Neoprene Protective Sleeve For Macbook - 99p *Instore* @ 99p Stores

Neoprene Protective Sleeve For Macbook - 99p *Instore* @ 99p Stores

LocalFound 10th Feb 2011
Came across these protective sleeves for Macbook/Macbook Pro's in the 99p store, various colours to 13", 15", 17" sizes.

Typical as had one I paid nearly £20 for on Amazon arrive today. This isn't such good quality but does exactly the same job, only issue is leaves a few mm exposed near the flap. Maybe because 13" rather than 13.3" that the Macbook is, however saw similar product in Poundworld which was stated as the actual 15.4" (although not the other sizes) but obviously a penny more expensive!!
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thanks for posting, i am going saturday to see if my local has one, heat added
Heat added - bought one of these yesterday for my bargain Acer netbook from Tesco. Fits like a glove! It was the 13" i went for!
which store have ppl found them in im after a 13 inch one
Got mine in the Derby store.
Just been in Doncaster 99p store and only have 11 inch ones will let you know if it fits the acer one with its 6 cell battery or not
I got mine in Glasgow Argyle St (old Woolworths store) - i may be mistakin tho as i previously stated it was the 13 " one i got. I didn't realise that there was an 11 " so it could be that one which fits the Acer perfectly. It was labelled ' for smaller laptops' and its a perfect fit!
it does fit the acer but tight fit which is ok will keep a eye open for a slightly bigger one, this 11 inch one i got was in red to suit my acer netbook.
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