Nemesis Bundle 8 [PC/Steam Keys]  Tier 1 89p / Tier 2 £4.59 / Tier 3 £5.49 - Also Jackbox Party Pack £3.79 @ Fanatical  (Upto 13 games + 1 DLC for top Tier)

Nemesis Bundle 8 [PC/Steam Keys] Tier 1 89p / Tier 2 £4.59 / Tier 3 £5.49 - Also Jackbox Party Pack £3.79 @ Fanatical (Upto 13 games + 1 DLC for top Tier)

Found 18th Jul 2018
A couple of goodies in here, A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda EX is worth the 89p from tier one alone imo. I've done the usual and marked those that carry Steam Trading Cards with TC

Tier 1 - Pay £0.89
A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda EX - TC
Awe - TC
Black & White Bushido

Tier 2 - Pay £4.59 - Including products above
Windward - TC
Dungeon Souls
Super Mutant Alien Assault
Original Journey
Nightmare Boy - TC
FIM Speedway Grand Prix 15
True Fear: Forsaken Souls - TC

Tier 3 - Pay £5.49 - Including products above
Dreadout - TC
DreadOut Soundtrack & Manga DLC
DreadOut: Keepers of The Dark -TC


The Jackbox Party Pack £3.79

You're gonna need more than one party for this. Grab a Steam key for the hilarious Jackbox Party Pack and save a BEST EVER 80% for 48 hours only or while stocks last!

Long gone are quiet nights in watching the same old TV shows – The Jackbox Party Pack is here!
Experience five fun Steam PC games in one great pack – giving you the perfect excuse for rounding up friends, family and fellow gamers for a few hours of gaming delight – whatever the day, whatever the occasion. Hosted on your Windows PC or Apple Mac through Steam, your phones or tablets are your controllers – with games suitable for 1-100 players.

Its high culture meets pop culture! In You Don't Know Jack games, four players are tasked to answer multiple choice trivia questions presented. You’ll score points via in-game money for answering questions correctly and in a shorter amount of time – but be careful – you will lose money give the wrong answer. At the end of the game, the winner is the player with the most cash.

In Fibbage XL, a player selects from one of five random categories in each round of the game, with an obscure fact presented with a missing word or phrase to complete it. Each player must use their device to enter a reply for the missing words.
If players enter the right answer, they are asked to enter something different. The game then presents all replies – including the correct one – which prompts the players to select what they think is the right answer. You’ll score points for selecting the right answer, but you can also pick up bonus points if other players select your reply. The player with the most points at the end is the winner!

In Drawful, each player is given a playful phrase and a drawing canvas on their local device at the start of each round. They have a short amount of time to draw out that phrase before presenting it to all other players – where they must enter a phrase of what they think the picture represents.
All replies, along with the actual phrase for that picture, are then presented to the players for them to vote of what they think the original phrase was – and the artist of the picture gets points for every vote that guessed their original phrase, while those who wrote other phrases get points for votes their phrase gets – simple!

As the name suggests, let’s swat some lies! Lie Swatter challenges up to 100 players to correctly guess if presented trivia statements are true or not, "swatting" those that are false. Players earn points for correct answers and lose points for incorrect ones.

In Word Spud, a word is presented and one player at a time must come up with another word that is associated with it. The remaining players vote if the association is good or not. The next player then starts from the new word to come up with a new association, and so on. The player with the most votes for their associations wins!

  • Five hilariously fun games for you and your friends to play
  • Accessibility to play via mobile devices and controller, making it the perfect easy-in entertainment piece for your next game night or party.
  • Hours of entertainment all in one pack
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I can thoroughly recommend Tier 2 game "Super Mutant Alien Assault" for fans of retro shooters. It's clearly modelled after "Super Crate Box" (Free on Steam), but it's more refined and accessible (there are checkpoints for one thing!) The pixel art is glorious:


Nemesis Bundle with no Nemesis? Outrageous.

These tiers only bring tears.
All I can hear is Bricktop "Do you know what Nemesis means?"
mattuk23 m ago

All I can hear is Bricktop "Do you know what Nemesis means?"

mattuk23 m ago

All I can hear is Bricktop "Do you know what Nemesis means?"

Gradius Harold, now, feed him to the pigs!
They look to have bumped up the Party Pack stock since yesterday.
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