Neon Genesis Evangelion - Ultimate Tin Box Collection (7 Discs) - £27.99 @ DVD Source

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Ultimate Tin Box Collection (7 Discs) - £27.99 @ DVD Source

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Excellent deal gonna purchase now

I heard this Eva boxset is pretty **** due to bad aspect ratio or video quality. Carnt remember which, but are they not meant to be coming out with a new boxset soon?

Nothing wrong with this set as it is the one with improved video and audio.

Hot but the film trilogy remakes will be better if they ever get round to releasing the rest of them (the first one is out if you can find it and it's good. Lots of redrawn graphics, new scenes etc.)

The new Eva films are going to be decent. Already seen the first one and it's out on Bluray in Japan at the moment

However, those films will never replace the series in my view as it allows longer time for character development which is crucial to the NGE storyline

I personally will also get the films as well and when showing it to my friends will show them the series before I show them the new films

Great Thanks OP ordering now:thumbsup:

Still waiting for my £17.99 Hut boxset to be cancelled

They are going to be remaking the series soon or are in the middle of remaking it i think

Nice cheers for this.

Sweet, would love this!

Thanks, OP.
Heat added.

So gutted, I ordered one before they went out of stock, got an email yesterday saying 'sadly some products go out of print' no dvd for me
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