NEFF Integrated Cooker Hood £89 incl delivery (only £19 with £70 trade in discount) @ Currys

NEFF Integrated Cooker Hood £89 incl delivery (only £19 with £70 trade in discount) @ Currys

Found 18th Nov 2014
If you need to replace an existing integrated cooker hood, NEFF are currently giving trade in discounts on a lot of their appliances at various stores if exchange for your old stuff.

Example here is a basic extractor hood, Currys are flogging this for £89, if you apply the code NEFF70 at checkout you get this for £19 including free delivery. The delivery driver will collect your old extractor hood, (or any old large kitchen appliance, see terms below) as part of the trade in deal.

This item also includes a 2 year guarantee.

See full terms and list of qualifying appliance model numbers here:…pdf
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Are you are sure an old cooker hood will be considered a large appliance for the terms of this cash back "Save £70 off marked price when you trade in your old large kitchen appliance."
There's a list of items & discount under terms & conditions & I have no idea what any of them are because it's just product code & model number, but it says quite clearly on the photo - Trade In & save £70 - so if you're buying a cooker hood you'll be trading in a cooker hood. Anything else is misleading.
So, I need a new cooker hood, so I think I'll give it a try. The worse that can happen is the delivery driver refuses it & so I don't get the new hood.
Currys system refuses to take you to payment page if the discount code is added. I even called them and they could not figure it out as sales team could not also place the order over the phone.
Thanks, had to phone customer services after kept getting error message. They got management to app ya £70 credit so got it for £19. The offer is real and they are looking into fixing the website. Thanks again to op
This is a promotion that is being offered by Neff and is available at many other retailers including John Lewis.

Here is a link to Neff's T&Cs for the promotion…pdf
I seem to get an error still :(:

Sorry, we're experiencing difficulties in placing your order for this item. Please try again, or alternatively try a different product.
If you'd like help in finding an alternative product then please give us a call on 0844 561 0000.

Any updates?
Mine just got delivered from Cameo Kitchens - £21 for a Neff Cooker Hood can't be bad & goes well with the JL Bosch oven - £130 for the two - thanks OPs
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