Neo Egg Boilers from £11.99 @ Groupon

Neo Egg Boilers from £11.99 @ Groupon

Found 3rd Mar 2017
Just bought this egg boiler on Groupon and went through quidco so should get another 6% cashback. Hopefully can start boiling eggs at work now!
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These are brilliant! Got one at home now gonna buy one for the hubby for work through quidco!
Absolutely love this product. It's a nifty gadget to have in the kitchen. Worth every penny and the company who sell it are a pleasure to do business with
Works perfectly, absolute bargain!
Absolutely love my Neo egg boiler, makes perfect eggs every time, I luuuurve splurging my soldiers into a nice runny egg! Their team are absolutely top notch too, have bought a few Neo products now and they never fail to deliver egg-cellent customer service!
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Fabulous little gadget. I'm a big fan of poached eggs but never been able to cook them. This does them to perfection!!!
£10.99 from needirect ebay
Lots of new members joining today to sing the praises of this marvel of a machine
a saucepan full of hot water much cheaper!
Groupon obviously into spam now as well
I got slated for buying this by the lads at work, but it's prob the best £12 I've spent recently on a gadget. U can POACH them in this bad boy too and it saves the shi*ty clean up operation you'd get with using a pan.
Easy browny points from the mrs at the weekend too as I can 'cook' perfect poached eggs every time, slap it on a ryvita with a bit of avocado and then chill out watching sky sports news in peace!!
To be fair that isn't a bad price to keep me away from the hob!! I wonder if it is quicker than asking the wife...

Groupon obviously into spam now as well

Haha never tried that on egg
might get one for the wife

Haha never tried that on egg

you are kidding!!
I love poached eggs and it's the wife's birthday soon. Win, win.
3yr warranty on the ones in b&m
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