Need a Dyson (Cylinder not upright?)
Need a Dyson (Cylinder not upright?)

Need a Dyson (Cylinder not upright?)

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I'm gonna get this one come payday! Cheapest online at the mo! And Free delivery!


Root Cyclone™ technology - Advanced Dyson cyclone technology
No clogging. No loss of suction
British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval
5 year guarantee
No running costs - lifetime filters and no bags to buy
Tough, durable construction
Clean exhaust air
Variable suction
On-board tool storage
Flat Out™ head - High-performance tool for all floor surfaces
Adjustable wand - Ergonomically designed for ease of use

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Good spot, only a little cheaper with postage on top but cheaper none the less. DON'T get the extra warranty ! Dysons have a 5 year warranty included

Maybe cheaper by £6.04 but only has a 1 year Warranty The Amazon one has 5 Years. Just bought one yesterday from Sainsbury's for £149.99 with 5 Year Warranty (It has a electric blue top not Amber/Gold as the pic)

Sorry did not refresh the page before posting beaten by MILLIONS77 well done

you still did not buyt it?

don't you know that amazon is crazy and changes its prices daily?

The henry is much better IMHO...


The henry is much better IMHO...

Yep, I was just gonna say that too.

We've got a Dyson and a Henry and the Henry is much better and cheaper to buy too. With a bag it's much cleaner to empty and the suction is great even with a full bag.

Save £50 and get a Henry:thumbsup:

Another useless gimickly dyson vacuum

very poor materials and build quality. Dyson sell on marketing alone.

So funny Dyson's 'Ball' disaster they didnt even break even with that one.

Avoid at your peril if you want a good vacuum go for a Miele these destroy Dysons and they actaully do what they say. and will never break down.

These are been sold at £20 over cost price and Dyson cant shift them.

The Dyson is good, but the head that comes with it doesn't have a rotating brush, so it doesn't pick up animal hairs very well. I had to spend £30 extra on a different head. Fine if you don't have animals though I would have thought.

ive got a cylinder dyson, and the mrs hasnt said shes had any problems as yet.
5 year guarantee is good too

I believe the 5 year guarantee is from Dyson not Amazon by registering it at [url]www.dyson.co.uk/register[/url]

So the cheaper the better

I'm after a new vacuum, Miele consistently come out as the best. Problem is they are £200!
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