NERF Dart tag re-fill darts * Half price * £2.50 @ Debenhams
NERF Dart tag re-fill darts * Half price *  £2.50 @ Debenhams

NERF Dart tag re-fill darts * Half price * £2.50 @ Debenhams

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Load up your NERF LONGSHOT CS-6, N-STRIKE RECON CS-6, or RAIDER CS-35 blaster (each sold separately) with this 36-pack of N-STRIKE series darts and keep the game going even longer. These foam darts are specially designed for high-flying, high-performance blasting

My boys are always loosing these darts, so these will come in handy.

Apologies for the lack of a picture, still new to this.


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Oh dear, have these already been posted ?

Show a picture of the clip darts but says dart tag in the title on Debenhams, a bit misleading . ..

yeah Dart tag that sounds like something to do with Dartford Tunnel...................oO

Have you got these yet?

I'm wondering whether they are the clip-darts as in the picture and descriptions; or the velcro tag darts as in the title.
You can't use the tag darts in some guns (e.g. the maverick)
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I havent got them, just ordered them, my boys have the n-strike nerf guns, so hoping the picture is correct.

will they fit the maverick?


will they fit the maverick?

The picture and description are for 'clip' darts. I've shot hundreds from a Maverick - the only jams are when you accidentally load a dart that has been trodden on or trashed by another gun.

If they are the 'tag' darts as in the item title then they aren't recommended for the Maverick as the 'sticky' bits will stop the barrel turning. [Edit: These may be OK as in an old HUKD thread folks were buying & using the tag darts in their mavericks. I bought three sets anyway ;)]

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Out of stock.......have some heat though

Pleased to say they are the clip type darts... now all I need is a couple more 35 dart drums ...
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