend £5+ twice. Boooo


Thanks for the heads up, just added to my account!


500 points for me


Only when you bumlick Quidco and you need to be put in your place (y)


My stalker.

Nectar, ebay. 1000 points bonus on £5 spend. Account specific? Back again? To be safe, use the link to make purchase.
Refreshed 26th Dec 2018Refreshed 26th Dec 2018
To be safe, use the link to make purchase. Seems to be back for 6 more days?
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Still not received the points altho iv recieved 2 more promotion of the same offer.


Ooh, interesting! That's certainly more definitive than anything I was able to get out of them. Hope it works out okay.


Don't really trust them myself. Just went on chat again and this is what they said.


Hope you get the points! I don't really trust them any more.


I was told the opposite on livechat. 4th time in a row I've received this offer.

Nectar, Sainsburys,Argos. Surprise points bonus after redeeming at least 500. Redeem from the 16th to 23rd.
Found 6th Dec 2018Found 6th Dec 2018
Redeem at least 500 points at Sainsburys or argos. Recieve mystery bonus amount back. Redeem from the 16th to 23rd.
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The amount given is an equal share of the 15million pts divided by the number of people that participate. If 30,000 people do it, each will get the 500 pts spent back as the bonus. If more do it, everyone will get less than the amount spent. It’s better for everyone who does it if fewer partake. Ive voted cold as the deal is better if people don’t know about it


I only have Argos and it's only for a prize draw entry. 6 winners only


i only have Argos on mine,


Could be account specific, load to card.

Nectar, ebay. 1000 points bonus on £5 spend. Account specific.
Found 6th Dec 2018Found 6th Dec 2018
1000 bonus
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Only other thing that i do is on Twitter, send a message private rather on a post. Saying i have such and such loaded/purchase made leaving screenshot here incase it doesn't track correctly. That would give you a date they could confirm.


Thank you for the tip. But I’m with Apple. I don’t think my one has this function. :(



Drag slightly 1st and then screenshot at the same time


Drag down slightly from the top of phone, not sure which ones work this way....

Collect 2 points per £1 spent at @ Nectar
Found 2nd Dec 2018Found 2nd Dec 2018
I don't know about you guys, you might have already known about it but I just got to know it, So .... Please forgive me if this is from old paper. It might help some who buy from… Read more

Yes, of course, I get it now. As Ebay is Linked directly with Nectar, so would get both ways cookies for TCB and logs for Ebay to have reward. (y) Thanks for all your clarification.


Impossible since how can you go to from both nectar and TCB simulteanously?




Not as far as I know as you have to click either through TCB or Nectar


Just wondering, can't these both get stacked..? :/ as Ebay you get nectar points and TCB as well..

200 bonus Nectar points on your next shop at Sainsbury's Local.
Found 30th Nov 2018Found 30th Nov 2018
Log into your Nectar account online . There is an offer there that gives you 200 bonus points on your next shop at Sainsbury's Local. How to get this offer: Click 'Load to card' … Read more

Me either :( Thanks though, because I did look at My Nectar page and found lots of coupons I didn't know about. Okay, I can't actually use any of them, but at least I know they exist now, lol


that depends on the rest of the deal description/t&cs. We can't comment for sure when you only post a snippet like that


I've got the opposite. My nectar offer says: * Shop at Sainsbury's in-store or online and swipe your Nectar card Do you guys know if I can buy in a Sainsbury's local instead, which is what I've got around, and collect the points?


Sainsbury's LOCAL!! I've had this on my Nectar account for about 6 mths, keeps coming back, keep loading it to my card but haven't been into one yet. None near me that's why. Perhaps next week I'll be somewhere where there is one. Knowing my luck it will be on day after it expires. Re Nectar ALWAYS, ALWAYS check you pts have been awarded. I've lost count of the ones not loaded. Just keep a printscreen of deal offer for proof. ;)


Ah there are different offers that are account specific. Mine is 100 points on each of next 10 shops.

Quadruple+ Nectar points at Groupon - 8 points per £1 spent.
Found 19th Nov 2018Found 19th Nov 2018
Instead of 2 points per £1 spent, now you get 6 points extra per £1 spent. Offer ends 23.59 on 23rd this month. How to get this offer Click 'Shop online' Shop as normal Collect … Read more
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2 points normally. You get quadruple points instead, so 8... Or your original 2 plus 6 additional points... Same thing


quad=4..+ 2 points = 6...But after it says additional 6...but 6 it is not they say quad=4x..after they say additional 6 :)) A bit mixed up here


also worth nothing code special30 which is apparently an "invite only" 30% off code. valid till tomorrow max discount £30


8 points per spend... it’s additional not instead of 😋 The clue is the word ‘quadruple’ :)

Nectar double up - works on PSN vouchers!
Found 16th Nov 2018Found 16th Nov 2018
Hi, A bit late in the day as it finishes on Sunday but I just went to Sainsburys and you can double up on various departments including entertainment. They had various Playstatio… Read more

9 here! :D


That’s what I fear. It was “only” £35 doubled into £70. I will check in the shop. I need to blame me only... shame on me! (devil)


I'm pretty sure the small print says the points are gone and if you let the voucher expire you've lost out ;(


Thanks for reply. Are you sure? Because when they have edited the vouchers in store, the point have been removed from my account.


They don't take your points until you use the voucher

2000 Bonus Nectar Points when you buy a ticket through GWR (£8.02 profit)
Found 16th Nov 2018Found 16th Nov 2018
2,000 bonus points when you update your email marketing preferences at and make your first online transaction. How to get this offer 1. Click 'Visit website' 2. C… Read more

I can confirm the Oxford Reading advance ticket nets 2004 points. The GWR site seems a bit flaky sometimes though.


Has any one been able to purchase a ticket from reading to oxford I tried using 4 bank cards on final payment message does not recognise card Also has any one tried a different route


Also needs to be over £1 for nectar to recognize the transaction


Thats an Anytime Day Single, has to be an Advance Single to qualify.


Collect 100 Nectar Bonus Points on each of your 10 Shops + extra 500 after the 10th Shop (Total 1,500 Points) at Sainsburys via Nectar App
Refreshed 30th Nov 2018Refreshed 30th Nov 2018
Just saw this on the Nectar App For your first 10 shops you collect an extra 100 Bonus Points Per Shop After your 10th you get an extra 500 Bonus points Looks like you can buy some… Read more
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This was first posted three weeks ago so there would have been time then to fit all the swipes in.


Have I got this wrong ? If only 2 swipes per week allowed how can you get the full 10 swipes in when the promotion finishes on 17th December ?


They have since changed the t&cs


"Valid on 2 swipes a week". Anyone know when 1 week finished and the next week starts. If I swipe on a tuesday and a Sunday, which week is the Sunday counted as

100 points when you get the Nectar Notifier addon for Firefox and Chrome@Nectar-and up to 200 points every month
Found 7th Nov 2018Found 7th Nov 2018
check your nectar account to see if offer is there for you collect up to 200 points every month using this add on and doing some searches,might be helpful to someone How to get thi… Read more

Could have been Bing, count yourself lucky... (lol)


Great thanks, now I won't sleep! XD


look on the brightside it could have been powered by facebook or twitter then you would reallly know you are being tracked


I think this might be an alternative way of tracking purchases through Nectar. If so, it will mean that you can't use/go yhrough TCB or Quidco. If you specifically need Nectar points for something, then this might be helpful to you. For me, I'd rather get the cash back, and I'm pretty sure that the value of the Nectar points will not be anywhere near to the cash back available.


They had me until 'powered by Yahoo!'

Collect 50 bonus points on 1st transaction over £5 + earn extra 250 points when complete the first purchase on ebay
Found 1st Nov 2018Found 1st Nov 2018
Not sure if it is account specific. Collect 50 bonus points on 1st transaction over £5 + earn extra 250 points when complete the first purchase on ebay.
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Mine is "...first three transactions over £5."


No bonus on my app and no email!


No bonus offer at all for me, maybe only on app?


The bonus offer seems to vary. I've got to make 8 purchases before I get 250 bonus


after clicking the link on the email, there is no message on ebay to confirm that you've activated the deal. I will assume it's activated.

Nectar Sainsburys. 500 bonus on next shop Poss Invite Only
Found 1st Nov 2018Found 1st Nov 2018
Load to card, could be invite only. Not seeing a minimum spend
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I purchased on Friday and Ebay yesterday. I need just 3 points to get me a £50 voucher. I just realised you have to apply for the vouchers and not exchange them instore (like last year). Thanks for the help, I'll leave it until 8pm and check my balance again.


99% of the time my ebay ones go on the next day, not sure about BP. Look back at your BP points when added and compare to when bought?


How long do Nectar points take to appear? Shopped in BP earlier but need just 6 points to get me a 500pt threshold. The double up offer ends tomorrow but it would get me another £5 if the points were included. I didn't get the offer but I got it last month. I also wouldn't have known otherwise until I seen a post on HUKD. ignore the haters, I'm sure this post/ deal will be useful to some, just like it was useful to me last month.


triple points on my next shop, my £3 meal deal will have me rolling in it! Cheers for the heads up though.


Not for me either

Ebay Nectar. 500 bonus points on £5 min spend on Home enertainment - Poss Invite Only
Found 1st Nov 2018Found 1st Nov 2018
Load to card. Could be invite only.
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Within 28 days from end of 14 Nov


I got the email, but it doesn’t activate when clicking through to ebay,neither does it show in my nectar...looks like another nectar swizz to me (fierce)


I have Sports & Leisure.


Anybody know how long it would take for the points to credit to your account?


I got it on collectibles but I never collect anything.