Nerf N-Strike Barricade - £9.49 @ Amazon

Nerf N-Strike Barricade - £9.49 @ Amazon

Found 13th Sep 2011
Sorry - I just can't resist posting Nerf deals ;-)

This was posted as a deal at Tescos a few days ago; but Amazon have price-matched; so for those who want free delivery this is a great deal.

The Barricade is a powered blaster (takes 3 AA batteries) - and fires 10 whistler darts from a revolving barrel. You can easily empty the gun in a few seconds - thankfully it's fairly quick and easy to reload.

Although the 'official' blurb below says it's 'compact' it's quite a bulky gun, but as it's powered even little ones can fire it, (two-handed).

Blast your friends in battles with the help of the semi-auto Nerf End Strike Barricade RV-10! Watch the Whistler darts blast out of the 10-dart revolving barrel, with the speed to give you control over your opponents, even when you find yourself outnumbered. Its compact size means it's perfect to carry on any mission that you're faced with, and the tactical rail and stock attachment give you the chance to add more accessories (sold separately) for even more precision when hitting targets.Age range 6 years+.
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Here's the link for those that prefer to shop at Tesco:…20/
This is ace Well worth this price
Hot hot hot

This is ace Well worth this priceHot hot hot

As I said on the Tesco's thread; straight out of the box the barricade is loads of fun; but I thought it was a bit of an ugly lump so I chopped mine around to shorten the barrel, remove most of the front sight and generally make it less bulky at the front.

Here's a picture...

This was my first try at painting a Nerf gun (and it shows!) - I've since learnt to cover with matt varnish any high-wear areas and hopefully my painting has improved with practice.

I use 2x14500 Li-on batteries in my Barricade to make the motor run faster (8.4v instead of 4.5v) this gives it a better range than any of my other (modified) Nerf guns; I bought a pair of batteries and a charger for £5.48 from eBay.

There's a good mod guide here:…tml
I used the advice there to replace the batteries and move the power switch.

what age people are interested in this stuff please? and where do they play with them?

what age people are interested in this stuff please? and where do they … what age people are interested in this stuff please? and where do they play with them?

We have a friend who's into Zombie LARP (Live Action Role Play) and Nerf wars; he got my daughter and fiancée interested and they bought me a Maverick for Christmas (I'm exceptionally old to play with Nerf guns).
I think most LARP players are over 18 (event insurance is more expensive for children), I've not played the games and I'm not sure where they play; though it sounds like a fun weekend...
Now up to £9.99 at Amazon and Play; still £9.97 at Tesco.
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