Need for Speed - Hot Pursuit XBox 360 (maybe others!) £23.69 @ BestBuy

Need for Speed - Hot Pursuit XBox 360 (maybe others!) £23.69 @ BestBuy

Found 21st Dec 2010
I wanted a copy of Hot Pursuit for crimbo, Sainsburys had it for £24.99 but no copies locally... Popped to my local (Hedge End) Bestbuy on the off chance and they had plenty of copies at £34.99 (scanned at £37.99!).. They where happy to price match + 10% so picked up the game for £23.69.

Good price if you want onw for crimbo and don't want it posted!


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Really.... -8 with no comments!, I though that under £24 for this being able to take it away was a good price!, clearly there is a shop selling for under £20 somewhere!

Its £22.99 at Gameplay

Quick search would have found the gameplay deal that's been around for a while now


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I did find that deal, but the ability to walk in and walk out with a copy this close to Christmas is worth 71p.... good luck ordereing it for delivery before Friday!

I have a £3 off voucher if I spend £30 so I will get need for speed for £22.
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