Neopets: Puzzle Adventure (Nintendo Wii) £4.99 delivered @

Neopets: Puzzle Adventure (Nintendo Wii) £4.99 delivered @

Found 16th Feb 2010
Capcom has teamed up with Infinite Interactive, the developers that brought gamers the Puzzle Quest titles, and Nickleodeon to bring this engaging virtual world to the Wii with Neopets: Puzzle Adventure. Neopets: Puzzle Adventure is similar to the classic game of Reversi and Go with a unique Neopets spin and combined with many fun minigames. For the first time, Neopets fans will be able to earn secret codes in the game that they can redeem online for exclusive virtual items and accessories!

Neopets: Puzzle Adventure will generate codes that can be redeemed for unique items online
Choose and customise one of 12 Neopets to be your central character in the story
Travel through three Lands of Neopia as you experience an epic story with more than 150 quests in the single-player game
Co-operative and Head-to-Head multiplayer matches
Collect 150 "PetPets" for extra abilities and earn 30 special Awards for completing missions
Collect over 300 items, recipes and treasures, many of which can be equipped on your pet to provide useful bonuses


Good find just ordered one, being sold in game and gamestation for £24.99. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Omg. I used to be so into that site. Broke my heart to abandon my pets but I so needed to get some housework done lol. Actually I think HUKD has now taken over. Any excuse not to clean the house lol.
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