Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (Xbox360) for £16.85 @ SimplyGames

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (Xbox360) for £16.85 @ SimplyGames

Found 20th Jun 2011
Seems to be the cheapest around at the moment for those who missed the costco deal or havent got one nearby.The game is still going for around £20-25 at the moment. This price is only the the Xbox360 version.

4% quidco on this too


This game has held value preety well. Shift 2 Unleashed - Limited Edition is only £1 more.

good price... hope it drops even more...

the stupid EA online pass-code thing means that 2nd hand copies are cheap (around a £10) but then you have to cough up another £7 on top to play online - even when you've already paid for Xbox Gold.... this is how the big companies will ensure they get their "cut" of the 2nd hand market....

Expired out of stock.
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