Need For Speed Underground Gamecube/Wii - £2.99

Need For Speed Underground Gamecube/Wii - £2.99

Found 17th Sep 2007
Yer its a very old game but for £2.99 you cant complain when its new

Need For Speed: Underground invites you to take your basic car and customise it to within an inch of its life. As you progress, you'll have the opportunity to upgrade your car with authentic parts such as weight reduction and suspension kits, tyres and wheels from well-known manufacturers, and to give it a paint job that reflects your personality and the way you drive. There are 20+ cars available - models from Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda and more are included - and the game modes are varied enough, with Drift, Drag and Circuit the main attractions. Drift gives you extra marks for power-sliding your car as near to kerbs and rails as possible; Drag is a flat-out, straight-ahead race from a standing start; Circuit is a multi-vehicle race around the streets of the city.


Do I need a Gamecube controller/any other hardware for playing this on the Wii? I guess it wont leverage the Wii remote?

You'll need a gamecube controller & a memory card to save the game!

Out of Stock now :-(

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Anyone get it??

I missed it, while waiting to get clarification :). Anyways, thanks for the post !

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Can lock or close thread thanks mods

You can get this on ebay for a couple of pounds anyway! (With £1.50 p&p makes it £3.50 tops!)
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