Nerf Hyperfire £13.06 In store Tesco St Helens

Nerf Hyperfire £13.06 In store Tesco St Helens

LocalFound 15th Aug 2017
In store Tesco St Helens. Several Nerf Hyperfires in the reduced section for £13.06 each. Includes 25 darts and a drum magazine. Check out how much just the drum mag is on Ebay...!! Basically buy the drum and darts and get the gun for free.
NB the gun needs 4 D cells. You can get 3xAA to 1D cell adapters of ebay. That may work out better in the long run.
Have fun shredding the kids with the fastest full auto gun Nerf makes !
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Wow great find op.
I'm sure the rrp on these is £49.99
Got one a while back in Argos for £20 my son loved it
I got the £30 Nerf gun for £7.50 in my Tesco.
Eats d batteries but you can get aa > d converters for next to nothing on eBay/Amazon and use rechargeables (not got mine yet so yet to see how long they last)
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