Need for Speed: Payback [Origin code for PC] £11.99 at Amazon

Need for Speed: Payback [Origin code for PC] £11.99 at Amazon



Incredible price!!! I payed 33£ on amazon for ps4 version
I see this being added to EA/Origin Access before long...
Is this code by email or code in a box?

UPDATE: won’t let me buy it, stuck on delivery page
Edited by: "alexwise" 4th Feb
Not sure this works. Seems to get stuck on delivery screen when going through checkout?
People used to complain about the 'cheesiness' of Need for Speed (2017), but I genuinely didn't see it and really enjoyed the game. This however is on a completely different level, and that's not including the poor 'cheesy' none needed dialect in the game.

I have a friend who really enjoys it, so for that reason I can only assume it will appeal to some, but for me, it's an absolute atrocity of a title that attempted a quick rip off from Forza Horizon 3 and did it really, REALLY badly. I'm obviously not voting cold, but if you have a PC and/or an Xbox One, go with FH3. NFS has lost its direction since Hot Pursuit, and I really can't see it returning any time soon, sadly
Looks like a mistake by Amazon - purchases aren't going through. Expired.

Sorry folks.
Its weird its like it has amazon set as a third party seller, if you go to the 1 new link it shows amazon sarl (just launched). Somehow don't think amazon have 'just launched'. Also it has a £3.99 delivery fee listed which there obviously wouldn't be for a code. Faulty listing or some third party seller trying to impersonate amazon?

Very odd...
I'm currently involved in a very surreal simultaneous live chat + phone call with Amazon about this.
Well, that was one of the most bizarre customer service experiences I can remember. The bottom line seems to be that no-one at Amazon has any idea what is going on here!

I suppose that the old maxim about things seeming too good to be true is proving its worth once again.
It is still up! and still won't let me buy it

Think it is probably a bad listing as the real one seems to be here (at £55 too!)…YY/

Still followed it up on chat in the hope they might be able to put it through for me, though looking doubtful as the advisor didn't seem to have a clue and just linked me to Amazon's delivery terms, I insisted that as a UK customer on Amazon UK there should be no issue with delivery (plus it's only a code). They promised me a callback but I'm not hopeful that I can get them to honour this, even though they should IMHO

Qix, did you have any more luck?
Chatted on line and on phone for ages. No-one knew what was going on. Apparently the support team has “raised a ticket” with some unspecified subentity of Amazon, but I suspect they’ll just say that it was an error, and we are welcome to buy at £55
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