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Neolux H7 (477) Single Bulb - 12v 55w 2 Pin - £1.77 with free collection @ CarParts4Less

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Neolux H7 (477) Single Bulb - 12v 55w 2 Pin
Neolux Bulbs are specially designed for maximum life without paying the price tag. Manufactured to OE Specifications these are the perfect bulbs for your vehicle.

  • LLB477 Bulb - Two Pin Bulb
  • 55w Bulb
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    In Lidl they have box sets of bulbs for £4.99.
    Either H4 or H7.
    Two headlights (50% brighter).
    Various indicator, stop/tail, number plate and interior, along with a few fuses.
    Ideal for the glovebox
    Lidl GB or NI?
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    I've fitted and had these fitted many times. They've lasted half the life of some of my cars, 10 years and 100,000 miles.
    Been really happy with them.
    Don't get sucked into those 30% or more extra light, those have always failed within 18 months.
    The greater the light output, the greater the heat and wear, the sooner they blow.
    When I was looking recently they brighter bulbs specifically said shorter life, some about 350 hours!
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    Given they’re literally the only thing giving you a view of the road ahead I’d be inclined to get bulbs far superior to those regardless of the car or driver ability.
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    It's only my headlight ones that seem to pop. Ordered 4, cheers OP and heat added (edited)
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    Buy cheap,buy twice
    Even if you had to buy it four times, it would still work out cheaper than an Osram or Phillips branded equivalent
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    Thanks for the appreciated reply and that’ll be my next step if they blow again soon.
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    Where is collection In hull area it says there is 1 but no details very strange is this a scam ???
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    I wouldn't save money on these.
    Better to invest a bit and get Philips or Osram +200%
    Never used either of those except Osram in my number plate. But these neolux have never failed me. I have a fault on my car where every 10 months the officer h7 bulb will blow. And the same happens on the golf of the dame model era.

    These are good bulbs for the price
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    I've been using Osram Night breakers, but man, do they have a short lifespan
    How short? I have a 10 year old car which doesn't benefit from the brightness of modern headlights. I'm amazed when a newer car pulls alongside on a dual carriageway they are lighting up the road ahead even on dipped beam compared to mine. It's painful driving at night. I know these brighter bulbs have a shorter life but thinking I'd rather change them more often than struggle with the current brightness.
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    Hopefully someone can help me here a bit, whenever I put a bit more powerful bulb in the car it kills the battery.

    If I put the default bulbs back in, it's fine.

    Any idea what could be causing it?

    63 Plate Fiesta
    Perhaps the alternator is screwed.
    More power needed means more power needs producing, but the load is not so vast
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    2013 Fiesta too and recently my h7 bulbs (Lucas branded) are blowing almost monthly. It’s as though the car wants to run only one at a time.
    I've fitted a Osram this afternoon, so fingers crossed.
    These are cheap as chips so voted hot. (edited)
    Try fitting a matching pair of identical new bulbs (instead of just replacing the one that has failed). I know it sounds a bit like an old wife's tale but for whatever reason my experience has been that odd (age or type) headlight bulbs never last long. (edited)
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    Hitting a pot hole can kill a bulb, so it is not always the bulbs fault.😃
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