Neff T36FB41X0G 59cm Induction Hob £309 @ AO

Neff T36FB41X0G 59cm Induction Hob £309 @ AO

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Can be used on other items also but this item particularly made it a fair bit cheaper than other sites for a well trusted brand! Found this whilst looking for an induction hob!

EDIT: Added correct link!

Looks like a gas hob

Isn't that a gas hob?

It is definitely a gas hob..

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Sorry, updated link!

Header description does not match the link they have posted...

Link to Neff induction hobs -…=12

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Why the negative votes now that the correct link is on there? Sheeps? Does someone want to find be a cheaper price for that model?

This is a fairly low end model. OK if you generally only use 1 or 2 pans, but anybody who cooks meals using more may need more power.

As above. It's only a 3kw unit (comes with a 3 pin domestic plug). Max 2.2kw per ring. So when maxing out 1 ring it only leaves 800w for the others.
It will cycle the rings if you need to use more than the total output.

So great if you need a 13A plug. For family's your better off looking for a 32a unit (7.4kw)

Seen lots of comments regarding how noisy this model is. Can anyone that owns this hob confirm loud fan noise?
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