Nerf Rebelle Diamondista reduced to £2.50 in tesco

Nerf Rebelle Diamondista reduced to £2.50 in tesco

Found 8th Jan 2015
These are the newest secret spy Nerf Rebelles and this is the smaller one. They shoot up to 20 metres and come with 3 bullets. I don't think these are worth what people charge for them when they are full price as some of them are quite expensive, but for £2.50 reduced from £10, these are a bargain. I bought my girls one each. I think these may be national.


Do you have the barcode please? ?

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The barcode is

I saw them today in Tesco Pengam Green Cardiff at £2.50

Thank you. I picked up on today in Bedford. £10 on ticket scanned for £2.50!!

bought in st rollox this morning. still plenty on the shelf
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